I Need 13 Articles On 8 Topi 2

I Need 13 Articles On 8 Topi 2
I Need 13 Articles on 8 Topics. I Prefer Medical student and Girl. Because Topic is Birth Control.
I will pay bonus if i like your articles.
Please see attachment for topics and other description. I need original and unique articles. Please don’t bid if you using spinner type software. I will not accept that kind of articles.
Once again I am Telling you! I need original and unique articles. Spell mistake also not accepted.

Happy Biding.

Affiliate Store Creator

Affiliate Store Creator
Need for now a simple Affiliate Store Creator that can create multiple online shopping stores, using data feeds from CJ, Linkshare, Google, and Ppepperjamnetwork. Need to have a CMS so that I can play around with the site and make changes on the fly. Sites/CMS CMS will need to check data and update data nightly automatically and automatically when controlled by backend to approve merchants and merchant’s products
Please provide sample work. We will own all rights to the code. Must be search engine friendly.

Goals are

1. Need to create specialty online stores. (toys, electronics, furniture, etc)
2. Need a Comparison Shopping site (separate website)
3. Need single page creator to create pages for google to promote a single item/idea (Wii, boys bedroom, blueray)



We are looking to create this portal either in Drupal or Magento. Please do not quote with any other open source technology.

Our Commitment:

• All web design and GUI will be done by us
• We will provide all homepage and required inner pages in xhtml format which will be in compliance with W3C.

Commitment from Vendor:

We will require a complete broken down quote by major required components with price and timeline in four pricing categories:

• If this project is developed in Drupal.
• If transaction module for flash framing tool is developed from scratch instead of using pictureframes.com (graphic Dimensions)) API for framing.
• If we integrate the API provided by pictureframes.com (graphic Dimensions)for framing it will render the image, add dynamic pricing for frames, automate ordering, and store already created frames in Drupal database. API Company already has created a ready to use custom module created in Drupal.
• Complete project cost in magento with and without API integration

Summary of Project Scope of Work:

1) Development of Content Management System (CMS), feature setup, adding of content up to 35 pages to the website.

2) W3C Valid HTML/CSS encoding and cross browser compatibility (1E7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome), WCAG AA and Section 508 accessibility Compliance

3) E-Commerce module with payment gateway integration

4) Gift certificate/coupon module

5) Membership Module for Photo Manager

6) Registration Module

7) Search module with price sorting.

8) Framing module (Slides will be provided by us in xhtml. You will just have to put that xhtml pages in flash) integrated with API.

9) Contact form

10) Referral/affiliate module

11) complete project documentation required like weekly update, timeline, QA report and any other Document as per SDLC.

14) Point of contact should be available on calls and emails (24/7 preferred). Proactive communication is MUST!! For example all communications should be responded within 24hrs. If extra time is required we should be proactively informed about the same.

15) Complete QA should be included. All reports will be submitted to us.

16) Development and QA phase should completed within 30-40days.

Please quote as soon as possible. Vendor should be able to start the project within this week. Thank you

Event Calendar

Event Calendar
I have a calendar project. The jpg attached to the project is just a really rough draft to help you but please post any questions you might have.

The project will have two parts a calendar and 12 images they can be selected as a desktop backgrounds or a screensaver with all 12 images on it.

The calendar with be 250px width and 300px height and the backgrounds image selection part will be 250px width and 300px height

This project can be made with js, flash, or whatever it take to make it work like we want.

The calendar will be for letting people know when we have events and the dates of the events. We also want the users to have the ability to add personal events and dates for there use. We do not want the users to have the ability to delete/edit the events we add. If a user adds an event we want just there calendar to be effected with the changes

Desktop App – needs to be movable and re-sizeable
Embed codes for major social networking websites (myspace, facebook, etc)
Embed codes for html/php websites

Admin: (Just for our use and not for the users)

We want a web-based admin page for adding events to the calendar
WYSIWYG editor for added pics, hyper links, and etc
The ability to change the backgrounds images and the screensaver will automatic be create by the backgrounds save in the system so if we change the backgrounds in the system then the system will create a new screensaver from the new images automatically

Project look:

Black transparent background with rounded edges
Days start on Sun and have a solid black background with top rounded edges
Solid black border for the dates with bottom rounded edges for the date
Red color font text for the dates
Red Glow box for the day with our events with black color font
Red glow outline of the box of the current day with Red color font text for the date unless it had an event then use Red Glow box with black color font
Grey Glow box for the day with user events with red color font
Top of calendar will have our logo
Under logo on right-side the current Month and Year – red font text
Under logo on left-side the same or similar search or next month/year selection like http://xpresscollections.com calendar – red color for arrows
Bottom right-side there needs to have a button for adding an event – Fancyzoom js effect (does not have to be fancyzoom just the similar look)
Bottom left-side there needs to have a button for embed code – Fancyzoom js effect (does not have to be fancyzoom just the similar look)
Top Right needs to have a small button to re-open wallpaper/screensaver part (need to slide out from under the calendar on open)
Top Right needs a close button for the desktop app under the re-open background/screensaver button


