Joomla/wordpress Review Site

Joomla/wordpress Review Site
I am wanting to get a few sites built, this and a few others.

First, lets bid this project:

I want to build a review site which I have seen multiple scripts and plugins for Joomla and WordPress etc…

1. I want to build an all around review site on anything. You can use the cms of your choice as long as its not coded.

2. I want the template used to be unique and allow for multiple product reviews and comparisons to show on the front. I want it to rotate 4-5 reviews on the top 5 of any review category on related products.

3. I want all reviewed products to be built on sub domains like

4. Need advertising area in the front on sides and in various areas

5. Want all product pages to be listed in manufacturer, categories, sub categories and page name as product.html


6. When a review is added by an individual, it needs to search the product added to see if its already there before they can add the product, and if already there, it needs to take them to that product for their review. If not there, I need to verify or get email before it gets posted.

I know this is an easy project other than getting the system to use sub domains, but its what I want.

The requirements are must work on:
php4 and php5
fast loading

Modify Joomla Template

Modify Joomla Template
We have a joomla template that has to be modified a little bit.

The original template is already installed and looks like this:

The NEW upper area of the template should be changed and look like this:

So only the big title image which can be uploaded in the backend and the header area have to be changed.

2. All old menus and example pages can be removed.
New Menus and submenus for 30 pages have to be included.

3. Also a “News page” needs to be set up which shows actual news. The 5 most actual news have to be shown also on the startpage.
4. A feedback form needs to be set up which has about 10 fieldnames.
5. Frontend administration has to be set up for the German language.

FTP access and PSD source file will be provided.

Website Migration

Website Migration
Data entry personnel needed to move information from Joomla! 1.0.15 websites, to Joomla! 1.5.15 websites with a different template. Minor amount of knowledge of Joomla! CMS is needed. Images will be moved and available in the new site, so will not need to be uploaded. The destination website will already exist, and the required extensions will already be loaded.

All data must be moved from the originating site to the destination site to include

*content items (articles)

*modules (RSS feeds, images, I will provide a list of the modules to transfer and which to leave)

*menu items

*configuration details

*input extensions configuration data

Modules must be moved to proper positions on the new template. And the site must be made aesthetically pleasing.

This project is for multiple sites, so please bid on doing 10 sites at a time.

An example of such a site can be found at

Happy bidding!

Multiple Writers 4 New Forum

Multiple Writers 4 New Forum
Launching a new online forum. Looking to hire multiple writers to serve as new users and initiate conversations and threads on this forum message board.

Each writer would create 25 users. Each user would post 4 messages. Total of 100 posts.

Messages are brief. Need only 3 sentences to 10 sentences.

The 9 key themes are:

1. mentoring
2. change
3. overcoming fear
4. leadership skills
5. harnessing adversity
6. become more enthusiastic in life
7. helping others
8. enhance your creativity
9. improving confidence and self esteem

So these are the eight major “categories”.

Within each category, you can create “topics”. Writers can create as many topics as they wish, as long as it ties in somehow with the category.

I will be starting several topic conversations (“threads”), and writers can respond to those or they can start their own topics.

More instructions available to those writers interested in participating. We give you the instructions and steps on how to create the accounts, how to create a new topic thread, etc.

The only hassle is having to log out and log in as another user.

The overall purpose is to get our forum and message board up and running. By approaching it this way, we hope to get the ball rolling.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Flat fee of $20 to each writer for the above.

Articles Needed

Articles Needed
need articles about
about 3-5 400-500 words articles on each theme

dating – general
dating in india
dedicated servers
web hosting – general
web hosting resellers
affiliate marketing
affiliate programs and making money online
adult business and money online

themes are general, you should write more specific articles on that themes 3-5 articles per theme




Clixpy Clone

Clixpy Clone
As clicktale, there is another service very similar called clixpy. ( : DEMO at

Before you continue reading, please review these two websites to understand what the concept is all about:


I’m looking for an experienced developer to create an screen recording website with all the basic functionality.

