Interspire Graphic/web Design

Interspire Graphic/web Design
I am in need of a web/graphics designer to design me a contemporary urban site using the Interspire Shopping Cart software.

(If you feel you can design better in another software, tell me the benefits)

I need banners, buttons, the whole template designed in a compelling unique way.

If you feel you have the ability to fill this position, message me there will be a lot more business to come.

Show us some of your samples.

Book Research Project

Book Research Project
A little bit of background information.
At the moment I am nearing the completion of a book that I have been writing for the last few months. I am hoping to have it finished by early January. At that point I then want to self publish.
Therefore I would like your help in sourcing an appropriate self publishing company.
I am looking for a company where I can have books printed to order as I require at a very good cost and a simple easy to understand process.
Because I live in the United Kingdom it might make sense to use a UK-based firm. Although I am not necessarily attached to this.
I would therefore like you to research the market and prepare for me a table/spreadsheet
Showing a number of various companies and the costs and processes involved in dealing with all of them.
Here are three that come to mind immediately that I have heard about
1) Lulu
2) EcademyPress
I am sure there are many others as well.
Having done this sort of work myself in the past I don’t expect it will take much more than five hours

I want you to provide me with all of the information that I will need in order to help me come to a decision regarding which company to choose.

• Therefore I will need a very detailed clear and concise spreadsheet giving me all of the details of each company.
• The costs involved
• Shipping and delivery details
• Printing details
• Information on printing to order
• An overview of the process regarding getting a book published
• And all other relevant information that I would require

Payment will be made only by Escrow.
50% will be paid into escarole on acceptance of bid
The remaining 50% will be paid into escarole on the completion of the successful project

I will want to see details of previous research projects you have done

I Need40 Quality Articles

I Need40 Quality Articles
Hi all,

I represent a company which launch and manage lots of websites featuring all kind of topics.
I am looking for writers that are committed and reliable.
I have a small team of highly qualified writers and am looking to expand my team.
Please provide few samples of your previous write-ups.
I want to hire those that can write high quality original articles before deadline.
I am looking for writers with a flair for writing, with excellent presentation skills, thorough knowledge of punctuation and with rich vocabulary. I also want the write-ups to be content rich and thorougly devoid of fluff. Each article should strictly pass copyscape. The article that you submit should be in a ready-to-publish condition, requiring no further editing. If I find any article of poor quality, copied or has lot of typos, service would be terminated immediately.

I know that quality comes with a price and I’m willing to pay 1$/100 words, this is our rare for new writers. I would eventually increase your pay if you can provide good quality content and deliver before deadline all the time.

Preference would be given to the native writers and those who are open to write about any topic… and not choosy on subjects. However, if you expertise in any particular field, such as beauty, health, electronics, hardware, computers, internet, finance, travel and so on please mention that. Please cite if you are experienced in writing PRs and technical papers. The copyright of the articles/contents would belong to the buyer once you submit them to us, which you shall not resell, or even use as reference/samples without intimating us.

Am looking for those that are available most of the time in popular ims or at least respond to emails once in 8 hours.

For this project I need 40 articles on various topics.

Teams are welcome. If you are an individual writer, would prefer if you can provide me at least 2-3 articles a day. Please bid with samples.
Happy biding!!

Magento – Order Migration

Magento – Order Migration
I need a Magento database expert to help me migrate order information from another cart exported in CSV file linking to existing customers at Magento.

Must able to move Order Number, Order details, and tracking numbers

I have already migrated the customer data and already exists must simply link the correct customers to the imported order data.

Mailchimp Api Form

Mailchimp Api Form
I have two sign up forms on my website.

1) has two fields (name & email)
2) has 5 fields (fname, lastname, email, company & postcode.

I need both of them to go to the same list on MailChimp and not require double-opt in but does require the final welcome email.

These are all simple functions in the MailChimp API as documented here:

This is a simple job that could be done faster by someone else than myself as I don’t have time.

I will supply the two pages that have the form on them.

The provider will need to send me back the pages with the code implemented.

The budget of for this job is $10 – $25 and the project is to be completed within 1 day of being awarded.

Simple Crawler To Collect Data

Simple Crawler To Collect Data
I need a crawler to extract sample research information from a website.

You should be able to create a crawler and then provide us with the output data files in excel format – this is the only thing we are interested in, we do not need the crawler ourselves

The crawled data should be put into an excel file, we will supply you with the output format.

We will also supply you with the URLs to crawl, there are approximately 2’200 of the format +uniqueidentifier1+parameters +uniqueidentifier2+parameters +uniqueidentifier3+parameters +uniqueidentifier4+parameters +uniqueidentifiern+parameters

Specific details will be available before starting

More similar projects if this one works out.

