Product Descriptions (10)

Product Descriptions (10)
I need 10 product descriptions (500+ words) written on certain products for keywords. I will provide keywords and links for the products to be described. These product descriptions should not be very technical, but more geared to the everyday reader.

A product description would be something like this (this is an estimate):

Intro – 100 words – use keyword in first sentence
Review – 400 words – 3-5 product descriptions

The exact keyword should be used 3-5 times in the description.

Requirements are:

1. Written in smooth, understandable English. If I have to edit the articles, then it is a waste of money.
2. Written grammatically correct and with proper spelling.
3. At least 500 words.
4. 100% unique – free of plagiarism. I will verify each description before payment.

If you respond, include a sample of your writing either in the bid or through a link. I will be checking for smooth writing with correct grammar, spelling, and attention to detail.

Edit Porn Site Descriptions 9

Edit Porn Site Descriptions 9
I have 128 porn site descriptions (about 225 – 350 characters long) that need to be re-written and/or edited. They currently have too many repeated phrases. I need all the repetitive phrases re-written.

The final product needs to be in good english and readable. This project requires the use of mature language in your writing/editing.

I have provided an attachment below for you to see what this work will look like.

Once you get rolling, if you’re fast at typing, this should take you less than 90 minutes to complete.

I need this job done in 24 hours.

Payment via ScriptLance.

Replace Ad Code

Replace Ad Code
*** I am only looking for skilled PHP coders

I have two separate scripts that both serve ads, the variables passed
have different names. I am phasing out the old script that serves ads and want to use the new one. I have a few options on what to do but ideally I would like the current script to run and just redirect the
user to see ads to the new script and collect the needed variables. I
can also move over the new ad code to the server and we can make changes to expect new variables. Let me know

Quick Transfer To Vps –secure

Quick Transfer To Vps –secure
I have a joomla site. autoblogged mail service.

you must move it to VPS securely and also make it secure.

payment is $100. Payment after completion with a BONUS! Paypal payment or scriptlance payment AFTER COMPLETION!–not escrowing due to bad programmers, no matter how many reviews you have, then argue for money when they do nothing!



Need Swf Decompiled And Recomp

Need Swf Decompiled And Recomp
I need someone with incredible knowledge of Flash. I am currently running casinos that use Flash 9.0 and below without issue. The swf applets of the casino will not run automatically with Flash 10, without a popup requesting permission to run on Flash 10.

This is particularly annoying, so I need someone that can decompile all of the flash elements, fix the global security issues, and recompile them making them able to use the latest Flash version 10 without incident or popups. This bid will be for the fixing of TWO casinos (identical issues), namely Progressive Gold Casino,, and Ultimate Gold Casino,

I would like this done as soon and as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your bids. Clone Spanish Clone Spanish
I am looking for web2.0 type directory.

The directory would be based on but be solely for .mx sites.

The site would automatically populate areas from text from the site.

It would also provide a thumbnail image of the home page.

People will be able to rate a site.

Homepage will be different to, but similar to many directories requires scrolling “featured sites”. Top higest rated sites. 10 most recently added sites. Ten random sites.

Site will be set up with basic seo, utilising the same techniques used by

Price is key to this.

Please explain how this will be done.

Phpauction With Mlm Function

Phpauction With Mlm Function

i already own a phpauction like scipte, i want to modify before relunch this site again.

1) seller post item to sell need to create a rebate amount, and that amount will divide in 4 part 30% to buyer and 20% to his 2 upline. 30% to the web.

2) member should able to view detail
a) his downline detail
b) amount of his download already purchase
c) point or cash he will get

3) backend auto payout list, for example every rebate amount reach 100 will be set to payout.

biddle should understand very how mlm system work, as there is a lot of different job come after this.

thanks a lot!

Website Work

Website Work
We have a cent auction website. Some minor details need to get done. Please check the attached document for details.

The winning bidder will have to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” before starting the project, stating that he will not divulge the source code or anything regarding this project.

I will not place the escrow untill I see some work (well) done. Please give references of your work.

Database Development

Database Development
Hello all. I need someone to develop a database platform, either from scratch or modify an existing opensource platform to accomplish the desired tasks.

Pretty basic and straight forward.

1: visit the site.
2: signup – 3 levels of membership based on payment
3: welcome screen and forward to their dashboard.

The dashboard will consist of several areas that will feature different modules and applications based on their membership level, but “this” is not what is needed right now.

Maybe set it up so that the 1st membership level has 3 module options … 2nd would get 4 … 3rd would get 5. These will need to be flexible with the ability to further develop – but for this “phase” I just need the general framework established.

Also needs admin to manage members, membership prices, modules, etc.

See attached image for rough architecture.

Simple Php Mysql Retrieval

Simple Php Mysql Retrieval
I need a simple PHP script to retrieve, display and email the results of a search of the first field of a simple Mysql DB.

The results need to be sorted by the last data column.

The DB consists of 5 fields Name, NumberA, NumberB, NumberC and NumberD.

The script needs to accept search input from a HTML form box or a file designated in the script.

The file will contain search terms one per line. The HTML form box must also accept multiple keywords, one per line and the script will need to iterate through the list.

I created a PHP script that retrieves results from a form input but I’m unable to sort the results by the last column.

I’m attaching an image of a sample output from my script.


This project should be extremely simple for someone with experience. Willing bidder will be first in line for future work.
We need a graphic template made for a website. The design should be 700 pixels wide and the banner should be no more than 300 pixels deep. Additional photos, colors, and similar websites will be available to the winner.

Thank you,