Rank Monitor Tool

Rank Monitor Tool

I need to develop (php, mysql) a rank monitor tool, the tool need to do the following:

1.- I want to add a domain name and a list of keywords for each domain and save information to a DB

2.- Script will scrape top 100 results of Google, MSN and Yahoo and search for the domain name under the given keywords and save the rankings to a Database with the date of the scrape

3.- I need that the script support proxies

4.- Generate reports: I need to generate reports by domain or keyword from this period: Today, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days and 60 days

5.- I also need a section to view/edit the domain & keywords on the Database in case I want to modify the information

6.- Have a nice interface.

Please write “SuperBowl” on your answer to see if you read instructions.


Classifieds Site

Classifieds Site
I am looking for someone to develop a classified site– it has to be capable to be translated into Spanish.
The best solution I have found so far is from Esvon. I would be willing to purchase Esvon´s code and have the developer (you) optimize it in graphics and look and feel.
Essentially I am building a spanish classifieds site and am looking to compete by having a better designed product. My competitors uses Esvon and it works well, I just want to optimize it and make the look and feel superior.


New Registration Data Export

New Registration Data Export
We require a reliable programmer to complete the following tasks:

A client has an existing discussion forum (vBulletin) that runs on mySQL. The client wants to automatically and daily

• export new discussion forum registration data (email address) who agree to being emailed (via a checkbox on the registration form)
• export the data as a .csv file
• format the data so that it can be FTPed via an API (once we award the project, we’ll send you the FTP API documentation)

Thanks for bidding.

Newsletter Bug

Newsletter Bug
i have a software that generates newsletters code.

but they appear with problems at hot$mail, (you can see the faulty borders)


scriptlancemaxim #hot#mail.com
pass: maximaxim

(see the email)

this is a small glitch that needs to be investigate.

i’ll show the software that produces the problem if you are the choosen one so you should be a good programmer.


Wishlistmember Fixes/hack

Wishlistmember Fixes/hack
We are using WishListMember (WLM) to deliver content for multiple products through a wordpress based membership site. Its currently integrated with the Cydec Shopping Cart for order processing.

We have the main front end product and then 3 one-click upsells. Again, all content is delivered through WLM/Wordpress. When someone successfully orders the first product, WLM automatically sets them up with a username (their email address on order form) and a WLM generated password.

We are having a problem where, since our WLM is integrated with Cydec, and we are using the 1-click upsells, at the end of the order process customers currently *must* be taken to the Cydec customer center, which does not give the customer access to the WLM member area. WLM sends an email notice to the customer with their login URL, username and password. BUT… it sometimes takes 30 minutes, or some people never get their email at all for various reasons (junk filtering, etc.) despite us doing everything possible on the email server side of things. So customers are getting frustrated

We need to urgently fix this some way.

In order of preference, we ideally want to:

1) at the end of the order process, automatically log them into the WLM members area so they can get the products they paid for.
if that’s not possible…
2) hack WLM so we can have the final order confirmation page show the WLM members area URL, and their specific username & password so they can get the products they paid for.
if that’s not possible…
3) hack Cydec so in the cydec customer area it shows the WLM members area URL, and their specific username & password so they can get the products they paid for.
if that’s not possible…
4) the Cydec system also sets up the customer with a unique un/pw to access the Cydec customer center area. Another option would be to have WLM use the same un/pw as Cydec.

5) include the WLM members area URL, and their specific username & password in the email receipt they get through the Cydec system (users do seem to get those emails instantly). WLM un/pw could potentially be passed back to Cydec using custom fields.

Or some combination of these options:
1 & 5, 2 & 5, 3 & 5 or 4 & 5

We’re looking mostly for speed and competency to get a solution tested and implemented ASAP.

Of course, full URLs and admin access to all systems will be given to the selected programmer.

Joomla Audio Players

Joomla Audio Players
We have a new Joomla site and I would like to set up audio section
similar to this: http://allhiphop.com/media/music.aspx?app=multimedia__music

But we would like your suggestions. We would like for the audio player to be a pop up if possible or at least have the ability for users to make pop up. We would also like our Comments component to be integrated some how.

Please PM with your suggestions and ideas!

Catchy Phrases

Catchy Phrases
I need to come up with some exciting words for this intro:

That starts off as:

“Lawyer B00ster”

then i need to fill in the rest… we design top notch web design for lawyers, dentists, and stuff but I dont want that included, I just want something like…

IMpress your customers, look more professional, get started today! or something.. but I want it to go together and match the video..

Send in your script, if i like it, ill pay $10.

Interest Curve Description

Interest Curve Description
Need help. Short description covering the following.

1) Quantify the interest from a $1m term deposit for 93 days at 5.07% and the price of a $1m 88 day bank bill at 4.67%.
(Answer user an Excel spread sheet)
2) Provide description of yield curve and its use in financial markets.
3) Description of typical Sales / dealing experience with interest rate investment products
4) Explain economy and it’s relationship with interest rates
5) Explain experience dealing in bank bills, FRNs and bonds with institutions and corporations


logo needed. I don’t need any mockup’s or competition between providers as I always felt its unfair

I will pick someone that can do this job for 10-15 USD

After selection, I need 3 good concepts, then I will choose 1 and you must give revisions till I accept

I know the price am offering is less, this project is on a tight budget. I will promise better budgets for next projects. If I have offended or hurt any providers feelings, I apologize and assure you its not meant

Website Wizard + WordPress

Website Wizard + WordPress
I need a website wizard (example, http://www.masites.com/step1.cfm), where clients can answer questions for information that needs to be used to create their custom website.

I would like the website to use an easy to use content managment system that someone with no html experience could use to add copy, insert pictures,change addresses, change phone numbers, etc. or someone with html knowledge could use as well, to add links, or anything that a common html editor would allow) in addition to a blog. The look of the site need to have the format of a site like (http://www.pmaaustin.com).

The site will also need to have the ability to adjust page names, title tags, meta information for each page.

Music Database For Composer

Music Database For Composer
Create a database of music and video files with a user interface that allows me to make customizable playlists (in html table form) with embedable code for me to cut and paste into websites. Html not flash. I need the tables to be indexable by google.

1. I’d like to be able to upload data as in the attached file.

2. When outputing a playlist, i’d like the option of choosing the fields

3. The resulting code would allow viewers of the website to click on column headers to sort the info on the page.

4. The links to media would bring up pop up windows like the media links on this page: http://rock-your-texas-wedding.com/ [look at the ones at the top of the page] If you can suggest a way to do this with flash, like a popup flash player that would play either video or audio, that would be great.

I realize that something like this might already exist. So i’m looking.