What would be the best way to grab flight cost data for a javascript project?

I have been learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript over the summer and I thought of a project to put on my resume where a user would put in a flight starting point and date/desired location, and a type of credit card they would use to book the purchase (no credit card data, just the type of card ex: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Capital One Venture… etc) and the site would display the most optimal payment, such as with their credit card points, transfer points with a travel partner, or buying directly with the card based on the cents per point on the purchase. My problem is figuring out how to grab the flight data, the original cost of the flight with cash, and/or the travel point cost. Would this be possible to do?

A simplified version would be to have the client put the data in manually (cost of the flight in dollars, points, and the travel companies’ points) and calculate the comparison, but at that point, I feel that would be too much of a hassle for the client. I would appreciate any pointers or advice!