Seo Writer To Write Articles

Seo Writer To Write Articles
We are looking for a SEO writer to write 2 optimized articles for our website. The titles for the those articles will be give and a list of keywords provided. There should be 2 keywords chosen from the list. Density of the keywords should be 2% (the first one) and 1% (the second one).

I will teach the write how to upload those article to our website. The writer will be able to put his name below the article. After successful completion of the 2 articles, I would like the write to write for us on regular basis to start with 1 article a week. The write will be looking for interesting subjects for our industry on his/her own and uploading the articles to the website.

I would like to start this project immediately.

I Need 30 Article Re-written 2

I Need 30 Article Re-written 2
I have 30 articles that need to be re-written. Niches are: male enhancement, weight loss, skin care. So I need someone who has already written articles on this subject and who is familiar with those topics. NO BEGINNERS!

New articles should be 400 words each (if the article is longer, just make new one 400 words). New articles should be at least 40% more unique than originals and they must pass Copyscape.

You will:

* have excellent English language skills and you won’t make grammatical and spelling mistakes

* Work slowly, but quality. I don’t want speed, I want excellent quality!

* Keep the titles of original articles (do not change titles of articles)

* Show me a sample of your previous work (from above mentioned niches) if you want me to consider you for this project

I will personally read each article and make sure it is unique. If you are good and I am satisfied, then most probably I will need you for some future work as well.

I will own copyright to these articles. These articles may not be sold, traded, distributed or used elsewhere.

Again, this is a “re-write articles” type of job.

Payment Escrow only.

If you want me to consider your bid, then you must start your reply with “I read your post”.

Graphics Designer ( Adult) 2

Graphics Designer ( Adult) 2
I need someone to do a bunch of gallery pages. I need top notch graphics designer. No amateur looking stuff in your portfolio.

I provide the photos but you do the design of the pages. I do not need one page done, but many so you should bid accordingly. PM me first so you can see what kind of gallery page it is.
All Silly Outrageous bids will be deleted. PM first before bidding.

Small Website For Concrete Tan

Small Website For Concrete Tan
Title: Small Website for Concrete Tanks Business
Budget: $550-$800
Listing time: To be awarded 10 Feb
Total project length: Must be live by February 28 Feb (18 days of being awarded)

The business
Our client is a medium sized concrete tank builder who provides water storage solutions for both domestic and industrial customers in Australia.

The project
We require a small website with a generally low amount of text content but with high quality graphic design. The site must be appealing and engaging to commercial visitors (builders and construction companies for industrial projects) as well as retail visitors (purchasers of domestic rainwater tanks).

The site will consist of 5 main pages + 3 sub pages.

We also require a one page PDF designed (in Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign) from a word document for download from the site.

The design
The successful bidder will create at least alternate three styles of the template (supplied as jpg or pdf) using the Home Page content. We will provide feedback, and from this you will develop a final design which you will use to create the site.

The design will:
– be stylish and corporate with an engineering orientation
– including a ‘slide show’ image header on all main pages (except Tell-a-Friend page)

– have obvious, attractive, horizontal navigation
– appeal to domestic and industrial customers
– complement the business logo
– minimise the requirement for scrolling to see content

Structure and Content of the site

Main Pages
Home Page
Rural and Residential
Industrial Tanks
Contact Us

Contact Us Success
e-Newsletter sign-up Success
Tell-a-friend Success

Home page will have 3 paragraphs of text, a banner image and four small images
Rural and Residential will have a small amount of text and 2 or 3 images
Industrial Tanks will have a some text and 3 or 4 images
Contact Us will have a contact form, contact details and map
Tell-a-Friend will have a small amount of text, a sign-up box and 1 image

The Contact Us Success, e-Newsletter Success and Tell-a-friend Success will be a few lines of text only + 1 image

The site will be written in:
• Clean HTML / XHMTL & CSS;
• Adhere to current W3C Standard;
• a CSS based (table-less) design.

Search Engine Optimization

Page ranking is important so you will be able to understand implement on-page SEO. SEO content (keywords) and tactics will be provided by us.