It must update or refresh automatically It needs to install on Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows Vista SP1+ (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP SP2+ (32bit) and mac operation system with an installer
It needs to have an uninstall option in the file folder for windows
It need to have a desktop icon It must default as a start program when the system boots up
If an internet connect is not present it will still allow the user to view the calendar and add personal events then update when internet connect is made


When you click on a date with an event – Fancyzoom js effect (does not have to be fancyzoom just the similar look)
When a user adds an event they need a similar form with month, year then day selection – write the title and then write the event info
User needs the ability to edit and delete there events only

ScreenSaver/Desktop Backgrounds:

4 rows and 3 columns for images of backgrounds
When one is click on – Fancyzoom js effect (does not have to be fancyzoom just the similar look) There needs to have a button on this part to install the backgrounds and it needs to install automatically after it is clicked.
Top left aside add button to add a screensaver
Top right-side add button to close the backgrounds/screensaver part (need to slide under the calendar on close)
When the the screensaver button is clicked the screensaver will install automatically and become the default screensaver

Vld Personals Modify Expert

Vld Personals Modify Expert
I have VLDPersonals installed on my server. I would like to customize it

Below are some of the Changes i’ll need

1) Search engine friendly URL’s (eg: dating72(dot)com loveawake(dot)com
2) Ajax Auto City Complete
3) Browse users by City / country
3) Strip down all the unnecessary features (i want basic features as of loveawake(dot)com
4) import existing users (presently running on phpfox script)

i hope its a simple task, but please only bid if you have experience developing vldpersonals script.

show me sample vldpersonals works you have done to speed up the process.

Phpprobid Auction Script Mod

Phpprobid Auction Script Mod
I am about to purchase the PHP Pro Bid auction script (see full demo at phpprobid.com) and need to modify how seller’s auction listing fees are paid. Currently, seller can either “pay as you go” or I can use accounting mode like eBay does and bill sellers. I don’t want to use either; I want sellers to buy pre-paid “credits” then use them to pay listing fees.
I need to have a place in admin where I can set different “packages” of credits (for example, you can buy 10 credits for $10 or 20 credits for $20 and so on – similar to the way a penny auction works.) Sellers will then have a “bank” of credits assigned to their account to pay for listing fees. The ability to add funds to a sellers account is already possible with the existing script so this shouldn’t be too difficult.
I also need to install the following mods to the script, and the work done must be compatible with these mods:
Thank you for your bids, previous experience with PHPProBid is a plus, I look forward to working with you!

Sub/description Window

Sub/description Window
The window I am looking for is small and will appear when an image is scrolled over while remaining on the main page. The window will display a brief description, add/select button. It should also have a simple admin area so that I can add, move and remove products, info. It also must be able to use with all pages i.e. Action, Drama, Comedy, etc and added to the site.
Example 1 www.blockbuster.com/browse/movieGenres/animation
Example 2 www.borders.com/online/store/Landing?type=1&nav=5185&kids=false
When placing your bid, please be specific with past exp and if possible include any examples of work.
My Site marronsdvd.com/16.html
If password is requested, it is kenya98

Thank You!

Fix Website Hack

Fix Website Hack
One of our websites (www.tensor.com.au) has been hacked. It seems that links have been added to many of our web pages.

See the following google links:
2. http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=site%3Atensor.com.au+sex&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&oq

I need someone who will remove these links from the infected pages.

I will provide you with the source pages (in a Zip file) for the whole site and I need you to check each page and remove any offensive links or text.

Please bid on the whole project.

Template Cutting Project Pdf2

Template Cutting Project Pdf2
I have a template that I have designed that would like you to cut for me following some very specific directions

1. I want the template to be a php template
2. I want the template to be split into a header.php, body.php, footer.php
3. I want the header.php to have two parts to it top.php and buttons.php
4. I want the buttons to have a roll over effect
5. I want space in the body.php to be a place for html text that has a scroll bar on the side and fixed left to right.
6. I want the template to have a maximum width of 780px
7. I want the background image to be as shown
8. I want the template centered on the webpage
9. I want to be able to change the image at the back of the logo
10. Area outside the 780px has the same color as the inside of the content area

header.php has two files top.php and buttons.php

top.php has the following:
all items above the buttons

just has the buttons
make the roll over effect nice

has the content holder with scroll bars up and down and fixed left to right

I have attached a copy of a sample blank jpg template that you will use, i will provide a better resolution layered pdf

Note: For cutting i will provide you a better graphic
Note: For cutting I will provide you a better graphic