Flash Slide Show Builder

This project is to develop an online php based flash slideshow creator where user creates slideshow similar to attached.
We will own all code and code needs to be well commented.
here is basic flow of how it will work

1. choose size (ex 750×250)
2. rounded edges or flat
3. choose music (from preexisting mp3s I will provide obviously) or upload own mp3
(no music no sound controller on flash)
4. scene 1 choose pics
select from existing images or upload (if upload will need to resize match scene size)
add text
type text
select font, size, text effect (drop shadow, stroke, rectangle of 70% opacity black behind text)
select text movement – bottom left to right, top left to right, middle left to right, fade in bottom left, etc
5. add another scene?
select transition to new scene
yes repeat step 4 can add upto 10 scenes.
6. do you want flash to repeat or stop on final scene
7. save movie (export to client site)

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