Auction Site

Auction Site
Hello Dear Programmers:

The solution for this project must be a “Ready to Run” LAMP Script & Graphic Design to create a heavy traffic/transactional auction web site (from 1 to 2000 user at the same time) with the following characteristics:

– All the required to functionality to clone, &
– Able to integrate or combine several auction types in the same site (at least: penny auctions, seat auctions, lowest & unique auctions, traditional auctions & reverse auctions.
– Graphic design for the new brand to be used in the new web site.
– How it woks video. Similar to Swoopo or Scriptlance tutorial.
– Customizable design templates. Including templates to clone, &
– Accounting module. Review accountancy. Interface with professional accounting software.
– 100% Open Source.
– Installation included.
– Detailed Functionality. Attached you will find a MS-Word File as my best attempt to clarify the scope.


– Certified programmer is a plus.
– Spanish spoken is a plus.
– Affordable hosting and administration plans are a plus.
– Wide portfolio is a plus.
– Auction sites within portfolio is a must.
– Long term support and service is a must.
– Please mention the development cost ($/hour) for new requirements.

Need A Script / Website Clone

Need A Script / Website Clone
i want a clone of a modeling agency :
the script must function and have at least 90% of the functions the original website has: for example: membership level ( free, and paid)
shout box , contest… and so on.
if you have a script that has good functions please send a demo.
if you can clone the exact script talenthunter has – even better.
no escrow. full pay upon completion – based on past experience. thanks

One-user Interface

One-user Interface
Need a UI developed that will allow a user to enter data.
I have attached a copy of the UI.

The form needs to be able to accept parameters being passed to it ( for example )

The UI has 4 sections each secton needs the ability to fold up (a javascript call to accordion.init) to make each section disappear from the users view

All the fields are will the link to a database table. Linking to the database table is not required in this project- however – it should be coded as if you are planning to connect.

Calendar on date fields
Load all drop down box with dummy data
The update button should be coded to call a external webservice

Please no sloppy coding. Lightweight coding techniques.
This UI needs to be done within 1 day of you accepting the project.

Website Redesign Required

Website Redesign Required

Last year I used scriptlance to pick what I believed to be a very good website developer.
He designed the site, the business card, logo and a multimedia audio/video move-like trailer, amember payment page integration and eFront LMS front-end graphics integration.
The gentleman has very good graphical abilities but was plagued with other offline issues.
He designed the site to be used in Joomla. Shorlty after I gave him access for him to upload the final version, the site was immediately compromised and therefore I have had no use of my site.
I wasn’t given all the final source files and have tried tirelessly to communicate with the developer and have him complete the project despite paying for 6 months included support.

I have some of the final source available. The original files on the web server are still online but not displaying properly.

I would like someone to finish this project and securely bring the site online. Redesign the site if necessary if they can do something better.
Of course since I’ve plunked down money already I have only a small budget.
The person needs to have good graphical ability pictures and mini movie-like multimedia trailer.
If you are interested I can make what I have available to you.


Simple Writing Job

Simple Writing Job
I need someone to write very SHORT paragraphs on the DIFFERENT ways people can help a nonprofit organization from fundraising to creating awareness to volunteering…. I will help you with some of the topics to write about. I intent to use the information you will give me to create a brochure to distribute to the public…

For Example:

Title: Start tabling on campus
Spread the word to fellow students by handing out informational materials, answering questions, and selling t-shirts. Print out these volunteer packets and make them available for people to read if they’re looking for more information.

Social Networking Marketing

Social Networking Marketing

>>> BID WITH CONFIDENCE! I’ve selected “HIDE PROJECT BIDS” so nobody will be able to view your bid on this project 🙂

I need Social Networking Marketing solutions for promoting phone apps on a website.

This is something completely new to me & I’m not sure what to expect. Please suggest the best proposals/ ideas that you have.

Please answer these three questions:
1.1 Which formula/ strategy will you recommend for the best result?
1.2 And why?
2.1 Should I use twitter/ facebook/ others/ etc/ or a mix of them?
2.2 And why?
3. What is the expected result of your plan? How can I know/ measure it?

One key aspect is to attract “relevant” followers.

I’m looking for programmer with most creative idea. It needs to be done properly as I don’t want to take any risk of getting banned.

This project is listed for 14 days. So you can take your time, plan and PMB me the best strategy/ formula that you have.

Thanks and happy bidding.

Template Implementation Cms

Template Implementation Cms

i want to run a vacation rental site.

I have already found a good script that fits to my needs.

All i want is to change the front end of the script.

I will send you a photoshop file of the template of the front end and you have to make a clean div/css template.

I need a professional who is familiar in php, ajax, html, css and Jquery and Mootools.

You can find the script on online-rent(dot)com
the design will be something like this site orlofseignir(dot)is

Solo Adult Girl Site

Solo Adult Girl Site
i am looking for a really well built site for a adult themed solo girl site must be able to easyily apply sets of pictures to the site for updates and allow for video to be played as well membership based and a adult apporved gateway built in with very good security to not be hacked want all images and video to be right click protected and a system that watermarks the images and video as its added also want it to be able to support web cam show and make it to be member only viewing a mailing list and a template system to make numerous added pages to show each new set of pics added more details to be added pls give estamates and past work details maybe show websites looking for a 2 month 3 month time frame