Narration For Video

Narration For Video
What I need done:
I need a good narration written for my video, English, to go with my music video to make it interesting for the viewer.

The goal is to have 1/2 hour segments of 3 voice lessons given.

What I already have versus what the provider will build:
I have 3 videos DRAFTS already created and need lots of editing yet. I have a couple templates for basic ideas, if needed, and would talk with you about what I am trying to do, which is take a theme/content/aspect of the coaching and use it in all 3 students.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
You will need to know how to gracefully transition the wording from concept to concept without losing the viewer/listener. This narration will need to be written for a narrator to read for the final video creation, for smooth transitioning.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
Obviously, you need to have expertise in creating a written narration that would go with a video product. Any kind of video creation experience/ideas would be excellent.

Timeframe for delivery:
Two weeks, if possible.

Unable to attach any files here; may have to try and send some rough draft samples later.

Erotica Woman Writer

Erotica Woman Writer
I have a requirement for a woman writer who have experience at writing EROTICA stories. That story should be between only 750 – 1500 words

I need a lot of details in emotion, color and smell. Description and details of the room , the clothes, body parts. You will need to be aware and write like some of the following writer ( if you never read those writers don’t apply ): Anais Nin ( Delta of Venus ) , Jean Genet,( journal du voleur) Jin Ping Mei , Henry Miller ( tropic ) , D. H. Lawrence Lady ( Chatterley’s Lover )
Only if you have reading those books .You will understand the literature that I need

Please be reliable , available now.

I give great reviews and I have been here many years

Psd To Html

Psd To Html

I have quite a few Adobe photoshop files which i need converted into HTML/CSS pages,but before making he selection of the programmer/designer i would like to see a demo.I’ll be sending on of the layered photoshop file which you will have to convert to HTML/CSS page(DIV Based/Tableless).

After selection money will be placed in escrow and will be released after successful completion.

Thanks and Happy bidding !!

Create Facebook Fan/music Page

Create Facebook Fan/music Page
I need you to create a Facebook Fan Page (Band/Music page) and include all of the following:

1. Profile pic
2. Photo albums containing 5 pics
3. MyBand application connected to an existing Reverbnation profile
4. YouTube video tab
5. Twitter tab
6. About us tab
7. Email collection
8. What else do you suggest should be added?

You will use all of the pictures for profile and album from the artist’s MySpace profile.

Script To Get Data From Blogs

Script To Get Data From Blogs
I need a script to scrap data from all types of blogs (wordpress, self hosted wordpress, blogspot, livejournal, etc, etc)

I will input a list of blog urls and the script will get me all posts of the blog and store them into a SQL database.

The data extracted will be similar as what I will get from the rss feed of a blog. See below blog feed for an idea of the data i need…

If you have an existing script, please quote me a price.
If you need to develope the script, please briefly descript how your developed script will work.

Programming Project 4105370 2

Programming Project 4105370 2
Need a WordPress theme for my fatherhood site- cartoon dad, kids, etc- humorous. Something simple but unique and fun. Something like a cartoon dad that is like a superhero with a girl on each of his arms, or a tired beat down dad with girls stomping on him, or a group of cartoon characters (dads) reading a scary book by a fire

Clone Develop WordPress Site 2

Clone Develop WordPress Site 2
I would like to hire you to clone/develop a small WordPress website that is a cross between and Our site will be smaller = see attached “rough layout.”

All text/content will be provided to you. You will NOT need to create a Blog, or Forum functionality like has.
Besides ‘contact us’ and ‘price quote forms’ (can be same form), we’ll need a ‘make a payment’ form like this one:

Final deliverable will be a website uploaded and functional on our server. All server details will be provided and you can start developing on our server/domain name from the beginning.

This is an easy project for a skilled WordPress Developer. Budget is $100 for QUICK turnaround time! + bonus. Thank you for taking the time to read my project I really appreciate it.

Wedding Planning Software

Wedding Planning Software
I am looking to have wedding organizing software made. To understand what I am looking for in software I have added to URL links to the same type of software I am looking for. and

I currently have a wedding website that I want the software to work with and be integrated into. ( The software has to be able to Multi user friendly and accommodate hundreds of brides with their own personal logins from our site.

1. The bride will visit my website
2. A bride login button will need to be made; the bride can click the button to log into her very own personal wedding planning section of our website.
3. The software will include all the functions of the two sample software located at: and
4. View both these sample videos, this is exactly what I am looking for with the same operating features.
5. The new button will need to be able to generate a secure password for the bride.
6. Once the bride has registered she will now have access to the new Wedding Planning software.
7. We are expecting at least 1000 plus brides will use the software all with their own logins.
Please send me your quotes for designing this software.
I beleive the site is done in php code.

Walter Harris

A Project In Codeigniter

A Project In Codeigniter
Hello Geeks,

Brief Project Description as Follows

Hair cutting saloon will register in our website with their services and rates and availability.

User can search the saloon based on various criteria like Area, Service and Rates.

Based on the Search Result, user can book appointment with hair cutting saloon and that saloon people will receive SMS/Email (SMS api will be provided to you) and that saloon people will log into the website and will either approve/reject the appointment.

That action will be informed to the user via SMS/Email.

Once we finalize the Bid, we will provide you detailed SRS with all the screen and flow.

Along with that design will be provided to you.

(1) You must have alteast 6 months to 1 year hands on Experience on codeigniter
(2) We are looking Long Term Relationship as we are having almost 5-7 projects a month.
(3) Programmers from India-Gujarat is preferred.
(4) Design and SMS Api will be provided to you.
(5) This is a limited Budget Project

Let us provide your best Quote and Minimum Days, We will provide you with more Projects, if you satisfy the Requirements.

Website Needed

Website Needed
I have a dvd that i’m about to release and i need something identical to this:
I have the background picture already and just need someone who can build the site exactly like the demo a.s.a.p. I will need cms access to change and add the content such as photos, about the film, etc..

Thanks and happy Bidding