Programming Project 1265929224

Programming Project 1265929224
I want a set of banners with different sizes:

* Carré (250 x 250)

* Petit carré (200 x 200)

* Bannière (468 x 60)

* Leaderboard (728 x 90)

* Rectangle intégré (300 x 250)

* Grand rectangle (336 x 280)

* Skyscraper (120 x 600)

* Skyscraper large (160 x 600)

The banner I want to contain:

– an image of my productm you can choose from:

And the text:

Invata engleza in doar 8 saptamani! (red title)

Pachet Complet de Engleza La doar 139 RON
7 CD-uri Engleza + Ghid + DVD+Cadou

Profita de Oferta si Comanda Acum ! etc… (this line represent call to action, should be very visible in the banner)

The design shoud be clear, and should get clicks, so you can
insert a yellow button and write on it “Click aici”, which means
Click here

Designul..este la la latitudinea ta, ideea este sa fie lizibil, eligibil si atractiv !

O zi placuta iti doresc !

Corporate Identity Incl. Web 2

Corporate Identity Incl. Web 2
We are selling handicraft stuff via internetshop and local store and we need a new Corporate Identity Design.

That meens we need
-a new logo
-a new skin for our homepage (just graphics and color layout, no coding required)
-a new design for our invoicepaper (max 2 colors)
-full color design for letterpaper
-bussiness cards

Please just bit if you can do all parts of the job

Hostpay Template 2

Hostpay Template 2
I’m in the process of setting up a company to sell website domains and hosting. I will be using to do this. They offer a ecommerce system called hostpay to manage this and include various templates to base my site on.

I would like one of these templates to be altered so that it looks like unique to my site plus still have the ecommerce functions. All the functions and scripts are already built into the templates, I just need the look and feel to change.

I have all files, company graphics etc to give to the right person.

Please provide examples of work done.

This project will be no bigger than 20 webpages.

A Simple Clone

A Simple Clone

I want a similar Scripts directory website developed.

My site will have exactly same options as this site has.

Design will be changed however.Choosen programmer will show me design mockup.

PayPal will be integrated.

Admin will control everything.

All same functionalities like this site.

Budget: 150$ Max.

Need a Professional Programmer to do this.


Expressionengine Addon Dev.

Expressionengine Addon Dev.
Hi programmers,

i have that script migrated to mysql:

I´ve tried to implement it into Expression Engine but security of EE doesn´t allows me to make it go. I would need that complete script migrated to be an EE addon, module, extension, whatever works.

I´ve also tried to make the module my own, but I guess that goes out of my mind.


1. Everey voting needs to work with EE tags and inside Weblogs Entry Tag, like Expressionengine Addon Dev. to handle over the Title to be the voting_id.

2. The Admin interface needs to be working through EE´s CP aswell without loosing any provided function.

3. The addon for sure needs to use EE´s database classes, not those provided inside the script

Following link provides a simple module development tutorial:

I will provide as attachment some files of the script, what I think will be needfull to preview. The complete script will be provided uppon chosing the right programmer.
My budged is very low, hopefully there will be a way to do it 🙂


Facebook App Needed

Facebook App Needed
I need a facebook app called “Add me” or similar name.

required functionality is here :

who wants to be get new friends on facebook.

they need to be allowed our app.

then we have 4 step :

1 – add your name and email
2 – select country/language/age/gender (or we can get their data from their profile)
3 – select your category or add new one (mafiawars/farmville etc)
4 – invite your friends

we will store all data

and we send daily newsletter to people.(here is your daily friend list etc)

lowest bid will be selected!
thank you.

Template Design For Website

Template Design For Website
I currently own the website I am looking for someone to create an entire new template for the website.

I need it to look more professional. Look at these 3 websites

I need something created that looks that professional. I cant have you copy any of those sites but get ideas from them.

I would like for you to show me 3 designs before you create something and then i will choose 1 of the designs for you to create.

I will give you some idea’s along the way. You are just creating a new design and applying it to the website.

Login Page ( 3

Login Page ( 3
I need a working template login page

The page will require multiply backgrounds from a source folder
the backgrounds will be a specific size and the reset of the
background will be black to reduce glare and eye strain

There also shall be a designated location for the company logo

everytime a user goes to the link to log in – the php code
will randomly pick a background from the source folder

there will be a user name and password box working template
without database coding, this is simply a basic graphic job

the login page must adjust to each users interface per there browser
the login page must be able to work with ie7, ie8, firefox, safari, chrome and other popular web browsers

this job must have a working host to verify this template works

code desired is ajax, php, javascript, other code should be discussed before creating

there are example login pages attached to this project bid that i have found using google search, they are just examples, but I do enjoy the fedora login
most but not exact

Ad Posts For A Website

Ad Posts For A Website
We are looking for a writer to write 500 new ad posts for our website. These ads should resemble actual print ads complete with pictures. Project involves setting up member accounts and emails which will be signed over to us. 100% rights to the ad posts must be transferred to us.

Ads with poor grammar or spelling will not be considered. The content will need to be SEO friendly and target specific keywords for each category ad post. If the project is completed to a high standard, more work will be available in the future on a regular basis.

contact us for more information if needed.

Thank you.

Structue In Conceptdraw /visio

Structue In Conceptdraw /visio

I want to make a website structure visible in Concept Draw. (free trial version available for 30 days).

(it is possible to convert from Visio)

The website to make clear in Concept Draw (the webstructure) is

The structure you deliver has to be a basis for a other webpage.

This project ofcourse doesn’t held the building of the website !!

Need Template Work Done.

Need Template Work Done.
I am looking for some one that can do some template work for me.
What I am looking for is to change the look of my website

To look like front page or similar. I will want a new logo the same style as twitter.The colors can be some what different but I want to keep the same style.

My website is done with html and css.

Sample of previous work needs to be submitted at time of bid.