E-mail Ads

E-mail Ads
i want to do a e-mail ad and blast it to my mailing list that i own. i will give you some of the copy & a price list on it. look at our site copiesny.com to get a idea of what we do. keep it simple. flash not necessary, attaching some ads from my competition. want it generic so i can use it all year. if anyone has a news letter generic that i can send monthly a basis business info or news etc i would be interested in that very much,

Reservation Form Mail

Reservation Form Mail
I need a simple reservations page with basic options:

paypal link for payment integrated into reservations email

first, last name

reservation field:

(x)first dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)second dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)third dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)fourth dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)fifth dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )

(button: Process my reservation)

this creates a (paypal) confirmation page, containing calculation
of number of divers/snorkelers/number of days = 12% of total cost deposit
and then sends a paypal money request to customer with the details
containing the link to follow by which to pay or create an account and pay.
(paypal invoice by email)

copy of email form sent to me, site admin.

some tweaks and changes in the above form pending

place your bid based on 2 work hrs.


Debate Design Programming

Debate Design Programming
Seek experienced interactive (dhtml, javascript, flex, etc.) programmers with good design sense. (This project is not for designers only interested in “web design” in the sense of c s s tem-plates or elements.)

Need at least two design variations focusing on the presentation of an “interactive content outline.” This should be done in an interactive client side tools e.g. Flex) that allows site visitors to expand, collapse add, and edit elements within an outline-based topical “debate” site. This project is to evaluate the right presentation, functionality and usability for the “Interactive Content Outline”.) Note, though this should be functional and database driven, the first phase is primarily to test the design for usability.

The features needed are an outline based display of a debate, which includes: Arguments, supporting Evidence, supporting Sub-arguments. Each element is in the form of an outline:

/-Pro> Main argument
|       |—Pro> sub argument 1
|       /—Pro> sup argument 2
|       |             |—Evidence A
|       \—Con> sub argument 2
\-Con> Main argument
      |—Pro> sub argument 3
      /—Pro> sub argument 4
     |              |—Evidence B
      \—Con> sub argument 4

Paired Pro’s and Con’s are connected by a angled (delta shaped) branch (only displayed above in subarguments)
Supporting branches are strait lines
Branches and be collapsed or expanded

Mouse over should reveal “more” detail on each line.
Via the down-arrow, each line can be highlighted,
a corresponding menu or icon appears or is located elsewhere
[+] or [ – ] edit add

After the above is implemented, modifications to improve usability simplicity and functionality are welcome.

Domain Rentals

Domain Rentals
We own a group of domain names and they all go to the same page on
a parking company’s server.

When someone goes to the front page of the domain name, a banner is
loaded in addition to the parking ads. You can view an example domain
here.. http://mybad.com

As you can see there, there is a banner that says.. Mybad.com
is available and when you click thru you get a contact form.

The banner is being served from our server, and the script that serves
the banner detects the domain name and inserts it in the banner. When
someone clicks a diff script also detects the domain name and
places the name into the form.

We are wanting to create a database script that will do several
different things. It will detect the domain name and then look
in the domain database to determine what page should be displayed.
The pages will be either be

Inquire form,
a rental form (to rent the entire domain),
a advertise form to let people rent the banner space,
or simply display an Ad that we have decided on.
or whatever (flexibility to add other options).

The database should contain the information such as the domain name,
the status (one of the 4 above), etc. and then display the
appropriate form or be redirected to an advertisers url. There
should be an admin area to add/remove and edit the prices.

In the process of determining the domain name, the script should also record each unique impression and click thru and this information
should be viewable from the admin.

I believe the best thing to do is to take a generic banner
script with tracking capability to record this information
and to serve the banners. I don’t want to recreate a whole banner
system as there are plenty out there that can be modified.

For now we just want to set it up to be done manually, ie: the person
click thru and we manually modify the domain name to be rented, or
manually set up the banners. We have a partial script set up that works with
our billing company http://rent.p-srv.net/land2-2.shtml?MyBad.com.
As you can see there it is functional.

Later though, if this phase is successful we will want more features added,
automating the process.

