Students Online

Students Online
just thoroughly study my space to make my new site (not a clone in any case).The site is to be used by students of schools and colleges of india hence forums are to be designed school/collegewise, citywise /universitwise…there should be provision for an owner of each forum , who is going to be atleast a lecturer with any university and then n number of students can join each forum hence login to defined as “student” and professor/lecturer/expert…

A format also to be prepared to help the students to answer mock test papers ,they should be able to get the correct answers as soon as they submit their answers and offcourse in the last they should be able to know their respective scores,which can be saved ,if anybody wants to.

Articles 20 For Now

Articles 20 For Now
I need gardening articles. As long is the topic is on gardening that is good. For now I need 20 articles. These articles should be done by someone who has a grasp on the English language. They need to be ready for me to use without having to make a lot of changes. Upon receipt of the articles you will be paid. However I have total ownership of the articles and the only right to publish them.

Small Modifications In Websi 2

Small Modifications In Websi 2
i need small modifications in my static website and in its flash banner and need new logo i will give you the screen shot of the logo.
my URL is
you must have knowledge of flash and HTML/PHP before bid.

i will give the source code of website to the bid winner.

please read attachment for all details.
regards !

Band Web Site

Band Web Site
I need work done to my band’s existing website so that it operates like the website for radio station krth 101 in Los Angeles. I need video (updated occasionally) and audio. It’s a dreamweaver based site and is currently being transferred to godaddy.
I have some very specific ideas as to how it should look and can provide you with sketches of each page. However, I do encourage any feedback or useful suggestions.

Small Grocer Shoppee

Small Grocer Shoppee

You are required to prepare a simple website which shall work as local grosser store. somewhat like yourgro cer (dot) com (not a clone)….The name of this site is given only to help you out to understand the concept, Else everything has to be different since i don’t like the given site as far as format and appearance is concerned ….

A dummy cart has to be there to facilitate the customer to have an idea of the amount he needs to pay in cash, actual cart is not required since the site will not accept the payments in any mode….the only mode is going to be the cash payment on delivery …But yes, you need to put A link between the order form and the bill generation by the cashier..

Only registered users shall be allowed to buy and while registering we shall capture name, address, tel no, mobile no and business address too….. Point of delivery colomn to be added i order form(in case the customer which the delivery to an address different from the registered one).

I want you to complete this in a days time…


Classifieds Ads Website

Classifieds Ads Website
I need a professional classifieds ads portal for multi country use, preferably with IP detection Technology for country identification with single domain designed for specialist industry with Built in payment gateway for free and paid advertising, The site must be designed with SEO friendly URLs for top rankings in major search engines, Powerful and robust admin system and also must be bug free and guaranteed.

1.Classifieds advertising.
2.Post ads in multiple cities and in multiple categories.
3.Business directory.
5.Jobs area
6.Events listing with calendar.
7.Rss feed
8.Banners management system for advertising worldwide by country and states.
9.Built in payment gateway.
10.Multi country use with IP detection Technology for country identification.
11.Seo friendly URLS
12.CMS must be Simple and easy to use.
13.Open source.
14.Preferably JAVA, PHP, MYSQL.
15.W3c validated.
16.Data entry for countries, states, cities and terms and conditions must be included in the price.
17.Installation to my host must be included in the price.
18.Google adsense integration to ads area

I would like something like Reference sites below:

The site must be open source with crispier professional look, I will need full design done with heavy graphics designed with bright colours, I want a very up market crisp look that will appeal to all the advertisers who are typically buying and selling specialist items, It needs to be very simple and easy to use, also must be easily search able by major search engines and a fast loading site.

Please don’t ask me to visit your company profile or portfolio, just provide me links to 2 or 3 classifieds websites that you have developed and proven successful, you need to give me the user ID and password of the front and back ends of the website to prove those are developed by you.

I know some of you may already have the scripts ready, Please post fully functional demo, If you don’t have a demo please don’t bid your bid will be deleted.

