How to authenticate in Firebase by sending Otp to users via Email

Is there a way to send OTP via email using Firebase email authentication.
there are only (email + password) and (sign in with email link )available.

I’m trying to make my react native application password less authentication by using firebase
So implemented phone authentication by sending users an OTP .

There is no problem if a users wants to log in with another mobile number which was not in their current phone . They can able to see the message on another device and put in current mobile and they can able to login .

But if it comes to email they must need to signed in the email Id in their current mobile so that only they can able to redirected when they pressed the (firebase email link authentication )

So im looking for Email OTP send verification like in phone auth
if it possible to done with firebase.

*note: I can use send Grind or any other mail sending platforms to send otp and verify but how could I manage the session and tokes in it .