`import.meta.hot.accept()` a Svelte component dependency?

Is it possible to import.meta.hot.accept() a Svelte component dependency? I’d like to update things in the parent component when the child component is changed.

This quick experiment shows dependent modules can be accepted via the Vite HMR API, but not Svelte modules. The callback for the vanilla JS module is called, but not the callback for the Svelte module:

  import js from './js.js'
  import Svelte from './Svelte.svelte';

  if (import.meta.hot) {
    import.meta.hot.accept('./js.js', () => {
      console.log('hot.accept js.js');

    import.meta.hot.accept('./Svelte.svelte', () => {
      console.log('hot.accept Svelte.svelte');

Dev console output:

## Update js.js file:
hot.accept js.js
[vite] hot updated: /src/js.js via /src/App.svelte
## Update  Svelte.svelte file:
[vite] hot updated: /src/Svelte.svelte

I think either the ID for the Svelte module is different, or the callback is being ignored/over-ridden by svelte-hmr.