Portfolio Flash/html Website

Portfolio Flash/html Website
We are looking for a FLASH/PHP/HTML programmer for a portfolio website with 4 main pages: Home, Portfolio, About and Contact. The main part of the site is a gallery of the works which must be updated and has 4 categories. The site must be done in flash with an admin area for updating the projects pics and info. We supply all the designed elements + a flash reference to show the pages transitions. If you are not an experienced FLASH/HTML programmer, please do not bid. If this is your first time to build CMS for a Flash Site, please do not bid. Attached a PPT with site jpegs and explanations.

Flash Header & Install

Flash Header & Install
Im looking for a professional custom flash header for www.BiteAWin.com and I also want the Bid Win Own auctions are active between 9:00am and 23:00PM EST Time changed to (All Auctions on Bite A Win run 24/7)

For flash header design I want a shark that comes and bites the edge of a flat screen TV and I would like the items to be in water and I would like some coral and crabs,Starfish and fish on the header too, Header must also have the words Bite A Win on it. I will send some sample products that I would like to be on the header like TV, Ipod, Snowboard, Mustang symbol, Computer ect.

The attached file has some of the example items that I want on the header.

A good example of a header I want is at www.bidcactus.com

I would like 3 example headers made

Job must be very professinal and I have a few other websites that Im going to be working on and I may consider you again if Im happy with the job.

All Bidders must be able to Contact me by phone and speak clear english so I can better explain on what I want done.

Freight Online System Cms

Freight Online System Cms
I am looking a programmer or company expert in PHP 5 POO, Ajax, xhtml 1.0, For the “clone” of http://www.logintrans.fr/ website and associated software.

Programming the complete site with Exchange System freight online.
Managing multilingual by file templates

My current competitors are:

I want a clean code and unique!
I await your bids!
PS: Company based in Asia welcome!

Vbulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite

Vbulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite
I have a site I am trying to add a little bit of customization to. My site is www.northgakids.com and I would like something similar to http://www.sonomacountymom.com/ however I realize this was created with an older version of vbulletin. I would like more emphasis on the calendar of events and the poll feature. I need this as soon as possible.

WordPress Job Posting Plugin

WordPress Job Posting Plugin
Design, Develop and Package for Download a WordPress Plugin using PHP to do the following.

You may bid on any of the 3 phases or all of the phases.

Part 1:

1.Design & Develop a process for scraping Job Information for a specific Keyword Search form Dice.com, Monster.com & Careerbuilder.com.

2.Once the data is captured it will be uploaded to a mysql database; the following data must be captured:
Job Title
Posting Company
Posting Company URL (this may be on a different link that will need to be followed)
Email Address (Must be parsed from Job Post)
Contact Name (Must be parsed from Job Post)
Job Description

3.It would be nice if there were a checklist of optional fields to capture within the plugin.

Part 2:

1.Design a plugin for WordPress that will allow Bloggers to enter the script word [jobs] into a post. Once the script word [jobs] has been entered the WordPress Post or Page will then display all of the jobs in the database for the day of the post.

2.The jobs must be displayed using a Business Card look and feel(We can talk about the exact design once we decide to work together:

Phase 3:

1.Design and develop some reporting from the Jobs that are captured. The Blogger will control whether of not to display the reporting by adding the script word [jobreportmm] of [Jobreportdd] into a post or a page.

2.The Reports will be a table that looks like this:

[jobreportmm] for the whole month
Jobs Posted this month # of Duplicate Jobs # of Unique Jobs # of Contract Jobs # of Full-time Jobs Companys posting a Duplicate
120 20 100 40 80 3

[jobreportdd] for one day
Jobs Posted today # of Duplicate Jobs # of Unique Jobs # of Contract Jobs # of Full-time Jobs Company’s posting a Duplicate
10 3 7 4 6 2

3.Companies Posting a Duplicate Job will be a hyperlink. The hyperlink will take the reader to another post that displays all of the companies that have posted the exact same job on multiple days. (We can talk about this once the work has been agreed upon).

Feelthebid Clone

Feelthebid Clone

I’m looking for a (feelthebid.co.uk) clone, i need the exect same features (reverse, penny and express), Plus a similar design. You must have created something similar to this before and i dont want to see any demos of the free nulled penny auction scripts.

Good demos with excellent graphic design will be preferred and stand more of a chance of getting picked for the job.

One more thing, no extreme pricing as i am on a tight budget.

Good luck and enjoy bidding.


Php Spinner 2

Php Spinner 2
I want this http://www.megawebworld.com/seo/article.php

see how it works here:


I want it to show 10 spun versions instead of just one. And it has to show 10 unique versions every time. (as long as the macro article details are set up correctly)

If you actually go to the urls above and read the pages, you will understand what needs done. So don’t pm me and ask for more details.

I want who ever bids on this project to PM me so I know the bidder understands exactly what it is.

Joomla Tweaks

Joomla Tweaks
I need some quick help with some fairly easy tweaks to a template I bought for joomla. I need the right module section to collapse when no modules are being used on the right side and the article section needs to expand when the right module collapses. I also need to change the background color of the articles.

See proof here:


File Upload In Projectfork

File Upload In Projectfork
We currently use ProjectFork for a number of things, but the ability to upload large files is lacking. I need a way to facilitate large file (~500MB) uploads through the ProjectFork interface. Whether the solution is to integrate some type of FTP, Flash/Flex or JQuery based technology is up to the programmer.

I don’t have any specific requirements other than:

1. It needs to bypass the http upload timeout
2. It needs to integrate with ProjectFork so we retain the permissions structure of who can/can’t upload files.
3. It needs to be a module/extension or whatever it takes in order for it to be easily installable to multiple sites that all use ProjectFork.

A bonus – not necessarily required – would be a way to send an e-mail when a new file has been uploaded

If you’re bidding on this project, please be sure to suggest what approach you might take to solve this problem. Any vague bids or generic responses will be ignored.


Redesign Bankhomesdirectlinks

Redesign Bankhomesdirectlinks
I hacked together www.bankhomesdirectlinks.com to provide information about Bank Homes, Real estate foreclosed property listings that are either bank or lender owned as well as Turnkey real estate investments using image map linking in an attempt to create a one stop site for real estate investing in the current housing crisis era but the site hasnt lived up to the traffic expectation, i will like to redesign the site that will either employ image mapping or not, incorporate an additional tabs (auction sites), make it more advertising friendly (monetization), Integrate video and audio technology that will wow and guarantee user stickyness while efficiently incorporate SEO’s as well as make the overall site more professionally looking.

Other new features that i will like incorporated into the site include a current events/news section that pulls in current news events to the audience, a featured property section where individual properties can be pull from the turnkey deals and highligted on a pop-up or dynamic window somewhere on the site, a newsfeed subscription tool, a downloadable widget and social networking site hook-ins.

The main goal of the site is to generate enough traffic to the site that i can eventually derive revenue through targeted ad’s, affliate marketing, co-listings of featured properties, partner with banks as a listing site for their properties, e.t.c