Custom WordPress Installer

Custom WordPress Installer
Need a solution to be able to quickly install custom wordpress sites.
(not Fantastico)

We setup basically the same site over and over. And have a very specfic set of plugins, templates, core wordpress code changes, and about 5 static pages (privacy policy, terms, etc).

Looking for an installer where we can install our custom setup in the least time possible. (WordPress, our code changes, all plug ins, themes, and databases.)

Usually the only thing that changes on these sites would be the domain, title, tagline and one specific phrase throughout the site.

So ideally, the installer would ask for the host info, new domain, title, tagline and maybe have some kind of sitewide find and replace function. We would input the info, click install and our site would be setup.

When completed, we should be able to login, and just add any extra custom graphics, individual contact info, etc.

Installer should have the ability for us to update it as well. Like if we add more plugins to our basic setup, or we want to upgrade to a later version of wordpress after we make sure our core code changes are fixed to work with the latest version.

Writer For Online Store

Writer For Online Store
I am in the process of setting up a website and I need a few SEO optimised content for the site.

examples of what I am looking for can be found at the following sites;

For the most part the content will be definitions (w.g. what is cap sleeve, long sleeve, A-line, etc.)

Doing a great job on this project can lead to future projects to do articles.

Content must pass Copy Scape.

The writer must be prepared to sign a NDA.


Happy Bidding

Vote For Me

Vote For Me
Hi, I’ve entered a competition and to win it, I need people to vote for me by adding a name and an email address.

Please bid per 1000 votes (I need at least 5000 votes)

The winning bidder will be given a link.

All that is needed is a name and an email address. Each email address must be unique and real.

Thank you

Write 5 Articles On Condoms

Write 5 Articles On Condoms
I require 5 written articles on a particular brand of condoms.
Articles will need to be no less then 300-500 words and must include information on particular brand.
Titles and Headlines will be provided.
Articles should include information on the benefits for both men and women, the use in todays society etc.

The age ranng for the articles are for men 20yrs – 45yrs
All articles should be unique and written in good english.

Will need these in the next few days (Asap if possible)

Update Cgi Scipt

Update Cgi Scipt

We need you to enhance some functionality in CGI script.

Please refer to the attached documentation that details the functionality.

These are simple modifications. In case something is unclear let us know.

We are looking to get these modifications done ASAP.


– Bid only if you can confidently accomplish the task
– Confirm that you fully understand the requirement
– PMs and Bids with generic response, company profiles will be ignored
– You must also be aware that there may be some minor things we may have to change as we go along.
– You may not share/use the provided script/part of the script for your own use/for your clients
– You must test the script thoroughly after all mods done. The script with should be 100% in working condition and you should also be available if there are any bugs
– Escrow payment

Thank you for your time 🙂

Looking forward to working with you.

Magento & Joomla Site Migratio

Magento & Joomla Site Migratio
WebSite Conversion
Magento Store / Joomla CMS / w/WP Blog

• Understand EXISTING Store is currently at:, hosted by
Login to e-store to be provided.

• The Main Site is at:, hosted by on a shared server.
Login to Server to be Provided.

• Site structure is to be re-created / redirected to new URLs

• Require thorough analysis of existing site structure and map out of new structure/map/nav system/menus/categories/url re-naming.

• Store Pages will be Magento and URLs of ALL product pages redirected.

• Content Pages will be Joomla. Retain existing URLs for all existing articles
NOTE: Some pages use .htm and others are .html

• Ability to FTP my own unique “SQUEEZE PAGES” to server and have them display with no additional coding necessary to .htaccess file.

• Blog Pages will be WordPress from:

• Link Pages will be LinkMachine; Optionally, we can use a Joomla plugin for this if it works better and import existing links. And Design to Flow with the rest of the Joomla Skin.

• Affiliate Program: idevaffiliate; Existing data needs to remain in TACT. And Design flows with the rest of the Joomla SKIN. Will provide Magento Integration instructions from their site.

• Fulfillment will be handled by SBC-Fulfillment – They have a Magento Extension.

• Aweber Popup, comes up on every page of site, including store pages, also within the skin somewhere static on the site.

• SiteMeter Code on every page

• Affiliate and Google Adwords Tracking code on “Success or Thank you Page”

• Google Analytics Code throughout every page

• I-phone Recognition/Template
(and NO FLASH in Site Design so site displays properly on Mobile Devices

QUESTION: regarding I-phone – Possible to allow customers to get to their download area and download their purchases straight to their iphone. Was able to buy it during my own test, but was not able to find my download within the iphone template.

• Magento Pages – Require WYSIWYG editor in ALL pages

• Data Migration of Products, Customers, Order History Databases, Images, and Product Downloads in my new Magento Store.
QUESTION: Wishlists and Redemption Points? Possible to Import?