Please provide:
1. Fee
2. Example of similar work
3. Timeline to produce excel file
4. Location
5. Preferred method of payment

Form With Redirect

Form With Redirect
I have a client who wants people to be able to signup and pay for sports camp membership online. I feel this could be accomplished quite simply by use of a simple submittable html form, combined with a redirect according to payment type. If they select “pay by credit card or paypal” there would be either embedded paypal button code OR it would redirect them to a “buy now” button. If they selected “pay by check” they would be redirected to a simple “thank you page” with instructions on where to send check. I suppose all I need is to have you write the code to add the payment option code (how to pay coupled with appropriate redirect) — alternately you can start from scratch. I use NMSFormMail currently if you need a copy of a sample form and form processor.

Ext. And Fix Of Php App

Ext. And Fix Of Php App
The job is an extension and update of existing invitation application.

1. Properties of existing application:
Relatively small and simple PHP application using PEAR (DB_Table, DB, Quickform)
Single-user admin interface allows admin to add members and send invitations (total: 4 masks)
Users receive mails and can sign up/deny event by clicking on a link (1 mask)
Specialties: Object oriented coded; Instance configured using a file;

2. Job scope:
I) Extension of application for multiple users
II) Fixing of currently existing minor bugs and adding a few features in application
III) Migration of libraries

3. Technical environment
Language: PHP 5.2+, Database: MySql, OS: Linux; Usage of additional libraries ok but must be discussed with buyer before

4. Deliverable
Fully tested PHP source code and database SQL queries – if bugs detected by buyer: need to be fixed within 1 week

5. Timeframe for delivery
Max 4 weeks from order (faster appreciated)

6. Details of work

I) Extension of application for multiple users
One instance of the application does currently only support a single admin user – the purpose of this task is to make it support multiple users.

This requires:
1. Creation of a user sign-up mechanism
a) Sign up page (Entry fields: Username, mail-address, password)
• Check whether username already used, quality of password (min 8 char)
b) E-Mail Confirmation Link
• Contains confirmation link and link for false usage (“I have not signed up with this mail address: Click here to delete account with this mail address)
• User can put in data before doing confirmation! Clicking on confirmation does enable user to have public profiles
c) Confirmation Page (after E-Mail Verification: logged in)

2. Replace currently existing file based configuration file with a web based version
Every user, who signed up is able to edit all the settings

3. Migrate current interface (4 masks) to multiple user support

II) Fixing of currently existing minor bugs in application
Minor bugs
– One configuration entry (color coding) does not work
– Duration interface in “New Event” should be improved
– Interface of “Event Participation” needs clean-up

– Invited persons are able to edit their own personal data (make existing admin interface accessible in restricted way)
– It should become possible to reactivate cancelled events
– Welcome mail for added participants

III) Migration of libraries
– PEAR QuickForm is currently used -> should be migrated to QuickForm2
– PEAR DB currently used -> should be migrated to MDB2

7. Overall Requirements

1.All input data needs to be strictly validated (already done now – just preserve that)

2. Avoid using platform dependent functions/libraries

3. Current style of coding and structuring should be preserved; Code the application nicely – avoid ugly code! Use functions and object orientation; Code needs to be kept easily extendible and maintainable!

4. Store only password hash and compare hash

5. All functions need to be properly documented (described parameters/return values/purpose – like done in the existing app)

Mini Website

Mini Website
I Need a Simply Mini Site To Start my selling my beats on I have A domain name and host already. It will Be One Squeeze page and the next page u can download and purchase. If all Works out I will always be upgrading the site. Background simply white it will be an easy project with no headache. No Crazy designs something simple and attractive.

Edit Porn Site Descriptions 2

Edit Porn Site Descriptions 2
I currently have 194 descriptions that are currently 500+ characters long each. I need them to be edited down or totally re-written to be 200 to 400 characters long each (…that’s about 40 to 75 words).

These descriptions are of porn sites. X-rated adult material, straight and gay.

They are currently repedative, gramatically poor and much too long. Some are of no use and will require a complete re-write.

I will supply the URL of each of the porn sites that I need the description edited for. Look at the website, edit down or totally re-write a quick 200 to 400 character description on the jobsheet. That’s all I need.

The final product needs to be in good english, readable, make sence and do a reasonable job of describing the target porn site. I have examples for you to follow.

Once you get rolling, if you’re fast at typing, this should probably only take you about 90 minutes to complete.

I need this job done in 24 hours.

If you do a good completing this one, I have 2 more jobs identical to this one ready to go. I could offer them to you also.

I will be choosing a programmer within an hour or so of posting this job. You can start the job right away.

Payment via ScriptLance.

Need Help With Finishing Up

Need Help With Finishing Up
I have a wordpress tv show site, it’s not finished yet.
Because I don’t have the time to do it myself, I am looking for someone
to finish it. The task is pretty simple.
Find the tv show link, usually embedded from other site, grab that URL and post it on my WP site and add the episode description too, just copy and paste it. My TV show site is south park and currently have 0 episode. The hard part maybe to find the working south park FULL LENGTH episodes from other sides, other than that copy and pasting the episode description is easy.

Task should be completed in 3 days.