Status – Facebook Application

Status – Facebook Application

I need a simple fb app clone..well 3 app clone in one app:

status shuffle + status statistics + status symbols

main app over here is status shuffle, and other 2 apps are much more simple. If you check these apps you will see that it is not time consuming task for an experienced programmer. Therefore, I think 1 week is enough for full development. Details will be discussed on PMB

I need this to be implemented with .Net 3.5/4, C#, VS 2008, MS SQL, Linked to Entities as a repository layer, n-tiered architecture.

Website Re-construction

Website Re-construction
We need to completely re-do our website

Our programmer friend created the current version.

We have appx. 3 months to make this website TOP quality for
some investors to take it to the next level.

We will be adding features to this site but we will also keep the current categories.

-New Design needed with incredible animated / flash header
-A very user friendly admin content management system. This
site will be update daily with new reports, information, etc.
so it must have easy editor installed that is top quality.
-Amazing graphics needed because this is a surf site and want
animated/flash images of surfers and waves. You MUST be a PRO!

This needs to be worked on with me via skype as we progress through
each project. Communication is IMPORTANT!

You will re-do the entire site with me and will need to be put on
our dedicated server when finished.

I’m not the owner of this site. I’m hired to be the project manager
to get the job done RIGHT! This is a surfing site for Hawaii, BUT, if
this site is world class we are need for dozens of other countries.

We PREFER to work with somebody in Romania because we have had great
work done from this country.

We have 3 months to complete but I want a fast start and use most the time to make improvements and revisions. We NEED a creative thinker and MOST importantly somebody that follows INSTRUCTIONS and does the projects right the first time!

Once again, here is the raw site that needs to be torn down and re-built.

Opt In Box Installation

Opt In Box Installation
We are interested in having Opt In Boxes placed on 3 of our Facebook Fan Pages. We can provide the Aweber code along with an instructional video on how this procedure (if needed).

We can provide the Aweber code for each site.

An individual who understands this process should easily be able to complete the entire assignment within one hour (two hours if instruction are required).

Ebook E-commerce Site With Drm

Ebook E-commerce Site With Drm
I need an e-commerce site to sale EBooks with copyright protection (Adobe DRM, PDF or EPUB). The Ebooks can be read with Acrobat Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and Ebook readers with DRM support;

I need :
1. Installation of Adobe Content Server;
2. Web site to sale Ebooks – download after payment (Paypal, Moneybookers, (local Bulgarian payment module));
3. Admin site where I can manage products, orders, customers and etc.
4. Step by step procedure how to convert PDF to EPUB with DRM
5. All you can suggest that will make the site better:)

If you made someting like this before – please send me a link.
If you have any questions – please mail me.

Create Facebook App

Create Facebook App
I am looking to have a Facebook app built. What I would like is an app that acts like this…

1. Facebook user clicks on a button to join the “birthday club”. I am hoping this button graphic can be changed for each of my clients. They will all want it to say something different. I will do the graphics work, I just need a way to tell the app where the image is located on the web server.

2. A customer will then be asked to enter their birthday using a dropdown menu for month and a separate dropdown menu for day. Can this be done, or would it just pull their birthday from their profile? What are the pros and cons of these two methods?

3. In the backend, I would need to be able to set up what will be sent to the members of the birthday club. Each time I use this for a customer, I need to be able to customize the message just for them to include their company logo and custom message. I will do all of the design work. I am happy to either create an HTML email or create a single graphic that includes the birthday message. Whichever is easier is fine with me.

4. A Facebook message should be sent to the customer prior to their birthday. I would like to be able to tell the system how many days in advance to send the notification. It will probably be 7-10 days before, but it may not always be the same for every one of my customers. Some businesses may want to send it only a few days before.

5. Ideally I would like the option of a second message being sent. But this would need to be something I could turn off if one of my customers only wants one email. Again, if it’s possible I would like to be able to set somehow the number of days before their birthday to send this.

This would be the ideal scenario for how this app would work. Please let me know your thoughts on whether there are any areas that could be done differently than I described to make it easier/faster/cheaper to code.


As3 Urlloader Upload Progress

As3 Urlloader Upload Progress
This is the problem I faced:

in my project, I am generating a .zip file putting some byteArray objects together and I wanted to use URLLoader to upload the runtime generated file to server. The file is usually big and I needed a ProgressEvent handeler to show the uploaded bytes…

All seemed fine when I was testing it locally, but when I put it on the server I noticed that the ProgressEvent does not work for the URLLoader class and this is not a mistake by me because I later understood that this is a bug already issued in adobe bug lists.

so, I need a way around this… This is the flash code:

var variables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
// variables includes the data for the runtime generated zip

var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; = variables;

var backVars:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
backVars.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.VARIABLES;
backVars.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgress);
backVars.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onRespond);

private function onProgress(e:ProgressEvent):void
// is never called! a bug from adobe unfortunaitly.

before I post the project here, I tried some Googling and I think the best solution is to use php >> APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS >> which is available in php 5.2.5

I found this artical here:

it seems to be working fine with sending the upload progress info to JavaScript… so I thought, if it is sending the data to JS, it will be possible to send it to my flash project also, right?

