Telescope 8 X ZOOM for APPLE iPhone 3G camera! Works with 3g model!

Telescope 8 X ZOOM for APPLE iPhone 3G camera! Works with 3g model!

  • The iPhone telescope is a great solution for overcoming the poor zoom in the iPhone 3G camera.
  • Its lens is designed to avoid image distortion due to unique lighting situations like low light or reflections of the sun.
  • Comes with a crystal plastic hard case to protect your valuable investment from scratches and dirt.
  • Works with iPhone 3G ONLY. iPhone NOT INCLUDED.
  • The telescoping lens can be used in a wide variety of settings: watching sports from a long distance, concerts, travel

Price: $ 4.49

Elago Skins-Camera for Apple iPhone 3G/GS

  • Designed for iPhone 3GS specifically
  • # Easy On… Easy Off
  • High intensity listening experience with crisp and clear sound
  • No Scratches: Elagoskins protect your precious portable devices with a durableanti-scratch, anti-UV coating
  • No Bulk: Elagoskins are ultra-low profile for flawless compatibility with accessories, docks and other cases

Elagoskins are a very thin (2mm) protective cover for your iPhone made with premium grade vinyl and adhesive technology.
Patented micro-channeals within the adhesive allow for a bubble-free application.
Each Elagoskins has an ultra-clear, scratch resistant coating for maximum durability and photo quality finish.

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 8.99