Franklin KID-1240 Children’s Talking Dictionary and Spell Corrector

Franklin KID-1240 Children’s Talking Dictionary and Spell Corrector

  • Complete talking childrens dictionary with 44,000 words/Phonetic spell correction
  • Interactive rhyme finder/Speaks letters and words and definitions
  • Personal spelling word list/5 games, variable skill levels
  • Confusables feature identifies and explains sound alike words allowing you to select the right word
  • Animated guide models pring and cursive, repeats with the touch of a button

Franklin Electronic Publishers Childrens Talking Dictionary with Spell Corrector

List Price: $ 59.99

Price: $ 37.25

Nyrius LT12 12 Language Global Digital Talking Translator Foreign Pocket-Sized Electronic Speaking Dictionary

  • Cross-translate 12 international languages using any of the 8400 built-in phrases
  • Auto power off, volume selection and reset button
  • Handheld electronic translators are the modern answer to paper dictionaries
  • Device speaks the foreign phrases aloud
  • Integrated alarm clock and data bank with password lock

“Global Talking Translator for 12 Languages – This talking pocket translator is the perfect traveling companion. With 12 built-in international languages and over 8,400 commonly used phrases, you’ll be able to communicate easily and quickly in a foreign country. Simply select the language, topic of conversation, and sentence you would like to speak using the LCD display. The translator will display and speak the sentence in the desired language, allowing you to communicate effectively. Categorie

List Price: $ 79.99

Price: $ 49.99