Create A Css Web Page

Create A Css Web Page
I need to create a fairly simple (1 page) home page CSS based website that is very close to this template:

The page will be located inside a subscription site CMS.

I will provide you with visual elements. I can do the visual design if you can help with the html/css structure (divs, background, columns, etc.)

Must need to be an expert in CSS (style sheets)


Template Integration

Template Integration
The project requires a template to be integrated to an mccodes engine. Mccodes is an text based RPG engine.

The games testing site is

The template which is to be integrated is located here –

Please note that this template is going to be converted from a flash template to a standard NON flash HTML template for easier integration by the template company.

The template will require modification of the center section to ensure the content can be added easily. In addition a slight edit may have to be done to ensure the background stays full screen.

The template is required to be integrated to the engine. Pages that require the edit will be login.php / register.php / smenu.php / mainmenu.php / header.php. All other site content runs through these files.

Access will be given to the accepted bidder. (cPANEL) if required.

The integration will be required to ensure that the site is cross browser compatible with Internet Explorer 7+ / Firefox / Google Chrome.

Please ensure you fully read the task at hand here. This project is urgent and requires a competent programmer to deliver. Please only place bids if your serious about doing the project.

Poker Engine W/ Dl In C++

Poker Engine W/ Dl In C++
Hello, we are a poker portal company running a licensed version of a poker game that is no longer supported by the vendor. We need a new game and we want to develop and maintain the code ourselves. If you have source code for a poker engine that you yourself have developed, a client server platform on LINUX with a download client written in C++ we are interested. Vendors will only be considered IF THE CODE IS ALREADY written and is demonstrable with a login and a passwd to test.

We do not want C#, or java platform. Must be C/C++.

Thank you.

Online Class Registration

Online Class Registration

We are looking for a full web-based class registration / management system.

We run various events throughout the year each with their own schedule of classes.

User Functionality required:

*Registrant must be able to login for a specific event and sign-up for the various classes on offer in a diary / calendar style format:
e.g. Monday 9 am – 10 am … Maths or History or Science
10 am – 11 am … Rugby or Ballet or Music

*Registrant would be able to click on a specific class and call-up a description of that class and elect to sign up for it.

*Registrant could thus select Maths class, followed by Music class and so on.

*Each class has a set number of spaces available. Once a class is full – potential registrants must join a waiting list for that class / or select an 2nd choice alternative class that is available.

*Registrant must be able to print off their class schedule & have it automatically emailed to them ( all emails sent by the system must be customisable by the adminstrator )

*Registrant must be able to login and change their schedule at any time. If they leave a class – their space must become available to next person on the waiting list ( if a waiting list is in place ) or become available for general registration again.

Admin Functionality required:

*Admin must be able to create multiple events – each event has its own class schedule

*In setting up an event – administrator would add each specific class to that event’s schedule: Class name / Class description / Class date / Class time / Class venue / No of spaces available

*Administrator must have full flexibility in changing date / time of any class and carrying forward this change to each registrants individual schedule ( automatically notifying the registrant of any change to their schedule by email )

*Adminstrator must be able to reassign a person from one class to another and manage waiting lists

*Administrator must be able to mass email all registrants with their individual schedules


*Adminstrator would be able to generate class lists for all the classes as well as generate all individual schedules for the registrants for printing purposes

We are technology neutral – but need a heavy focus on realiability of the system ( upto 5 000 registrants using the system ) and need a very slick professional design GUI – this is paramount. The system must not only work 100% – it must look & feel good!

System would need to be fully installed by the developer ( we would supply relevant web hosting once platform had been decided upon ) and post-installation support would be required.

Any questions – ask

Web Developer For Fixes

Web Developer For Fixes

I need someone to work on many small items and bug fixes if need to be. I need someone reliable, I want to built a long term relationship. My goal is to provide any work to the same person. I do not like having different people working on the site. It can get very messy. I’m technical person, so be aware that I will be able to judge the quality of your work or either unneccesary work done. If you have a problem with this… do not apply.. also I’m a woman..
I do not want to deal with machos types…

Please do not apply for this job if I can not rely on you because you have too much work.

I want a programmer not a designer, PHP, MySQL, javascript and OScommerce
is a must.

Please take a look at the site before you commit..

This is not a full time job but I need someone who can take care
Adding links
Removing links
Adding Users rights
Adding phone
integrating credit card module
Changing Global Parameters
Adding funcionality… not sure now

Drupal Module Help (cck)

Drupal Module Help (cck)
I’m building a new Web site using Drupal 6.15. I am just learning the CMS, but so far it’s very straightforward.

However, I need the added functionality from the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module. The read me file instructs one to copy all of the files in a new cck directory within the sites/all/modules directory. I did.

Then it says to login, go to the Admin area and enable the cck modules. I can see them all just fine, and I enabled the Content Module and associated Field Type Modules.

But when I tried to save/update, I got this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function content_field_instance_read() in /home/content/c/r/y/mysite/html/modules/cck/content.module on line 1476

I need to get this troubleshooted asap. While this is likely a quick and easy project for a Drupal specialist, it could be the start of ongoing work from me around Drupal development.

Fix Joomla License Error I G 2

Fix Joomla License Error I G 2
One of my client’s websites that’s on a very custom high end Joomla platform and hosted by is NOT allowing anyone to edit or get accesss to the 98 web pages thru Joomla’s front end as of last 24 hours for some retarded reason.

I’m sure it’s some 20 minute fix from someone.

We can logon/off Joomla website fine, all web pages are online no problem there, I can get to any page no problem, but once I click on the upper right hand corner edit page icon for Joomla I get this error message on EVERY page on the website and won’t allow me to edit pages now.

Gray window pops up labeled “Message from Webpage”
Yellow triangle with exclamation point graphic that says next to it “License Error: (4) license expired! (see screenshot of this exact error message)

Makes no sense since it’s been running perfect for almost 2 1/2 months straight with zero problems and never seen any error messages.

Contacted two engineers from hosting company here is what they told me. “Your permissions are probably the cause of this:
they should be: folders = 755, and files = 644.”

“This is not a server issue. Your getting a license error probably
because your using a non standard plugin for editing. Make sure
that your using the Tiny MCE module for editing and check that
you don’t have any third party or custom editing modules installed
that may require a license.”

I have my client very high in SERPS and Alexa top 425K in the world. So I need someone that is a Joomla guru and can tell me BEFORE I give you bid what this issue is and how exactly they will fix it quick. I don’t touch anything programming/coding wise. I just want to make damn sure your not like every 3rd world country idiot that blindly bids on projects they have no idea how to do.



Also you must have Yahoo chat and Skype.

Shopping Dot Com Api Expert

Shopping Dot Com Api Expert

Please note this project is only for programmers that have had experience with the api


We are trying to return all products within a category.

we are using$key&trackingId=$tracking&categoryId=$catid&showProductOffers=true&showProductSpecs=true&numItems=100&pageNumber=$page’;

Can you please help us with the following?

1. Can we get all the pages or will they go back to page 1 part way through as the docs say
2. We keep encountering the following every so often Error => ‘ Search Engine currently unavailable. Please try again later. If this problem persists, please contact your representative.’
3. Paging keeps reverting back to 5
4. Are price comparisons just “offers”
5. Where can we get product ids? (Can only see offer ids in the structure returned)

Please bid if you know how to help us.