Online Form Filling Data Base

Online Form Filling Data Base
Data Base Development / Apache Platform / Indonesia

Online form Filling – Direct Server Entry- Apache Software 4.3 and Http Server

Great opportunity to work with International Apache Organization, Branch Jakarta for the Data Base Development (Digital Public Database Information System). 24 Entry Per From Including Picture resizing and Uploading. 50 cents ( 0.50 USD ) Per Form Maximum 100 From Per/ Day limit per User / System.

Quality : You can view forms before uploading.
System will reject from automatically if found any mistake.
Each form has a unique ID for every entry ( Information with Training CD)

Eligibility : Any Center or Freelances can apply

System Configuration Require


1. Processor 2.0 GHZ (Minimum) or Higher Preferred
2. Ram 512 (Minimum) or Higher Preferred
3. 40 GB HDD (Minimum) or Higher Preferred
4. Fast Ethernet (Inbuilt or Card )


Platform Windows XP SP2/ Vista

1. Office 2003
2. Need Apache Http 4.3 (2009 Software) ( License and online registered )
3. Apache Cat 2.0 (License and online registered )
4. License Antivirus System
5. ACD See or Adobe CS4 (For Image Resizing) License.
6. Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.

Internet Connection

64 KBPS if Diverted by Switch.
128 KBPS if neural connection.

Process : Online
Training :Center can purchase Training CDs from vendors
Row Database : online available (Need Apache Cat to view)

50 Cents Per From

Expand And Rewrite Articles

Expand And Rewrite Articles
I am looking for some one with good knowledge of American English to re-write and expand 100 articles. Your job include, visit the specified websites and write a summary of the programs they offers, expand the current article with email address, and contact phone number of the site. This site is about various scholarship programs. At present each article contains less than 100 words. Yo have to make it a full article with 400 -500 words. I will make partial payments, based on the number of articles you deliver. No grammar mistake or spelling mistake please. You are bidding for 100 keyword rich original articles. I need atleast 20 articles a week. That means, you must complete the project in 5 weeks. I will provide the link to current site on request.

Internet Marketing Position

Internet Marketing Position
Work At Home Internet Marketing Position Available: Training Included An exciting opportunity that can turn into a career for the right candidate. my company needs a person to edit and submit content on the Internet to market products and generate Web site traffic. Training is included. You must have your own computer and high-speed Internet access. You need these basic skills to qualify for this exciting position:
• Basic typing and computer skills (Must know Microsoft Office and possess the ability to learn other software quickly)
• Experience browsing the Web and doing online research (Know how to find solutions and answers online, using Google to find information)
• Good spelling and grammar skills • Writing and editing skills • Graphics and design skills highly preferred
Assuming these basic skills are present, you’ll gain additional training in all areas of online marketing using video. This is an extremely rewarding position for someone who loves to learn, has a passion for details and is excited by the thought of Internet marketing and production. It’s an opportunity to learn extremely valuable skills that can turn into a career. The ideal candidate has these qualities:
• Good speaking voice • Ability to select and edit pictures or photographs • Some video experience • Willingness to learn new software • Highly organized • Detail-oriented • Enthusiastic • Wants to work hard • Reliable • Self-starter

Even-tempered / no attitude • Ability to follow directions and take notes • Outstanding listener, pays attention to details • Quick learner, wants to study and learn new skills continually • Multi-tasks • Executes tasks without being micromanaged
Responsibilities include:
• Following instructions, managing details and completing tasks • Listening to, watching and learning audio and video programs • Doing online keyword research • Creating basic scripts • Turning pictures into videos • Submitting videos online • Checking and reporting results
Work Location
• Your home or office • Anticipated 15-30 hours per week initially, growing into full-time • Access to software systems to submit content is included
SMOKERS, DRUG-USERS, WHINERS, COMPLAINERS AND MALCONTENTS NEED NOT APPLY Starting pay is $12/hr. Pay varies depending on performance, experience and expertise. Bonuses will be provided to the candidate who measurably increases revenue. If you or someone you know has these skills and is willing to take on this exciting mission,

Attached examples of powerpoint presentation created

5 reasons why you think you’ll be great for this position.
Include any related experience and results you have received, especially if you have prior Internet marketing experience.

