Writers For Bulk Articles

Writers For Bulk Articles
We are looking for a high quality English writers, must have flawless grammar, punctuation and spelling.

We need hundreds of unique articles each month for a long-term ongoing project.

For topics, we provide you titles and keywords. The original articles are from 300 to 400 words, articles are broken into 3 parts (Introduction, development and conclusion). We pay every 50 articles.

Here are the requirements.

-Must be 100% original, 100% manually written and not rewritten. We can easily see the difference between a manually written article and a rewritten software article. All sentences must be completely original. Changing just the words will be unacceptable. The sentences and paragraph must make sense. In order to achieve, these articles must be written from scratch after doing some research for other articles with same topic, (any copy/paste articles or copied articles will be refuse).

We check via (Plagerism, Article Checker and Copyscape) software.

-The articles include various topics include medical, pets, auto, home garden, laws, construction, real estate, child care, parenting, wedding and more. Please make sure you are able to write articles in all these fields.

-Articles need to be 300 words minimum, including title. The keywords provided need to be used in a logical, conversational manner throughout the articles with Fluent English and correct grammar.

The article must be concise and must exhibit a coherent theme. Articles must be written with a logical flow from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.

For each article you must check for grammar, punctuation and spelling.

– Give article an eye catching new title.

– Submitted articles from our website.

-I will give you 2 articles to Topic as test when you bid.

– The first 10 articles MUST be submitted in 2 days for quality checking.

– Deadline: 20 days per 100 articles. Sooner better.

– You agree that upon payment, all rights to the written articles are transferred to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any manner, both online and offline. and forfeit all copyrights.

Since this is a long-term project we need to get your most competitive bid.

Please place your bid for 100 articles.

Please bid only if you can fulfill the requirement at the above-mentioned rate and within the deadline mentioned. You can PM me your detailed proposal.

Thank You and Good Luck

E-newsletter Template Develop

E-newsletter Template Develop
We want to replicate a newsletter similar to our sister organization. We need a template that we can keep up internally for monthly distribution via e-mail.

Quote on the site – http://www.enewsbuilder.net/lantma/

Our need is immediate
Training for us to keep up the newsletter creation is critical
I am flexible in the design – the enclosed is a good idea of what we want.

New Website Needed For Webhost

New Website Needed For Webhost

I’m starting a brand new webhosting business and need a website created, consisting of just 2 pages initially – the first being the home page, the second being a generic page I can re-use for subsections of the website, such as FAQ, terms and conditions, About Us section etc etc.

I would like the website to have the following features:

– Not cluttered, heavy website. Needs to be quick loading.
– Control Panel login section
– Emphasis on the fact it is free hosting, but nothing over the top like “best hosting ever, greatest hosting in the world” etc. Dont want it to look like an infomercial.
– Sections to register a new domain, to sign up for free hosting, and to sign up to paid hosting (which has some extra benefits)
– Not to corporate looking. Dont want a bloke in a suit holding a briefcase staring back at me.
– Must be professional looking – not a cartoony feel.
– Should be light coloured… not dark and grey

Potentially a cross between the following websites:

Unfortunately I’m about as creative as a concrete slab so thats the best way how I can describe what I want it to look and feel like.

However prepared to pay for the **awesomeness** factor, which would be like having a hot blonde chick working as a receptionist for a large company. First impression has to be good.

The website URL will be freehostingcloud.com, which I guess would double as the business name!

This doesn’t have to be 100% unique either. Just has to look great.

Would be great if the website is coded, although just the graphics would be fine if the layout/design is awesome.

There are some pretty good ready-made templates out there for less than $100 or so, although none of them have really jumped out at me. I’m looking for that elusive something that will catch my eye. So any links to previous work / portfolios would be great 🙂

Design A Flyer / Email Ad

Design A Flyer / Email Ad
Design a beautiful email ad (sales flyer) for email purposes.
We will provide the pictures, and information. All you have to do is design the flyer and make it email ready.

Please provide 2 or 3 layouts and I will select the best one. Majority of ad should appear when the user opens the email.

The email ad must be professional looking, impressive and effective.
Great Layout and Great design is important.

This flyer will be sent to our customers.
We are a candle company and we are having a sale on certain products. Most of our customers (florists) use our products for flowers, weddings and events. The purpose of this flyer is to attract them to our products and get them to notice the beauty and uniqueness of our product. Sample pictures are attached to this project.

Please include a link to your portfolio.

