Best WordPress Plugins By Category

Premium WordPress Plugins by category

– Advertising –

  • OIO Publisher – Complete plugin that removes all hassle for bloggers who manage advertising. Automates banners, text links, paid reviews, and collects the money for you. [Full Review]

– Affiliates –

  • Auction Thumbs – Plugin that allows you to easily integrate eBay Partner Network ads into your WordPress Blog. [Full Review]
  • PHP Bay Pro – Premium plugin that integrates eBay auction ads into your WordPress blog. [Full Review]
  • WP Affiliate Pro – Allows you to manage your affiliate links from within your WordPress dashboard. Also allows you to mask links and a number of other features. [Full Review]
  • WP Ninja Affiliate – Similar to WP Affiliate Pro plugin, but provides some additional features including multiple keywords and caching. [Full Review]

– SEO –

  • WP SEO Sniper – Extreme SEO plugin designed to give people conscious of SEO full control over their blogs from the WordPress dashboard. Significant upgrade to the All-in-One SEO Pack plugin. [Full Review]

– Websites –

  • WP Review Site – Simply activate theme and plugin to create a full-featured review website. No additional work needed, allowing you to make a number of these sites quickly! [Full Review]

Free WordPress Plugins

– Admin Tools –

  • Gamer’s Pack – Makes your blog viewable using the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and PSP gaming systems. [Full Review]
  • GoCodes – Easily create redirects from your WordPress Dashboard that point anywhere. Great for hiding affiliate links. [Full Review]
  • Google Sitemap – Creates a fully-compliant sitemap for search engines. [Full Review]
  • Greet Box – Identifies where traffic is being referred from and displays the appropriate welcome message to them, encouraging to subscribe to your feed, Digg or Stumble your posts, etc. [Full Review]
  • In Series – Allows you to easily group a series of posts into a series. [Full Review]
  • MobilePress – Optimizes your WordPress blog for mobile phones including the popular iPhone. [Full Review]
  • No Self Ping – Prevents your blog from sending pingbacks internally to your other posts. [Full Review]
  • WP-o-Matic – Allows users to collect feeds and auto-generate posts on your blog. [Full Review]
  • WordPress Backup – Plugin that backups up your WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, images, and other non-database stuff. Works with WP-DB Manager. [Full Review]
  • WP-DB Manager – Plugin that gives you full control over your WordPress database backups. Works with the WordPress Backup plugin. [Full Review]
  • WP Sticky – Allows users to feature a post at the top of their homepage for a day or permanently. [Full Review]
  • WP-Super Cache – Creates a cache of your posts to avoid server load. Great for surviving a Digg. [Full Review]

– Advertising –

– Authors –

– Comments –

  • CubePoints – CubePoints allows you to choose a certain amount of points for each comment posted by a certain commentator. You can offer premium content, allow readers to purchase merchandise or maybe even an advertisement for your blog with a certain amount of points. [Full Review]
  • Keyword Luv – Adds an extra field to your comments where people can enter their website so they don’t add their website’s name in the name field for SEO anchor text purposes. [Full Review]
  • Liz Comment Count – Displays a comment count in a similar fashion to the Feedburner feed count widget. [Full Review]
  • MyAvatars – Automatically inserts the commentators MyBlogLog avatar next to their comment using the e-mail address provided. If unavailable, it will attempt to pull the bloggers Gravatar. [Full Review]
  • Show Top Commentators – Allows you to display your top commentators automatically in a place of your choosing. Great for encouraging comments. [Full Review]
  • Smilies Themer – Plugin that offers a variety of smilies styles to place in the comments section of your blog. [Full Review]
  • Subscribe to Comments – Allows readers to receive e-mail notifications when a follow up comment is left. [Full Review]

– Domaining –

  • Domain Name Portfolio – This plugin automatically creates a page in WordPress that domainers can use to display their domain portfolio. Everything is controlled from the dashboard. [Full Review]

– Downloads –

– Feeds –

– Forums –

  • RS Discuss – Plugin that allows you to easily integrate a forum into your existing WordPress blog. [Full Review]

