Retrieve dropdown selected id’s propertied in Javascript

I have a javascript function upon the selection of the ddl item I see it calls the this.value() function in which I can see only the id. I’m trying to retrieve the other properties of the selected item

Below is the current code, which retrieves only the id , I did tried to fetch the other properties it didn’t worked

      function updateBilling(data) {                  
                        dataSource: data,
                        dataTextField: "Text",
                        dataValueField: "Value",
                        template: " #=data.Text#",
                        optionLabel: {
                            Text: "Select...",
                            Value: 0
                        change: function (e) {
                            var value = this.value();
                            if (value != "") {                            

 function showAcntNumber(acnt) {
                var AcntNumber = '';
                if (acntInfo.length > 0) {
                    billingAcntNumber = acntInfo;
                    document.getElementById("lblAcntNo3").innerText =  billingAcntNumber;

I tried to add below code to fetch EdcAcntNum of selected item , in this case it should bring 55078 EdcAcnt Num

 var acntNumber =["EdcAcntNumber"];

It didn’t worked

Upon change function I can see
I can see the code
var value = this.value();
retrieves only the Value:55078 but I wanted to get EdcAcntNum object value, kindly see the attach image too for reference

enter image description here