Search Engine

Search Engine
I need a clone of the site beemp3.com with some changes. The site has to be 100% SEO, title, description, keywords and link, the name of the artist and song + some word i will add after. PHP code + design. Please analyse well the site beemp3.com before giving a bid here. design is not an issue at all as i m gona do that myself later, but functionality should be exactly same with very feature.
Their search engine works based on a crawler that adds daily about 10.000 songs. I need more or less so i can setup the number of the songs per day maximum/minimum.
Embed for the search box, so i can use it on many sites. I want no follow for any link that goes out from the site. I need it to resist at over 1 milllion mp3s and to have no problem with SQL at a high number of visits.
So this is the project, we can discuss more after we agree to start the work.
(please dont bid if you are not 100% sure you can do it)

Demo : beemp3.com or abmp3.com

Captcha For Joomla Virtuemart

Captcha For Joomla Virtuemart
Need a Captcha component for Joomla & Virtuemart V 1.0.15. ( registration page )
I am sick of the spammers, so please help me to stop the spam for good.
you must provide a test site for this script.
Only want something with 3 numbers, not too long, because it would turn the customers off
I only want to buy the script not installation etc.
Thank you

Super Simple Video Uploader

Super Simple Video Uploader
I am looking to have someone share or create a very simple video upload section on my site. It should convert the video to flv, use FFMPEG or Mencoder to make a thumbnail of the video, and store the filename of the video, and video thumbnail image, in my database for inclusion in other areas of my site.

The database table should be something simple like:

Name : `Videos`
Columns: `id`, `file_name`, `thumb_file_name`

`id` (int 10 – auto_increment)
`file_name` – will be the permanent .flv file of the converted video.
`thumb_file_name` – will be the .jpg file name of the thumbnail created.

The code should be very simple and short since not much is being done. I will be slightly modifying the code. You don’t need access to my server, please simply supply a PHP file and database structure that I can more or less plug in to my site myself. In other words I can change the database connection file, change the location of where FFMPEG is referenced, and create necessary folders with correct permissions. I just need a really simple script video upload script to convert all movies to FLV (I imagine thats the best method?) and store things like the file name so I can reference the video’s elsewhere on my site (such as in a video gallery).

This should not take very long at all.
Not much is being done.
Please adjust your bids accordingly.
I always leave positive feedback!

Adult Website

Adult Website
im looking for apretty much an exact clone of http://youporn.com except inbstead of the content they have the programmer i choose can use any content they want from a selction i already have, some of which can be seen at http://gnpwebsites.com/demo/

BNasically i want my site at v to be more like http://youporn.com

Property Partner Extranet

Property Partner Extranet
A Full spec will be given to 3 x shortlisted bidders.

Project Requirement
My client require a partner extranet to manage their property partners. The company sells properties (from vendors [resort developers])

High Level User requirements
1. Content Management System (CMS) section (front page, t&c, )
2. Search – Map facility
3. Partner management
4. Lead Management
5. Vendor Management
6. Stock Management
7. Sales in Progress
8. Commission section
9. Report Wizard
10. Campaign Management
11. Upload to portals
12. Tags (multi level tagging)
13. Groupings of list (ie group certain leads/partners/vendors for later reloading etc)

Linking with PORTAL
1. The company have a portal (work in progress by another team)
2. The idea is that the property information in th extranet must automatially display in the portal as well.
3. This is a lower priorty and phase 2 but needs to be considered.

1. COMPANIES (NOT individual bidders) well experienced in developing extranets, crm and/or property portals – you MUST have a portfolio to showcase with DEMO details – CRITICAL!!!!!!
2. No payment upfront will be allowed, monthly payments will be made on progress
3. dedicated programmers that can manage a tight deadline
4. Proper testers – unit, stress, regression etc
5. Professional web designers – specially UI


Joomla/virtuemart Tabless Temp

Joomla/virtuemart Tabless Temp
Looking for Joomla 1.5/Virtuemart Tabless Template (clean coded and error free) from current website design.

Should appear the same in all browsers
Should be optimized for fast loading (you can check http://websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/)
Should be fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional (http://validator.w3.org)

Only serious bidders who are experienced who are customer oriented and available to complete this project in a timely and professional manner.

Must have portfolio of similar jobs completed and Must MAster the English Language.


Oscommerce Websie Edit

Oscommerce Websie Edit
if you view cheapjordans23.com on ie you will see gif image for some reason looks strange and bg is displaying in off color i need i fixed.

“this product was added to our site” on such and such date i want removed from all products. i do now want date added o site to appear

in shopping cart after customer click checkout i want it to go to create_account.php instead of login.php

on create_account.php page i need following done
– remove fax number field
-remove newsletter question and automatically let all people joining to be added to newsletter
-remove suburb field

checkout_shipping.php i want “best way” text to be edited to “3-5 day shipping”

checkout_payment.php following text i wan edited from CREDIT CARD (gspay) to CREDIT CARD (Visa & Mastercard)

finally i need quires in my code o run faster. i feel on main page somehing is occurring to make google analytic to say my page ake 25 plus seconds for main page o load… my images are made in thumbs alrrady so figure out a new tactic i guess?

looking for programmer with experience and reviews who can do my project without any time delays. mos of requests are very small edits on site i can do myself but i need i done.. i am overbooked with work and willing to pay 50 usd max and i have new projects weekly…


Move Site To WordPress1

Move Site To WordPress1
Convert small existing website to wordpress via new layout (attached, all image files done, will be provided). Move all text, registration forms for lawyers and advertisers, database, search/advanced search capability for attorneys and paypal payment integration for registered clients.

This is a small and immediate task, to finish the job of another developer. 2-3 day turnaround time required.