If you have any doubt in producing the site PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A BID, as I don’t wish to waste your time or mine.

Communication is the key so regular update is a must, Selected Bidder must be able to provide me with DAILY updates as well as links to previews / designs every step along the way.

Bidders cannot list their company links on the completed website and All open Source code and copyrights license must be included in the bid price.

Only bid if you agree with payment terms. No upfront payment will be made escrow only our payment terms as follow:

Payment Terms for designers with good feedback:

No upfront payment will be made.
All payment will be made via escrow only and any fees involved will be your responsibility.

I am fed up of time wasters, only bid if you are willing to show me a demo.

After the completion of the development and launch of this site, I will immediately give the winning developer first refusal for other project I have waiting a real estate site and also regular maintenance and major upgrades for this project, please mention “SNOW” in your first PM to prove that you have read the whole description and terms.

Please provide me a complete proposal and Happy Bidding!

I am fed up of time wasters who can’t read and speak English, only bid if you are willing to show me a demo, and don’t bid stupid prices.

Please bid sensibly!

Prestashop Adjustments

Prestashop Adjustments
We need a qualified programmer to modify some items in PrestaShop script.

What needs to be done:

We need a slight modification to the shopping process.

For example, visit, or any other category demo page on their website.

This is a demo page for the product, it has “Add to cart” button for every product.

We need it to look like this: (remove 2 dots after www and before com)

Basically we need to add a quantity field next to the product so the user can type in needed quantity without having to go to the product details. The rest stays the same.

We need to have this option only for certain categories of products. So when admin creates a category or subcategory there should be option to list products in standard way or in new way that you created.

After the modification will be done you will need to provide us with the location of new/modified code within the files or new added files. All copyright to this to this modification must belong to us you cannot sell it to other users.

If you have questions about description feel free to PM me.

Serious programmers only.

Magento Theme Configuration

Magento Theme Configuration
Magento Theme Configuration

Good afternoon,

Need help to configurate a Magento Theme?

It’s should be very easy and not take too much time.

I want the default blue theme to look like any of these:


Ergonomic Site Clone

Ergonomic Site Clone
We are looking for a site clone of an ergonomic website, (not exact but

the same idea), with a back end allowing easy customization of menus and products. It will include a

database obviously, PHP / Ajax preferred. The purchasing process is manual, so basically the owner gets

send the information and they process the credit card info / etc.

Clone A Manga Site (exactly)

Clone A Manga Site (exactly)
We are looking for an experienced PHP programmer to assist us in cloning a complete website. Including Layout everything.

Your involvement will be to completly copy the whole system of including ADMIN backend

– Images will be hosted on external server.
– Whole script needs to be fine cached (for best performance and low load)

We require someone who is able to: – deliver professional quality, – program in a way which is understandable by others, – understand the larger scope of things, – work in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in joining us for this long term project, please respond by specifying why you think you are capable of doing this and indicating your experience in projects like this. If you have any experience in this area, please indicate so. Replies like “Yes, I can do this.” is not what we expect….

MSN Messenger is also needed to communicate. Other communication methodes are not available.

Api In Payment Processor 2

Api In Payment Processor 2
We need an expert in Php, Xml, mysql and HASH (Sha256) for verification purposes.

Like you know, the payment processors need an API to transfer money/get balance/get transation history without logging: Imagine that you have a forex site and you want to send money to your users (The earnings of your customers) with the payment processor. You have to integrate the API in your website. The customer will request the payout pressing the button and you the system will send the money automatically without logging in the Payment Processor account.
You can do the same to know the balance, or the transaction history.

The payment processor have this way, with the current API. But we need THE SAME THINGS of Liberty Reserve API for a new API 2.0. They have sha256 (hash security) to prevent spoofing attacks and to return the correct data to customer side. We need a new API located at /api/api.php with the same features of Liberty Reserve (xml) in the payment processor side and Customer side (example in php to make payments):

We need same 100%, same variable names, same way, same variables…of this link.

