Can Someone help me with CryptoJS in PHP?, Im getting different output when converting the js to php code [duplicate]

Im trying to convert the javascript function below to php, but i still get different output the output of the function below is 9e1512ab6b96e83c5021bd06034bce13. Can anyone show me where I’m doing wrong with my code?

function doHash(){
    var c = "a228d4d86874eea2717200a15377933b312f46afeb994849ded695130d763391";
    var y = "I0E0msM0JY8W9dgL";
    var s = CryptoJS.PBKDF2(c, y, {
            keySize: 4,
            iterations: "200"
    return s.toString();

//output: 9e1512ab6b96e83c5021bd06034bce13

i have try this code in php, but still different output


function doHash(){
    $c = "a228d4d86874eea2717200a15377933b312f46afeb994849ded695130d763391";
    $y = 'I0E0msM0JY8W9dgL';
    $s = hash_pbkdf2('sha256', $c, $y, 200, 16,true);

    return  bin2hex($s);
echo doHash();
//returns incorrect: f4895ad6fa875a4a25c9fd97875ba13a