Disable top level await error or set as module per file

How can I disable errors when writing standalone nodejs shell scripts?

Using ALE with VIM and a somewhat outdated eslint (v7.32.0). (I am going to install new OS and for now I’m somewhat stuck with that version do to a myriad of version conflicts and a general mess when it comes to node.)

Anyhow: I often write small scripts for testing purposes or as stand-alone scripts. I.e. they do not have a .eslintrc – but merely rely on the global defaults.

As I can use await at top-level I wonder how I can get rid of the error:

Parsing error: Cannot use keyword ‘await’ outside an async function

Can I use some inline /* eslint ... */ rule to fix this? Something like:

/* eslint sourceType: module */
/* eslint-disable await-oustide-async */

I use .mjs extension for it to run with node.

Environment Info:

Node version: v16.16.0
npm version: v8.11.0
Local ESLint version: v7.32.0 (Currently used)
Global ESLint version: Not found

Have searched the web for a while, but it either is a unique issue, which I doubt, or that I use the wrong terms.