Time is of the essence though, we need this part quickly, then we can
move on to other features.

Ned On Line Program To Control

Ned On Line Program To Control
Ned on line program to control virtual employs (workers)

1-wen the worker start working to log in and counting the time (Time report shod bi daily bat the automatik calcolations weekly ).

2- I shod bi able to ad unlimited numbers of workers

3-The software have to take skrin shots of they desk top every 10 minutes.

4-We have to bi able to attach cameras(5caneras per account) to see the workers.

5- We have to bi able to communicate wit those workers and the conversation to bi recorded (audio and emails).

6- some of the worker are telemarketers we have to bi able to tab tape phone conversation to lisen to there conversation.

7-Separate please ware the worker can report they daily reports.

8- Plaice ware the worker can store a data like Google documents (sheered folders and non sheered).

9 -One main control panel ware the Manager can go end manage and control all the workers.

10-The workers have to by able to fil up aplication on line (to start working for us)

Please don’t bit if you can’t accomplish the project.
Payments well be relised only bay fully completing the project.
Daily reports true the GAF only required.
Send samples of similar work done from you.
30 days to finished the project.
$200.00 bonus for complete project on time and no bags will by awarded.

I Want A Webcam Site

I Want A Webcam Site
Hello OK i want wed site were some one can create a room to invite people to see then naked live and be able to give donations straight to there pay pal account. I already have a site.just one thing i need you to find a way TO USE LIKE SKYPE OR GTALK SOMETHING WERE IT COST ME NOTHING FOR LIVE WEBCAM BROADCASTING

will escrow 30%

Modify Open Source Project

Modify Open Source Project
Hi, I am currently running an open source Warcraft 3 gaming server called PvPGN which can be downloaded there:
I use this one :
PvPGN-1.8.5-0-Win32-MySQL-5.0.77-BIN.zip win32 binary with MySQL-5.0.77 3.23 MB

The source code of this is also downloadable there…

It also works with MySQL, the game upload the stats to mySQL and there are ladder ranking pages like this:

Well, what I want now is a competant C programmer, that is confortable using big open source project etc. so we can modify things.

One thing I want to add is a restriction, for example if a player plays against another player, they should not be able to play against eachother for 30 minutes.
That should work using the IP of the players…
There are also bugs sometimes, such as when a player finishes a game, the win or loss does not get counted, it happens from time to time to some players.

I’d also like someone for perhaps long-term projects, because there are many things to do with this open source project.



Magento Coding Help

Magento Coding Help
I have a magento store. A customer just complained that they put an order through and they got an error message. Can someone look at the error below and fix the problem on my website.

Payment transaction failed.
Notice: Undefined index: url in /home/jengalan/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Email/Template/Filter.php on line 152

Checkout Type


Joomla Restuarant Review Redon

Joomla Restuarant Review Redon
2. Restaurant review section. Currently all restaurants are in one big table. The page should be elegant. It should allow users to select their city and then have the restaurants selectable there. Restaurants need to be organized by, cuisine, price, area and rating by selecting the top of the table header sections. Also restaurant owners should be able to claim there restaurant. By going to the restaurant page and selecting this is my restaurant. This should allow them to add menu, specials and coupons for site visitors.

The restaurant section has a list of Restaurants in categories. These restaurants are reviews submitted by users from their profile page. I need these page redesigned to look good. I need the restaurant page to have a map like the front page. Users should be able to select their city and see all the restaurants in a list as shown below. Each of these city restaurant pages should have these two categories.

Our favorites
User favorite

Other users should be able to add to reviews(comment), add pictures, on the restaurants actual page. Such as

there should also be an area on the page the city restaurant page as fallowed

best steak
best restaurant
most romantic

when you add a restaurant to the page you will see which catagorys to have because it ask if they are the best of….

Also when adding events, restaurants, and attractions it is a little unclear, when you are typing in the information of, what to type in for the address. Which ever bar feeds the google map should say address and then the one that categorizes them into the table should say area. For Example the State is California, The City is San Diego, and the area is Delmar. I wish I could give you an example for your country because I really hope you get the point.