Callaway Ball Diablo Golf Balls (12-Pack)

Callaway Ball Diablo Golf Balls (12-Pack)

  • High-resiliency core increases ball velocity across a wide range of swing speeds
  • The advanced core reduces driver spin, tightening shot dispersion for better accuracy
  • Soft ionomer cover generates long drives and provides even longer playability
  • Hex areodynamics that replaces conventional dimples reduces drag
  • Promotes a stronger, more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air

The results surprised even us. A golf ball this soft, and with this much feel, shouldn t be able to go this far. The new High-Resiliency core is not only soft, but also fast, which means you ll never sacrifice distance for soft feel. Plus, this golf ball s unique low spin properties mean that players who impart too much spin off the driver will see more distance and less severe hooks and slices. The Big Bertha Diablo Golf Ball offers lower driver spin and softer feel than most golf balls on the

List Price: $ 30.00

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