We need the same way 100% so you will need to create a section inside the payment process account to generate the api key, the secret word or any of these features like Liberty Reserve has:

This might be the beginning of a business relationship because we need another API to Transfer Money when we finish this project. Our customer always wants new features and we will have more project for the winner.

Important: We will give you the files involved in the API process so you will not have access to ALL website platform. You will have to install these files in your machine because we will NOT give you FTP access to our environment.

Please send us through PM your past experience in this market. It will be helpful because we would like to hire people with experience in API development.

Payment through ESCROW with Scriptlance.

Thank you.

Ecommerce Developer Req

Ecommerce Developer Req
Hi Guys,

This is REX, and I need a website, which would be more likely a web-platform. In my website i want features like ::

1. Any one who registers with my website will be able to list items on my webpage.

2. There would be a login form and registration can be done via verification of email. id.

3. I would have the access to the database and would be able to make changes I:E I can either deletd a user’s account or can restrict some features .

4. The person the list the product instantly on the page and It would generate a unique item number for the same.

5. Payment tie up is with paypal so there would be tabs for payment via paypal.

For reference , I need exactly a page which looks like this::

Hi All,

I own the website that I purchased from php probid and the same needs to be re-designed and developed as per the PRD mentioned in the URL.And it must work independently . The escrow payment mentoh would be used in the web-developement.

Let me know the project cost.


Easy Rental Site

Easy Rental Site

I need to build a website that will be used for listing apartments, vacation rentals, timeshare, Guest House, Furnished Apartments, Rooms and Hotels/Inn..I want you to prepare a site just like homeaway(dot)com(Note: not a clone in any case)… This Just go through the site thoroughly since we want you to get a feel of the site, and also for functionality. We need a map like haway on our site so that visitors can click particular state and then the cities will be displayed in that state with individual property listing. Since it’s going to be in Indian context, MAP of India should only be used.

Owners need to be able to post properties for rental including a description of the property, select the property category, and upload pictures for viewing

Hack/spam proof site and contact forms.
Perfect navigation – back and forth, refine searches, popular searches
Rental calendar (user friendly)
additional persons, other fees, etc
Google maps
Powerful CMS admin with perfect search functions
SE friendly URLs.
Dynamic titles, description, keywords is a MUST
Valid and SEO FRIENDLY coding
Dynamic sitemap for google and yahoo
Integrated html pages
Banner manager for advertising
Internal site stats per apartment like impressions, clicks etc …..

Please adv relevant URLs (if possible with demo admin) of your work. Irrelevant portfolios will be ignored immediately.

Payment will be done via escrow only and in 2 milestones.
1- Design, UI & CSS/XHTML ,Modules – Database Design , Beta Site
2 – Final Website

Note- release will only be done when site is finished, tested & bug fixed and working on my server and not before. Before actual coding, i will need to approve the design and layout first.
So that will include Home Page, Product Page, Product List Page, and other pages. Upon winning bid, i will give the sites that i like for some ideas. Upon completion i will do my best to give you a Glowing review.

The budget is strictly $75…Happy bidding.

Bidrivals/swoopo Like Site

Bidrivals/swoopo Like Site
I would like a website functionality wise exactly like swoopo/bidrivals/madbid

main requirements for this project are

I should be able to use my own template and edit every aspect of the website if and when required.

admin users with different level of access(i.e. full,view only) – the full admin should be able to define what can be viewed and accessed by limited admins

users should be able to use a promo code to get certain number of free bids(can be used only once by each user,admin should have ability to activate/deactivate promo code)

Also these 3 auctions type’s are required

penny auction with bidbutler
penny auction without bidbutler
fixed priced auctions(i.e. the winner only pays to bid and not the final price)

half payment will be made after testing is successfully completed on your server,the remaining half will be paid after the script is successfully tested on my server.

If this project is done successfully,I will need your service’s again in the future for further enhancements to the site,so this project can be a start of a long term business relationship.