BigFat – Single Page Filterable Portfolio HTML5 (Portfolio)

Introducing BIGFAT , a perfect template for those who like to put their work first. The whole portfolio is on one page and is filterable, including a category of “info” for the information sections (e.g. “about” or “contact”).


  • YouTube video support, with a unique player designed to fit with the design. (All you need to do is supply the YouTube video ID, width and height, and it works!)
  • “Turn off the lights” when viewing pics/vids
  • Each category has its own corresponding colour (feel free to change them!)
  • All content contained in one HTML file, easy to edit!
  • Lovely CSS3 animations, ultra modern, super efficient!

Preview Credits

All above are personal friends and have given me permission to use their work, none of which comes with the template.

Template Credits

  • jQuery – The ever popular javascript library which all the below files rely upon.
  • jQuery UI – Used for draggable video slider.
  • Modernizr – Used to style site different depending on browser.
  • Isotope – The main magic of the site, with the filtering and layout.
  • Tube Player – Plugin that makes the YouTube API easier.
  • Javascript Mouse Wheel – Allows scrollwheel events.
  • Wait For Images – Neat plugin that waits for images to load before a callback.
  • scrollTo – For window scrolling animation.
  • Simple and Social Icon Set – Social media icons based on this set.
  • Iconic – Used for a few miscellaneous icons.
  • Bebas Font – Used for headers.

Download BigFat – Single Page Filterable Portfolio HTML5 (Portfolio)