As you can see these are websites where users simply can register and get a javascript code which they add to their website in order to track user movements on site. The application must be able to track the following:

– Mouse movements and gestures
– User inputs
– Scrolling
– Where users click

Then, they can play the recorded session in a simple flash interface and have a couple of reports of time spent and others. (please, check the sites in details for all the funcionality needed)

All the data should be stored in a MySQL database.

Tracking JS code for different users/sites that tracks mouse movements and gestures, user inputs, scrolling, where users click
Store that information in a remote server running mysql/php.
Ability to play the user recorded sessions in flash.

No worry about the look and feel. This is not a design job. Any working example you can show to prove your expertise with this kind of tracking technology will be greatly considered.
Clixpy – consists of the JS, all the actions (onmousemove, onclick, onkeydown, onkeyup) and writes them in a stack, SWF-file ( / clixpy.swf), which is placed as JS script and receives from it the stack, sending POST data every 5 seconds on the php-script ( / clixpy_receiver.php). formatted script clixpy.js –

Magento Add To Cart Problem 2

Magento Add To Cart Problem 2
I have a magento store with custom code. On a bundle item the problem is when clicking add to cart is it not transfering the selected options from the drop down bundle options so when you click add to cart it arrives in the cart with the standard default items.

This was working perfectly fine but stopped when some programmer was fixing something else.

I need it fixing. thanks

Note it works perfectly fine in IE8. I’ve not tested IE7 or Chrome but I assume its fine in them. It does not work in Mozilla so this is what needs to be fixed.


Site Qa / Browser + Os Testing

Site Qa / Browser + Os Testing
We have a website in development that is almost complete. We are currently in need of an expert coder that can QA the site and make sure it works well with ie6-ie8, firefox, safari, chrome, Windows XP, Vista, W7, and Apple OS’s.

Along with the QA process, we will require this person to ensure all forms work, captcha code installed, error checks on forms, email sent off, and thank-you page loaded upon submission of form.

Total Pages to QA: Approximately 15.

Who We’re Looking For:
We’re looking for a person that is an expert in html, php, jquery, css, etc. Pretty much, a ninja coder. This person will be called upon from time to time to work on various website projects to code, slice and QA.

Please send your bid along with your estimated time required to complete this project along with your qualifications.

Upon completion of this project, we can discuss further work and possibly joining our team on a more regular basis.

Follow Seo Intructions Frompdf

Follow Seo Intructions Frompdf
We have a website that is not showing up under the search engines. Basic keywords maeta tags have been inserted but the site needs more SEO Work. I’ve done the research on what needs to be done to the site, but since the site is in PHP, I can’t work on that code.

SEO Tech needs to follow with PDF document word by word and our site will rate higher.

Please the PDF document before quoting.

Original License Swoopoclone

Original License Swoopoclone
Original License Telebid Swoopoclone Pay Per Bid Penny Auction

Look ONLY for original license either of

Manufacturer FeistySites, Auckland/New Zealand
Version 2.2 Reverse Auction Released
with features Website-Forum and Buy-Now only (or higher)


Manufacturer PHPPennyAuction Scriptmatrix London, United Kingdom
Version Professional 2010 with moduls Payment Gateway Moneybookers and Buy-Now only


Manufacturer PennyAuctionsScript, Manchester, United Kingdom
Version 3.0 only or higher only) with moduls:
+ Buy-Now
+ Payment Gateway Moneybookers
+ Footer Penny auction link removal

Please enter ONLY then you place a bid if you can be the source of the original document in writing such accounts, e.g. orig. Invoice, orig. license document, etc.).

Thank you.

Priced max. $1.249 USD | Payment with escrow only.

Programming Project 1263484935

Programming Project 1263484935
IMMEDIATE NEED. Joomla 1.5 developer to design and develop a module that works with Community Builder and having the following capabilities:
1. Allows users to create news items with hidden tags
2. Allow users registered using Community Builder to automatically view only those news items that match tags in their profile.
3. When the news items are displayed, the hidden fields remain hidden.

For example, when I register on the site using Community Builder, I indicated that I enjoy hip-hop, soccer and am interested in concerts in the D.C area. Based on that registration profile, each time I sign-on to the site, I will automatically be presented only with news articles that were created by other users that meet one or more of those criteria on my frontpage.