Landing Page

Landing Page
We are looking to have a landing page designed and built.

– Need attractive color/design/professional – SIMPLE, no outgoing/crazy design.. Just a very very simple design with major headline about sexual transformation.

– Need a form with input.. First name & Email (input data to database, email thanks for signing up, send to another url after submission)

– Possibly bluish, green, medical colors

– Give benefits to our product (sex transformation, how it makes them look and feel, etc..)

– Must Offer free information for signing up in template!

– Need backend to allow admins to send emails out about products/services from backend.

– Deadline would be on or around January 11th.

If you have read and agree to the above, and understand it.. Include the word: Gotcha, in your reply.

Need WordPress Plugin Created

Need WordPress Plugin Created
Let me try to explain what we want the plugin to do.

The principle is the same as a Twitter widget. You go to (or use another utility) to update your Twitter status. You place a widget on your WordPress site that will pull in your Twitter updates. It will display the last 4 updates, or whatever you want it to display (there are many Twitter widgets that do this). The widget pulls in the updates for your Twitter account by requiring you to provide the user name and password for that Twitter account (in other words, you can’t just pull in animals from any Twitter account you want—you have to have the login).

So, we want to do basically the same thing, except not with Twitter.

This will be for the site Many animal shelters around the country are members of and they post animals they have for adoption on this site. Petfinder provides a really good API, and I think you could get the information you need from this in order to make the plugin work. Right now they have a tool where you can generate and export custom HTML to display pets on your web site (I have an example of this at You can pull in dogs, cats, or both.

Here are the characteristics I want for the Plugin.

Does not require a login—all the person has to enter is the shelter ID to display the pets. (this means that anyone can display a list of pets on their wordpress site if they only know the shelter ID). Each shelter is given an ID by Petfinder that is the state of the shelter, plus a number. For example, my shelter ID is OK202.

Can be used as a sidebar widget, as well as a shortcode to be embedded in a page

The size of the sidebar widget can be customized (width & height)

Allows the webmaster to select what is displayed in the widget: how many animals are displayed (from 1 to 10), whether they want dogs, cats, or both

It will not allow the webmaster to customize the “look” of the widget. The colors will be consistent and “branded” with the colors (I will provide you with a mockup of how it needs to look)

Each animal in petfinder is given a unique ID number as well, which is a sequence of numbers. For example, this dog has the ID of 15218478. So we know two pieces of information about every animal in this database: its shelter ID, and its unique animal ID.

It needs to have three display options for what pets to display:
1) show randomly selected animals (within the specified shelter ID)
2) allow the webmaster to specify which animals to display, by inputting the animals’ unique animal IDs.
3) display the most recently added animals

The widget needs to display the photo and name of the animal (both are included in the profile for that animal)

When a visitor to the web site clicks on an animal in the widget, he is taken to that animal’s petfinder page (for example,

Well, that is a lot of information, but hopefully it will help you be able to determine if it’s something you want to try. Let me know if you have any other questions. You can find out all about and their API by going here:

Programming Project 1262637724

Programming Project 1262637724
This project presents a few different needs:

1. A user-friendly website which is search engine optimized
2. A logo which that represents our name well and creatively
3. A script that displays the latest news related to garage sales
4. A pricing guide that assists users with pricing their garage sale items. The guide would also be database driven based on the online version of deductionpro
5. A community forum which allows users to register and communicate. An example would be phpBB
6. A map such as google maps which allows users to search for a zip code and it would give the user listings within a user-defined area — 5, 10, 20, 30 miles. The map also would include thumbtacks, etc.
7. The site would also include a blog

Bidrivals-swoopo Clone

Bidrivals-swoopo Clone
looking for a bidrival/swoopo clone with all the funtionality of both in a new design.

the site must be secure/w3c comliant.

the design and layout will need to be unique and simple to understand, it will be up to you to design but subject to our final approval.

I need 3 languages: Turkish Landing Page, German and English

the features of the website must be the same as swoopo and bidrival including:

– easy to use admin panel.
– each funtion must be able to be turned off/on for each Auction.
– Refferal function.
– Voucher function.
– User registration and account verification.( which puts the email addresses in a data base to be used in future emails).
– The time increasing by xx seconds when a new bid is placed after certain time. (settings via admin panel).
– Auction reserve/minimum price (Auction won’t end till certain price. which will be set on individual Auction).
– Automatic bidding system (eg: bid agent or bid butler) via admin set the time in seconds when the Bid Butler bids example: 4 second before ending).
– Bid Packs also bid packs for the auction with image. Winner gets the bid package automatically added.
– bid packs & cost can be edited (via admin panel)
– General pages such as terms and conditions and a help section which you can edit. Add your own pages also. (Fill out by my self).
– Ability to add payment Gateways eg Paypal. Authorise net optional.
– statistics on last bidders and total bidders (for each auction).

we are looking for quality at a low price and hoping for an on-going relationship as the website grows.

other details will be given to the developer later.