Template Building

Template Building
Hi, I need an experienced and reliable front end coder to copy the basic design of my main template and make two custom templates. Then the back end coder will integrate functionality. If you happen to know php, that is plus, but not necessary. Please let me know when you bid if you know php. Also, our preference is to find someone who can communicate via gtalk or msn and someone who works during US day time hours. We have lot’s of front end work and hope to find a dependable and fast working coder for ongoing work. Thanks for bidding, Noah

Joomla Template Broken Css

Joomla Template Broken Css
I built a site for a client using Joomlart’s Nerine template for Joomla 1.5. I have previously used the template for Joomla 1.0.15 with no browser compatibility issues, but the current site has three layout issues that need to be fixed ASAP. These are all presumably CSS issues.

I’m not a CSS expert and don’t have the time to try to diagnose, so I need your help. Joomlart’s forum’s have not produced a response to my request, and I need to get this done ASAP.

There are three main issues:

1) Large amount of white space at the top of the screen to scroll through before the site shows up.
– MSIE (don’t know what version)

2) Menu bar using CSS Menu is broken. The bottom image (header-bot.jpg) is misaligned, and seems to be forcing some background images onto a new line. It also seems to be forcing the page width extra wide (noticeable only because the scroll bar on the browser shows an extra wide page that is not really there).
– MSIE 8 (Win XP)
– Firefox (Win XP)

3) Gray module bar at the bottom of the page does not stretch all the way across the modules, leaving several of them with white text on a white background.
– MSIE 8 (Win XP)
– Firefox (Win XP)

Additional notes:

I can seem to reproduce the error on Mac browsers or my Bootcamp version of Win XP and Firefox or MSIE 8. However, screenshots from shows the errors (see attached).

Repair Amember Software

Repair Amember Software
I am looking for someone who is familiar with AMember to repair my installation.

I’ve been working with AMember support for 3 days now and they only answer their support requests one time daily so I’m dead in the water until this is resolved.

I’ve transferred the AMember program from one site domain name to another and we’re having troubles with the protection feature and/or possibly the plugin for Invision Power Boards.

Please do not respond unless you have knowledge of AMember and how it works.

This is a quick turnaround project that will take a few minutes for someone who knows what they are doing.


Magento Sales Report Problem

Magento Sales Report Problem
The numbers are not adding up correctly (on this page and on lifetime sales on the dashboard) because the last column Refunded includes refunded shipping and refunded sale. The amount of refunded shipping (X) is an unknown variable and is not subtracted from Shipping. In other words the sales report just totals the total amount being refunded including shipping which is skewing the numbers.

Please help!

Sportsbook Site/software

Sportsbook Site/software
I need a Sportsbook website where people can register and place bets on football/soccer matches and other sports. Of course a decent CMS needs to be included.

If you have done my project before and own the rights, we can make a deal fast!

Previous similar projects done can be crucial, please show in PMB.

Some questions I would like answered:
– Where does the site get its odds from?
– what payment options can you include?
– Are you available on long term?

Thank you.

Osc Wysiwyg Product Page Card

Osc Wysiwyg Product Page Card

We’re trying to create a way for users to create greeting cards on our oscommerce website ( that will be printed and shipped out with the cakes.

We’ve seen other sites that do this such as or Both would work perfect with our site if we could clone them

However, we think we may have an easier solution to this which would require less programming —

All cards will be grouped by occasion. So, we will create a category for each occasion in OSC (example, Birthday will be one Category, Get well Soon will be a category, Happy Valentines Day, etc). In each category will be a couple cards designed for that occasion. The cards will be products in OSC under the different occasion category. This makes it a lot easier to assign prices to the cards and less programming then creating a whole new system to store the cards and have users pick the one the want.

The only thing that is crucial is users MUST be able to customize the inside of the greeting card with their own text and image(s). We thought that possibly adding a WYSIWYG editor on the product page like ( would be simple enough for users to add in their images and text and design where they want it to go on the card. The wysiwyg editor must be able to save the file in a way that someone in our office can easily add the image and text to the card and print it (either by copy and pasting the entire wysiwyg output as an image or pdf, or by coping the image and then the text and pasting into the card application that runs on the desktop computer at the office to closely replicated the card).

I believe this may be our easiest solution because the only modification will be adding the wysiwyg editor to the card product pages and small modifications to the checkout showing the users the option to add a card to their order with a drop down of the different occasions. We want it to be as simple as possible.

Feel free to bid on this project for the WYSIWYG editor. If you feel you can easily do the copy of the greeting card application please bid for that specific one and send us a PM letting us know and I will respond with our vision of the UI for that.

Looking forward to your bids and response!

Thank you,