Xmas – The Simple Card (Holiday & e-Cards)

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Spread the Festive Cheer with Xmas – The Simple Card

We live in an era where personalization is a part of each and every aspect of our life and Xmas greetings are not far behind. Getting our Xmas – The Simple Card personalized and customized’ is as easy as counting 1-2-3 or saying Ho…ho…ho….

Use the easy to read and Edit XML to personalize your greetings according to your taste and send it to your friends, your loved ones or your business partners. You will end up with a unique and novel way of expressing your festive greetings in only a few minutes!

Or use our EDIT system to generate your customized XML online for your unique Simple Card.

The music from the preview is not included in the purchased package. You can buy it here.


  • Unique and individual appearance
  • Full XML driven
  • Smart Loading
  • Realistic light effect
  • Head, Body, Signature & HTML formatted web Texts
  • 6 different Scene Opening
  • 6 different Text animations
  • Editable Unlimited Flying random Words around the Xmas Tree
  • Editable Snow Flakes
  • Add Social Icons (included)
  • HTML Example
  • Music & Fullscreen On/Off
  • Easy XML customizing, Example Code:
    <!-- LOADER COLOR -->

    <!-- horizontal, vertical, left, right, up, down, fade, random -->
    <intro_start color="0x061742">random</intro_start>  

    <!-- SNOW FLakes Settings  Note-, this setting can kill the Performance !!-->
      <flakes min_delay="5" amount_small="100" amount_big="15" max_delay="18" />            <!-- Best performance - 100, 4, 25 -->

Visit our special collection to find some Xmas music and other clever tools for the Xmas Themes.

Thank you for your jolly good time!!

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