How to handle ‘&’ in url using JS [duplicate]

I have this URL:[26183454736]=1&discount_price=$6.70&title=Josh%20&%20Sue%20Spicy%20Mango%20Chutney%20280g&image=

I need to take parameters using JS so I write:

var urlSearchParams = new URLSearchParams(url);
            var params = Object.fromEntries(urlSearchParams.entries());
            var productId = 0;
            var productIdu = params.idu;
            var productName = params.title;
            var price = params.discount_price;
            var image = params.image;
            var currency = params.price_before;

but for productName I get just string ‘Josh ‘ and I cant get the full string because full string contain ‘&’ …

How to solve that?