Why isn’t my h3 element content matching with the array contents?

i am trying to make a script that changes the link of an image to a new image within a div if the h2 element contains any of the text within the array const targetTexts. there is an issue with the if statement, if i remove the part && targetTexts.includes(h3Element.textContent.toLowerCase(), which i need to check against the words in the array, and leave it as and leave it as if (h3Element) , it works and replaces every single image with the new image. but, i need to check the contents of the h2 element against the array so i need that line.

the h3 element textContent outputs stuff like this : “Beauty in motion Attractive young mixed race woman in jeans shirt shaking her head and smiling while standing outdoors, Generative AI 29139243 Stock Photo at Vecteezy”
so i dont get why its not working if there is matches

setTimeout(() => {
  console.log('SCRIPT BEGINS RUNNING');
  // select all search results
  const results = document.querySelectorAll('div[jsname="N9Xkfe"]');
  const aiImg = 'https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/anti-ai-sign-no-aigenerated-600nw-2289609093.jpg';

  // array of targeted text
  const targetTexts = [
    'ai', 'ai generated', 'generate ai', 'ai art',
    'stable diffusion', 'midjourney', 'generative ai',

  // loop through each result element
  results.forEach(result => {
    // check if the element has an h2 child with targeted text
    const h3Element = result.querySelector('h3');
    console.log('H3 ELEMENT' + h3Element.textContent);
    console.log('FOR EACH LOOP BEGINS');

    if (h3Element && targetTexts.includes(h3Element.textContent.toLowerCase())) {
      // get the img element and replace the link
      console.log('THE H2 ELEMENT EXISTS!!!');
      const imgSrc = result.querySelector('img');
      console.log('IMAGE SRC: ' + imgSrc);
      imgSrc.setAttribute('src', aiImg);

    console.log('FOR EACH LOOP ENDS');


  console.log('END OF SCRIPT');
}, 2000);

and here is an example of the console logs which i used to confirm i was selecting the correct elements:

enter image description here