Earth HD (Space)

Earth HD is After Effects project file for creating CGI Earth shots. It’s super easy to use because of the expression controls. It has 26 coded expression controls so you can easily adjust the scene with no effort. It has 16 premade scenes ready to render out and use in your movie/presentation. Also there is 2 bonus compositions for your companies logo reveal.

  • 100% editable
  • Expression based programming for use (26 controls!)
  • 17 premade comps ready to render
  • + 2 BONUS comps Logo Openers
  • Music used for the preview is from brilliant artist DEYCH and you can purchase it HERE .
  • The Earth map came from NASA ’s website and you can find it HERE

26 Expression controls

  • Earth Pos X
  • Earth Pos Y
  • Earth Pos Z
  • Earth Rot X
  • Earth Rot Y
  • Earth Rot Z
  • Map Pos X
  • Map Pos Y
  • Map Pos Z
  • Map Rot X
  • Map Rot Y
  • Map Rot Z
  • Map Speed X
  • Map Speed Y
  • Map Speed Z
  • Cloud Pos X
  • Cloud Speed X
  • Cloud Height
  • Cloud Opacity
  • Specular X
  • Specular Y
  • Shadow Radius
  • Shadow Feather
  • Shadow Opacity
  • Lights Intensity
  • Movie Format
  • Download Earth HD (Space)

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