– Maintenance –

– Miscellaneous –

  • Best Posts Summary – Automatically generates a daily, weekly, or monthly review post. Includes both post titles and brief descriptions. [Full Review]
  • BreadCrumb Navigation XT – Allows you to provide your readers with additional blog navigation. [Full Review]
  • Get Firefox Banner – Shows a banner to IE6 and IE7 web browser users recommending they switch to Firefox. Great for blogs whose WordPress theme is optimized for Firefox. [Full Review]
  • Popularity Contest – Monitors your website traffic and gives you reports on your popular posts. Plugin is fully customizable allowing you to set the values used to calculate your posts popularity. [Full Review]
  • WP-eCommerce – Plugin that allows you to create an online shop on your WordPress blog [Full Review]
  • WP-Email – Allows you to add an “Email This!” button to your WordPress blog. [Full Review]
  • WP-Submission – Creates a submission page then places all submissions into a post draft. Ideal for group writing projects. [Full Review]

– Related Posts –

– SEO –

  • All-in-One SEO Pack – The Ultimate SEO WordPress plugin. Allows you to set your homepage meta information and automatically generate custom meta information for your individual posts. [Full Review]
  • Permalink Redirect – Creates a 301 Redirect to avoid duplicate content penalties with search engines. Also includes a Feedburner redirect. [Full Review]

– Tags –

– Video –

  • All-in-One Video Pack – All-in-One Video Pack includes every functionality you might need for video and rich-media, including the ability to upload/ record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix content with an online video editor, enable video responses, manage and track your video content, create playlists, etc. [Full Review]

Home for Top 10 WordPress Plugins

1. WordPress ‘Branded Admin’ Plugin

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If you are a web designer then you must have set up a few WordPress based websites for some of your clients. This plugin enables you to rebrand the /wp-admin pages to follow your own styles. Great if you want to remind your client just who put in all that hard work re-skinning and hacking that theme as they set about trashing your lovely site.

2. ‘Branded Login Screen’ Plugin for WordPress

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Completely hides the fact that your site is a WordPress Installation (or at least make it less obvious) with this plugin and the plugin listed previously. Does what it says, allows you to rebrand the login page with your own graphics.

3. GD Star Rating for WordPress

Star rating plugin

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Want to put a rating systems on your post content? How about your comments? This nifty plugin allows you to do that and much more. Have statistics generated and displayed in your sidebar by using the GD Star rating widget and have full control over the look and feel of your stars (or whatever graphic you choose!) Looks great too! The author has even put together different star sets for you to upload.

4. Old Post Promoter

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Allows you to promote old posts back to the top position on your home page and back into your RSS feed. The Old Post Promoter randomly chooses a post from posts in your blog and updates the timestamp. When the timestamp on the post is updated, the post will appear to be the latest post on your WordPress blog, returning it to the front page of your blog. Ideal if your blog sin’t going to get updated for a while but has planty of content to keep new visitors interested. **IMPORTANT – DO NOT USE IF YOUR PERMALINK STRUCTURE INCLUDES DATESUPDATE YOUR PERMALINK STRUCTURE FIRST!**

5. WordPress Backup

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Something we should all do on a regular basis – backup. This handy plugin backs up your upload (images), current theme, and plugin directories. You can specify a regular scheduled backup that can be then sent to an email address of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: You will still need to make sure your database is backed up seperately!

6. Akismet

Bundled with WordPress and for good reason. Without a spam blocker such as this your comment queue would be full of trash in no time at all. Requires a WordPress API key to function. If you haven’t got this plugin activated already, do it now!

7. Google XML Sitemaps

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Once set up this plugin will inform Google of any changes or additions made to your site automatically. Generates Sitemap favourable for Google indexing.

8. My Adsense

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Manage Google Adsense ads that you wish to display on your wordpress blog posts or sidebars. Easy to use and fully featured.

9. In the Loop

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Ever needed to add things to the end of every post or page but had to hack the theme to do it? Well if you don’t want the bother or don’t know how then this plugin may be for you. With this plugin you can add any code you like to your posts and pages without ever having to mess with templates or theme files. The plugin provides an options panel with two input boxes. One is for content you want to appear before your post, the other for after it. Each box comes with a set of options to control whether to show it on Teasers, Single Posts, Pages, The Feed and whether or not to execute PHP. Genius.

10. RSS Includes Pages

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And this is STILL at number 10 because I just can’t dispense with this simple plugin. If like me you use WordPress as a CMS to build websites as well as blogs you will no doubt have found that Pages are not included in the RSS feed. Well, with this plugin your problems are over. Simply install, activate and voila, your pages will appear within the feed.