• Easily upload my digital products through FTP.

• Modern SKIN DESIGN which flows throughout entire site; content pages, store, links pages, affiliate sign in page with sensible layout, and menus, which best organizes the information.

• Study this site, which is my top competitor and make recommendation:

• Study the following design / layout aspects of these great looking sites

Other features/functions/extensions/plugins:

• Testimonial Slider/Rotator
• Featured Products Slider/Rotator
• Big attractive rotating banner, like on my site I have now …
• Easy way for me to add YouTube Videos to site.
• “Add This” Bottons, integrated to show up on all joomla and product pages.
• “Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIN links/images/banner to my online profiles integrated into SKIN.
• Secure ONE-PAGE Checkout – page turns to https:
• Connect to Cybersource (My Merchant Account) – Magento has extension for this
• Customer can Bypass Checkout – Using Express Checkout Methods; Paypal, Amazon, or Google
• Set up Shipping: Please set this up according to the fulfillment center specs.
• Advise on Personalize the Automatic Emails that get sent
• Set up for Wholesale or Advise on this

Please read over thoroughly BEFORE bidding and ONLY respond if you have experience with doing EVERYTHING listed.

Please ONLY respond if you have experience with Order History Migration with Magento.

Please do NOT recommend any other platforms, I know what I want.

Please only respond if you can be available during normal US Business Hours, particularly in the afternoons here around 1PM – 5PM EST.

Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange
I am looking for someone that has experience with Building a Manual Traffic Exchange using LJ scripts. It will be similar to Traffic Witch ( but may have other features. I will need graphics, and a few splash pages and banners to promote the site. I will buy the script and the Domain Name. I want to be able to offer 10% commissions for Free members, 30% for Gold, and 50% for Platinum. I also want to be able to offer a 25% Profit sharing for Platinum Members based on their usage.

Thank you for your interest

Setup Yahoo Boss Search Engine

Setup Yahoo Boss Search Engine
Integrate the Yahoo! Search Boss search API ( into our website and enable advanced search functionality.

Functional Requirements:
– Ensure frequently indexed content and fresh search data
– Demonstrate ability to adjust settings for improved results (more recent = more relevant)
– Search includes results from 3 website sections
– Ability to refine search to just include results for specific website sections or parameters like categories, tags, # of comments (e.g.
– Ability to sort search by relevancy (default), # of Comments, Date
– Display Image thumbnail in results (where image is available)
– Search page will fit into current design template
– Include drill down links in results for comments and tags in the article results
– Clean, efficient, commented code with record of changes
– Demonstrate search results integrated together in a single results set and also separately (by website section)

– Redhat Linux with PHP5 & MySQL 5
– Using Disqus commenting system
– Custom Built CMS
– Development server provided

Note: This project will be focused on demonstrating the functionality of the Yahoo Search Boss API. A Follow up project will refine search functionality and appearance to prepare for moving into production.

Candidate Requirements:
– Experience with Yahoo Search Boss or similar search API
– Excellent php/mysql/xml experience

Please explain your relevant experience before bidding on this project.

Webid Auction Script Expert

Webid Auction Script Expert
I prefer to work directly with programmer.

I will NOT work indirectly with project managers.

Need PHP programmer who has expert experience in hacking/modifying pre-exising script. Webid is a auction open source script and I prefer someone who has done modifications on that script, if possible.

You must be able to work full time (8 hours day) until completion.
Milestone and milestone dates must be met on time.
Must be able to start immediately.

Php Ftp Uploader

Php Ftp Uploader
I need a customized PHP script that can use PHP’s existing FTP functions to upload files to remote web servers.

The script should have a HTML form that asks for the FTP address, username, and password. The path on the local server containing all the files to be uploaded can be hard coded into the script as a variable.

When the users submits the form, the script should first test the login credentials and return to the form with an error if the FTP login is incorrect.

After logging in, the script should go through the local folder and upload all of the contained subfolders and files to the remote server.

The script should also be able to set permissions for specific files that are listed in a text file on the local server. The text file path can be hard coded into the script and should be in the following format:

/index.php, 644
/inc/config.php, 777
/images/, 755
/images/header.jpg, 644

If a file is not listed in the text file, it should just be uploaded with the default permissions.

While the uploading is in progress, the script should update the user with the progress. It could say something like:

5MB out of 10MB
50% complete

This could work by automatically refreshing the page every few seconds. When the upload is complete, the script should be able to pop-up an uploaded page on the remote server. For example, http://removeserver/setup.php could open. This path can be hard coded into the script.

The script needs to be unencrypted, and written exclusively for this project. I will also need exclusive ownership of the code when it is finished.

