Tutorial: Extensive Guide On How To Make Xcode 4 File Templates

As you probably know if you’ve tried to create a project template for Xcode and gone searching for documentation on how to create ¬†file templates that there is very little to be found and no official documentation.

For creating project templates there are a number of tutorials out there, and I have added links to a good tutorial and automated build script to the Xcode 4 tutorial page.

The only way to get this information is to reverse engineer the templates that already exist, and with Xcode 4 the process of creating templates has changed making nearly every tutorial out there on creating Xcode file templates invalid.

Bob McCune has gone through the process of explaining in detail how to create Xcode 4 file templates detailing the required files, plist information, creating the project singleton and more – everything need to create the files that you can find on his website here.

Everything you need to create file templates with Xcode 4 – and up to date with Xcode 4.3.

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