Small Vbulletin Forum 4.0.6 Modifications

I need a few small modifications for vBulletin Forum 4.0.6, including modifications of an already existing modification.
Preferably in vBulletin’s Product format.

Modifications of “VSa – Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count” mod: :
– hiding links ([url] + http://… types) from guests & members with post count less than X. This mod does that, but hides images as well.
– disallowing members with post count less than X from posting in threads with more than Y posts. The Y would be a single number, set globally for all the forums.

General vBulletin modifications:
– globally disable the “Maximum Images/Videos Per Post” limit for a certain usergroup or for moderators & admins (whichever is easier)
– option to hide from Moderators the deletion notices appearing after a post is soft deleted
– a button for Moderators by each post for quick soft delete, with popup confirmation. For the default style.

I can provide both vBulletin and “VSa – Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count” files.

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