Flash Cutter (Grunge)


Flash Cutter

is Full HD ( 1920 X 1080 px ).

It’s Not Alpha Clip but You can use as using many blending mode in any Editing Software’s.

Total 15 Files included.

IF you want your Film, Clips, Movie, Shorts, Text & Graphics like Full Dirty, Grungy, Gritty, Damaged Edited by & looking Vignette, Unique, Oldies.. So u want this Pack.

This tile provide you a vast diversity in music ….This Flash Cutter perfectly present your mind

if you want elegant creative project which perfectly suited you idea in making of title/opener in music and TV, for business promotion and presentation. expressing you view in fashion world to attract customer, expressing your feeling in photo album,
can be use in news for headline, use for highlighting the incident happening in sports, with help of this file, you can replace image in a different style to attract for travelling.

This time Something Unique & different A Flash Cutter


1: 10 Second Loop “ALL EFFECTS ” (Just Drop your Footage in any editing software and Play with blending mode)


FREE (1: 10 Second Loop)
Film Dirt & Scratches Elements PACK



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Download Flash Cutter (Grunge)

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