This is what I want from you:

Put a simple flash file together, create some dummy byteArray in it (you may use the adobe jpg encoder to generate a jpg in the runtime and save it in a byteArray) and then try uploading the file…

Although I talked about the php solution, but you don’t have to go with that, if you have a better/easier solutions, please do feel free to go with it.

All I want is to be able to make my upload dispatch the live status of the file being uploaded.

I think the project description is so clear, so please do NOT hit the pmb with demos of your projects 🙂 I don’t have time to see them and I will ignore your whole post. just talk about how you can help me with this frustrating issue.


P.S please don’t place strange high prices, I’m a programmer myself and this is something easy and fast if you know how to treat it. think posetive >> if I found you creative, I’d offer you to work with us on our software we’re putting together.

Tell-a-friend Cript Changes

Tell-a-friend Cript Changes
This script, needs to have image verification added. I would also like to make changes to the email that gets sent so that it is less likely to be seen as spam. I need an email sending expert to advise on what to add or remove in the headers and in the body to improve deliver-ability.

That is it, pretty easy job provided you know about best practices for sending email.

New Webhosting Site

New Webhosting Site
I like to design a webhosting website, with approx 12-15 pages. The design should be fresh and professional. Also for billing we are going to use whmcs system ( ) so you need to integrate the new layout you created in the whmcs system.
also integrate the layout and install a help desk support system ( free script ).

All this should be completed in max 15 days. The upper limit is 15 days.

Cheap rates and fast work. Serious bidders only please.

The webhosting site to be designed can be cloned from a different site if you want i can provide the url of the site to clone but the layout should be new for this project which you have to design.

Web Page Scrubber

Web Page Scrubber
Please view the documents attached. These are HTML pages that need to be ‘scrubbed’.

The idea is to have a webpage that allows me to input the unscrubbed1.html document and return the result to the same window. There is no need to store as scrubbed1.html. That document is only there so that you have an idea of what needs to be done.

UnScrubbed1.html – This is how the documents will always be formatted. We basically want to combine the span tags where the styles are the same so that it looks proper and condenses the HTML coding.

Result: The result should allow me to select any portion of the text and return the HTML code behind it. The purpose is so that I can paste this information into another application – so the ability to do this is critical.

Laser Tag Reservation Joomla15

Laser Tag Reservation Joomla15
I have a mobile laser tag business and need to have an online reservation system that can take a deposit from the customer. This system should capture the customer information, lock out the time required for the event and record credit card information in an encrypted section of the database. It also must support an SSL connection when taking the credit card info at minimum.

1. Required customer information:
Customer Name
Address (Street, City, State, Zip)
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Location of Party (Repeat address fields. Checkbox if same)
Option for Person or Group event
If person: First/Last Name, Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
If Group: Name of organization
2. Select time for event
– Show calendar and available time slots
– Slots must be configurable to allow double booking as an option on backend.
– If a slot overlaps another available slot, both slots get blocked out.
3. Show add-on/upsell items that can be added to the order (t-shirts, etc)
4. Take credit card deposit (Encrypted)
– Capture credit card info
– Name on card
– Card number
– Exp Date
– CVV Code
5. Generate email to customer notifying of the details of the reservation and that it is currently an estimate waiting for approval.

1. Must be able to make a reservation through the back-end for customers that call into the company. Similar interface as front end.
2. Must be able to configure the time slots in different lengths and different start times. (ie. 2-hour party that can start every 30 minutes. 4-hour party that can start every hour. If a 2-hour is booked, it should block out the 4-hour party and any overlapping other party that could start within)
3. Must be able to assign the party staff working the parties. (Backend has a way of adding the staff names and drop down selection for each party).
4. Section to add notes that a customer may call in and add per party.
5. Support different pricing for the different event types.
6. Support add-ons (t-shirts, etc) that doesn’t require a schedule but can be attached to an order. Configure images, description and price
7. Display/Review credit card information and support to delete/overwrite data in database once CC deposit has been taken.
8. Close/open/refund event options status
9. Each event has a unique order number
10. Support different tax rates and create invoices / receipts to customers and for business.

Writer Needed For 10 Articles

Writer Needed For 10 Articles
A) Need 10 articles written by experienced fluent English author. State any experience around the subject below and PM samples for review.

10 articles: About USA Student grants for college/university in USA

B)Articles to be at least 300 words each .. sample article links provided for each article to winner!

We will provide you with keyword(s) and phrases for the site articles, which will be the foundation for writing the articles.

ARTICLE must have keywords worked into 1) Article title 2) Strong attention getting opening sentence 3) Content provided in short paragraphs, each article to have 3 main points .. deliberate summary closing sentence or point. No outside links required or pictures required.

C) All content/ articles must be 100% original and cannot be copied from any other articles. Provide proof that articles are copy scape passed. We retain ownership of the documents with all copyright! Articles must not be sold or given to anyone else nor published in part or whole at any time.

Completed articles to be emailed as MS Word files with all-necessary formatting and spell checked

Thank you for your interest in this project! Mac

Professional Content Writer

Professional Content Writer

I am looking for a professional content writer for traffic exchange niche.

Please understand that I am interested in quality content, based on several similar websites from the same niche which I will provide, and I am not interested in quotes like : ” I will provide you 1000 words for xx usd” .
Offer me quality over quantity .