The code should be in PHP and can use a MySQL database if necessary.

Dating Customer Service Area

Dating Customer Service Area
We have a very simple Admin area for our dating website. Currently it authenticates our Customer Service Representatives against a MySQL table and gives them some simple functions. We are running php/apache on Linux so work must be done via SSH.

We wish to add some new functions to search a sql table for users by different criteria (email, login, user id), view user information and perform updates on that table to change this and other tables using the user id.

We also wish to add additional access levels to this admin area. Each admin user would be assigned different groups and have access to different links in the admin area depending on groups. For example, only the Accounting flag would be able to access financial reports, only Custom Service flag would be able to change passwords. An admin user can be a member of multiple groups.

Full Specification:
1. Modify existing mysql authentication to add group access.
a. Groups should be defined in the database so they can be easily added
b. Admin user must be able to be a member of more than one group
c. Group access defines whether an admin user can see navigation links and access pages

2. Create three groups
a. Admin
b. Customer Service
c. Angel

3. Modify two existing php scripts to be included in new area
a. Require Angel group

4. Create user search page
a. Require Customer Service group
b. Search existing mysql table by email, first/last name, login, user id

5. Create user edit page
a. Require Customer Service group
b. Change email/login/password on above mysql table
c. Change status flag (boolean)

6. Create admin user management page(s)
a. Require Admin group
b. Create new admin users
c. Change admin user password
d. Delete admin user
e. Change group access

Proxy Checker App/script

Proxy Checker App/script

I need a Proxy checker, dont mind if this is an app or a script (php).. or an app that use a php judge etc.

I need a different kind of proxy checker than the normal, ive got many apps that check free proxies etc. but none work how i need, so need a custom one.

I need the checker to check that the proxies work on certain sites (a couple to start, but more added later).

To start with just Facebook & Craigslist.. Signups & Posting

I need the checker to be very fast (multi thread app)…

How it needs to work…

1. Enter a list of proxies.. in IP:PORT format… (e.g
2. Select the country needed… So app will go through the list first and find the country of the IP.. and just keep the ones needed (ie USA)..
3. Site to check (either Facebook or Craigslist). The app will then go through the remaining IPs and test them to see if they work on the site selected.. for signup & posting.
4. Return results of working proxies to a csv file..
5. I will also need to specify a timeout time.. so that only the fastest proxies are kept.

Hope that makes sense.. Please post questions on PMB.

Payment by Paypal or SL.

$30 max for this project.

Help Needed Right Away

Help Needed Right Away
im looking for someone to design me a banner install v-bulletin
chatspace and my number of users online script and my current song script and design a website and add links for me and register a domain name for me and help me with useing the mulityple dsp stacker
plugin for i can logon my shoutcast server also would like you to help me get listeners i got 1000 open slots so lets get em filled
if possible i would like all of this done by 9pm est cause im planing on starting up tonight for this project ill be willing to pay
100 bucks when your fully compleated im only willing to pay alittle at a time if intterested please reply asap and you can start right away thanks for vewing my auction tae care!!

Mambo To Joomla Migration

Mambo To Joomla Migration
Hello programmers,
so here’s the deal. my website ( was made back in 2006 running on an old version of mambo. its time to get it transferred to the latest version of joomla. joomla has been already installed on the same server. NOW, I’d like to get someone/team to do the migration for me professionally. stuff that I am really concerned about are :
1- USERS (CB database)
2- ALL CONTENT (possibly with their hit number?)
4- Template (if not possible , at least get it very close to the current theme)
no modules or components need to be transferred.

I definitely need more service toward the new site in a near future so if you do a good job you’ll get more business from me.
if you want to browse around the website use username : guest , password : guest

Need Top Ranking – Google Maps

Need Top Ranking – Google Maps
Its very simple

I want to advertise numerous business on Google Maps

I need this google map placement to be SEO perfect in all respects — title, description, login id, reviews submitted, backlinks etc

The Google map business entry must place in the top 3 for the keyword search ALWAYS…….no matter if the search phrase is a local map search or not

Basically no matter how anyone will search a keyphrase in Google Maps, or from my businesses will ALWAYS be in the top 3 positions


toronto homes for sale
toronto real estate
best seo software
cottage for rent ontario
ontario cottage

and more

The price you quote here will be for EACH business entry that I add to Google Maps, as a PER month cost. For funds to be released, results must be visual (ie. a top 3 placement per keyword, no matter the keyword/title/content competition)

Please use strategies that are white hat, grey hat, and some blackhat are OK but NOTHING to get my websites or business sandboxed or banned. My lawyer will review our contract.

A monthly breakdown of tasks to be performed must be provided to me on day 1 of each month (if necessary)

If you have additional questions email me