Player Auction project [closed]

Part 1 In an sports event there are many franchise teams are there. Each team has a maximum set up budget under which it can take various player. Each player has a bidding budget. Now sum of all player’s budget for a particular team shouldn’t exceed the Team’s maximum budget.

Example : Team Thunderbird has maximum budget 500$. If 5 players are under
Thunderbird team. Player 1 budget : 100$, Player 2 budget 75$, Player 3 Budget :
80$, Player4 budget : 110$, player5 budget : 90$. Sum of all 5 player budget =
100$+75$+80$+110$+90$=455$ . The moment System going to add one more
new player whose budget is 85$ , then system will show an exception message
saying” it will exceeds the max budget of Team”. Each player has id , name and
budgetPrice properties.

Create an Java with Angular based application for the above scenarios which will
meets the below functionalities :1. User should first create a login credentials : Sign up form consists of fields
like :
username : Text Box( 4 to 15 character)
Age : Only numeric
Gender : radio Button (male or female)
Hobbies : Check boxes ( must have to select 2 check boxes)
Password: Text box ( alpha+numeric+SpecialChar+minimum one
Uppercase with 5 to 10 character)
Submit Button : Submit
After successfully validated the upper fields system should submit the User data
in database.

  1. Once user creates the signup step , he/she can now login to the application
    by providing the Username and password. After successfully logged in User can
    land to the Home page of player Auction.

  2. Home Page : Design the Home page in such a way that it should consists of
    Create Team, Create Player, show Team, Show Player tab button should be
    there.(use Angular router feature)

  3. Once user select Create Team : which consists of filed like Team name and
    Team Max budget. User Needs to fill both fields and click on submit button. Once
    a team successfully created it will show you “ Successfully created with team
    name “ . If that team name already exists in database it will show exception
    message “ Player already exists” .

  4. Once User select Create Player tab button system will show a new screen of
    Create player. Page consists of a text box or an drop down box . where user will
    enter the team name which has already created in step 4. User need to enter
    player name in text box , player Bidding budget . Click on submit button.
    Validation step : System should validate if the player can assign to the team or
    not . validation step already described above . While assigning a player to a team
    if player budget exceeds to the total team budget system should showappropriate exception message “ player can’t be tagged to this team as it exceeds
    team’s budget”.

  5. Once user selects show team tab button it will land in Show team page.
    Here user needs to select a particular team name which is there in the database
    from a dropdown box or User needs to enter a team name in the textbox and hit
    in the submit button. Once user click on submit button system will display all the
    player information in a tabular form.

  6. Once user Selects Show Player tab button system will land in show player
    page. Here User needs to enter a particular Player id and click on Submit button,
    After clicking on submit button system will display all the information of that
    player like name, playerBudget and to which team that player assigned to . If a
    player is not assigned to any team system will show NA as team name filed.

  7. Write Junit test case for each API .
    Part2 :
    Use maven to build the above application .
    After build push your code to GIT HUB repository.
    Create an CI/CD flow to Jenkins tool so that when ever an build will trigger and
    push code to GITHUB system will automatically trigger a build to Jenkins server.

Skill To be Used :
Spring boot Micro services
Angular for front end
JavaScript for validation
Boot strap for page designing( No black and white page allowed)