Remote Controlled Tissue Box

Remote Controlled Tissue Box

Remote Controlled Tissue Box

Yes, you read it right, a remote controlled tissue box. You never know when you might need to blow your nose and feel way to lazy to get up and get the tissue box that’s like 2 feet away. Actually, now that I come to think of it, how many people actually keep their tissue boxes on the floor? I mean wouldn’t this thing need to be rugged if you say, keep your tissue box on a end table or on the coffee table? I’m just asking here.

If you do keep your tissue box on the floor and are interested in purchasing this remote controlled unit it costs $25, it has a maximum range of 8m and it’s 250×65x123mm so make sure your kleenex box fits inside. Oh yeah, and it’s only available in Japan.

tech.nocr.atRemote Controlled Tissue Box originally appeared on on 2009/10/30.

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