All content, including page titles, page copy and images will be supplied by us.

Provider Skills/Requirements

You will be able to demonstrate:

• contemporary and creative web design skills and experience with designing for service business websites;

• experience with coding for responsive (web 2.0) navigation, on-page SEO and page structures that can be easily edited and updated;

• good communication skills; and
• fast response to feedback and an ability to ALWAYS meet deadlines.

Flash Or Shockwave Expert Game

Flash Or Shockwave Expert Game
You will have to integrate a game that you will build into abledating script.

How the system work:
When opening the game. the user can create her own map for the game.
You need tu build a map generator for a game like lolo adventure 3 and bycle cubicle.

When user create a new map, this map is send to ther friends and they can now try the map.

In resumate, you create a map editor and user can try her level after and send it to their friends.Be sure to check these game for understand the projet before bid.

You will need tu buid the entire flash system and you will receive paid on each part of the work. Like this you dont have to wait the end of projet for receive money an we dont have to wait one month to see if nothing as been done.

Php Programmation

Php Programmation
Hi, Im myself an experimented programmer and owner of a canadian business. Curently my team work on abledating modification projet.
But we facing what we call “spagetty code” on profile page.
We need somebody to fix indentation on the page and finish it.
Profile page include information on user , picture, friends list and some other things like this. You will need to fix a bug of how page search page call profile page.

French is hour first langage that why we made some error when writing.

For this projet you must be a really experimented programmer and be able to play with real comlex script. Please check zip file for get exemple of the complexity of the code.

Please understand that this projet is serious and dont bid if you dont planing to do this projet in a reasonable time. We have some deadline and any job not start after one week will be canceled. This projet can be finish inside 3 days by a experimented programmer. One day to install the script and take it relax. One day to analyze and try to understand it. And one day to fix it.


Hello Al,
I have a php coded and design done as well.
What I need.
1.Perfection of the design in about 3-4 browsers there will be about 10 pages at the max.

2.I want high level of perfection and I want the job to be done by today only.

3.Watever is your agreed amount will be escrowed to your account and wil be released after my project manager agrees it and THIS SHOULD BE DONE TODAY ONLY NO EXCUSES!!!

4.There will be lots of work if you are able to do it perfectly becoz while working you will understand that this site has many pages.

5.My project manager will take over once I m done with escrowing the funds so u need to be in constant IM with him and get this done today only.
6.If you have read this throuly put a S in your bid.


Image Scraping 2

Image Scraping 2
This job is for anyone familiar with image scraping or harvesting. The images are for temporary purposes and not long term or for profit. the images required are head shots of people of ages 18 and up. Sample image attached. If you can harvest/scrape +50k photos in less than 5 days, you may apply for this job. price is negotiable. serious bidders only.

Php Ideal Multisafepay Gateway

Php Ideal Multisafepay Gateway
hi. i need a from for iDeal Payment gateway. when payment complete then need to save mysql database user basic information and payment history

API able LINK:

I need to done in my testversions server

and if you show me a expamle in you server then i have no problem to make Escrow for you


Create Online Card Game (flex)

Create Online Card Game (flex)
hii , i like to create card game.

I have most of the codes work (action script files) , (flex file) , (File to explain how the play).

all i need is a Power Programmer to do it.

here is the urls

codes >

how to play >


Oscommerce Datafeed Upload

Oscommerce Datafeed Upload
1. update product inventory using XML file / add custom descriptions to about 700 items (most of the items are already uploaded you just have to remove out of stock items and update new items)
2. ad header text here and there
3. Removing some text links and adding some
4. ad text to some pages
5. change header picture
6. removing all existing items


The Raw Report

The Raw Report
We have a lot of video content, we want the sight to be video content driven. We also want users to be able to upload content. I’ve attached a few example websites of some competitors. The video clips need to load quickly and fast, maybe just linked from other posted locations, i.e, Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube etc. Functionality is a must, there will be five main sections: User Uploaded Content Section, Raw Report Network Content Section, Raw Report Original Content Section, Raw Report News Section and Mixtape Download Section. Example Sites:,, and