Data Extraction Script

Data Extraction Script
We need a skilled PHP programmer to create a script to perform the data extration requirements as detailed in the attachment.

Please read the attachment before you bid. Please see our Feedback ratings. We are experienced buyers on SL and will treate you fair. We expect ANY biider on the project to have the full capabilities to complete the project. We do not excrow funds for any provider with a Rating lower than our own. In any event, payment terms are 50% once the development is complete and test provided on your server, 50% payable when working version is on our server.

Convert Site To Joomla

Convert Site To Joomla
We need an existing site converted to Joomla. Please see attached scope for more information.

Please note ALL BIDS MUST HAVE AN OUTLINE describing the work you will be performing. If we feel there is something missing from your scope of work, we will notify you so you can adjust accordingly.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Bids submitted without a scope of work attached or bids submitted with “Canned” repsonses will be deleted/ignored.

Flash And Static Banner

Flash And Static Banner
The order is about the creation of flash animated advertising banner templates in 5 different sizes. banner have to be be delivered as image as well. The banner templates have to be be provided in that way that it is no problem to create new banners for other products out of them. You create a concept for each banner size on how to arrange the product data like image, price and name so a banner for a new product can be easily created.

You will provide templated for the following banner sizes: 120×600 ; 160×600 ; 468×60 ; 300×250 ; 728×90

The deadline is set to the end of January 2010.

More information will be provided upon request.

English Native Writer Needed

English Native Writer Needed
I am in the process of setting up many blogs and I need multiple SEO optimized content articles throughout the blog.

Content must pass Copy Scape, and each sentence original per Google check with quotes.

The writer must be prepared to sign a NDA as I do not want my content re sold and or used elsewhere due to duplicate content penalizing and copy write laws.

Please read attached document to know about job description. Last writer was not English and was chosen due to a profile that was inaccurate, I will require a local number to verify that you are in the US and English native language as I will require you for multiple jobs.
I already have an English writer that I just hired, but he is unable to do all my sites in a timely manner so I will need to hire another writer. Please respond with pricing requested below.

Need Article Pricing:

Re-Write and extend existing 500 word articles
750 Words -$
1500 Words -$

Written Original Articles from Scratch
750 Words -$
1500 Words -$

Need To Rewrite 10 Articles

Need To Rewrite 10 Articles
I am looking for high quality writer to rewrite 10 articles. I will supply you with all of the articles to be rewritten as well as all keyword phrases. All articles must be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer, preferrable in american english. The rewriting will need to be concise and to the point. I can’t accept articles just filled with fluff words meant to fill space.

I’ll pay $1.50 per 450-600 word article, so in total this time 1,5 x 10 = 15 USD. The keywords I provide you need to be used in a normal and conversational way throughout the articles please. The keyword/keyword phrase needs to be in the article title, first sentence and used another 10-12 times throughout the article for a total keyword density of 2-2.5%. I will send you a free software called DupeFreePRO in case you don’t have it. This software allows you to quickly and easily check your keyword density. I pay via scriptlance escrow after I get all articles.

The articles need to be informative and story telling style to the reader with 100% correct grammar and punctuation. Also, the articles must be at least 85% unique, they will be reviewed through Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect for plagiarism. If an article you submit to me does not pass Copyscape or has spelling and punctuation mistakes, you will not be paid for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval. I will not be able to pay if all requirements in this listing aren’t met, so please don’t bid if you can’t meet these requirements. You agree that upon sending me the rewrites all rights to the rewritten articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any way.

Thank you!

Ppc/cpa Guru

Ppc/cpa Guru
Please bid based on the monthly salary that you would require.

Web-based company requires a highly energetic PPC/CPA Guru. You will be responsible for performing the following tasks:

– Implement paid search campaigns: build forecasts based on historical data, create budgets, establish project goals and schedules

– Complete campaign analysis: manage metrics evaluation & reporting, as well as optimization recommendations

– Design and initiate tests in order to continually improve key metrics

– Aid in spend and CPC managing across engines and keywords to maximize ROI

– Apply new technology, automation capabilities, and/or vendor solutions that enhance SEM efforts

– Write and optimize ad copy through A/B testing

– Research keyword selection for optimal ROI and CPA

– Maintain dialogue with management and marketing team on metrics and trends while delivering prompt and accurate work

Required Experience
– Bachelor Degree in marketing or business preferred
– 2 + years of online marketing experience
– Experience managing large paid search campaigns
– Demonstrated understanding of SEM optimization techniques.
– Experience with Google Analytics
– Superior written and oral communication skills
– Proficiency with MS-Office, especially with Excel
– Highly organized and detail-oriented multi-tasker who consistently meets deadlines
– Proactive problem solver with a positive attitude who enjoys their work