Google Analytics Ecommerce 2

Google Analytics Ecommerce 2
I need Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking configured for a client who uses PayPal shopping cart. (Site on WordPress / LAMP) Although PayPal does not allow access to the confirmation page for security reasons, a hack is described here:

GA Ecommerce Tracking

Ebay Auction Like Site

Ebay Auction Like Site
We are looking for a custom auction like ebay site with many features. We would like an admin/cms area created in joomla. High quality design with a good admin/cms control area

Features are as following

Admin Area

From here I can:-

* Manage users
* Manage auctions, wanted ads, reverse auctions
* Full fee and invoice control
* Customise categories
* Enable/Disable a wide array of features and settings
* Review accountancy
* Update the site content (about us, contact us, help pages etc)
* …much much more
Delete negative feedback if needed under certain reasons
Send emails and news letters

Digital Downloads

Offer the ability to attach downloadable content to your listings, the content is made immediately available for download to the purchaser from within the members area. Example ; an ebook, or some software

“Make an offer”
Buyers can now make offers on listed items, this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range to automatically accept offers. Sellers can also counteroffer
Combined Invoicing/Postage calculation
Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user saving both time and money.

Direct Payment
Buyers can now make payments to sellers for items won on-site through one of the following payment methods:-

Fee Payments
Users incurring fees on your site can make payment to you through one or more of the following merchants.
Also I have the option of automatically accepting sellers fees ever month. This way I do not have to worry about sellers paying me it will automatically come out of there paypal account on the date chosen

Media upload
Sellers can upload upto 9 pictures as well as media file (.wmv/.avi) to accompany their listing. As site admin I can impose a fee for the use of this service.

Custom Listing Fields
Tailor your Auction site to your specific market, add specific custom fields to either all or selected categories.

Offer incentives to new and existing users with a voucher system. Choose to offer reductions as a percentage or a flat rate.

Enable your users to open their very own store on your auction site. Each store owner can pick and choose their own categories from the main selection. You can also setup store subscription packages to attract bulk or Business customers. Store owners can choose whether to list items in their store, for auction, store and auction, or buy it now. A selection of store skins are also included.

Custom Listing Fields
Ideal for specialist sites you can now quickly and easily add new custom fields for sellers to use when listing. For example if you want to run a car auction web-site you can add custom fields for the engine size, colour, age, condition and so on. All fields can also be set to be searchable.

SSL Support

Preferred Sellers
Give your best sellers special reductions on listing fees.
“Pay As You Go” or Account Mode
Charge fees either on demand (Pay as you go) or allow users to build up an account which they pay off once a month (like eBay). You can set a credit limit, offer a signup credit incentive and even invoice users at any time. Also automatic payments on the 1st or 15th of every month.

Complete Fee System
Charge users for:

* Listing Items (set or percentage based)
* End of Auction Fee (set or percentage based)
* Picture upload fee
* Media upload fee
* Highlighted Auctions
* Bold Auctions
* Home Page Featured Auctions
* Category Featured Auctions
* Buy it now fee
* Second Category fee
* Make an offer fee
* Store subscription fee
* Subtitle fee

Advanced Search facility

The advanced search facility enables users to search for items by:-

* Keywords (item title and description)
* Items with reserve price
* Items listed with buy it now
* By country/zip code
* By seller
* By buyer
* By store
* By price
* By condition (new or used)
* By year is applicable

Feedback System
Users can leave feedback for each other. The feedback system is “tick” based allowing users to rate other members by choosing a suitable tick rating (1-5). Coloured stars also automatically appear next to a username whenever they reach a new feedback number. (We can go over star rating)You can also easily setup custom feedback fields for additional feedback ratings.

Easy Category Browsing
All Categories listed on the home page enabling the user to go directly to that page. Sub-categories will be on the next page. (like eBay has it when you click on one of there home page categories. If more than a certain amount of categories a bottom visit all categories tab will be there for a categories and sub-categories page

Help, F-A-Q Page, Contact Us, Site News
These pages can be easily updated or even removed via the admin area.

Fourm Page
This page would be like www.

Proxy (auto) bidding system
Buyers can place a maximum bid on items, the software will then automatically re-bid for them should their bid be overtaken by a rival bidder.

Buy It Now
Sellers can accept Buy It Now offers.

Make an offer
Buyers can make an offer on an item that has not received any bids, while sellers can accept or counteroffer. Sellers can also set a certain price range which they would accept bids

Users can select if they want to receive your web-sites newsletter. The newsletter can be sent out via the admin area

I can send out emails to certain buyers and sellers regarding there account

Ask Seller a Question
Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly.

User Stores
Users can open their own eBay type stores, upload their company logo and display all their open auctions
Stores can be basic, premium, or advanced store (not sure if I want to use those names)

News Display
Easily updateable news items are displayed on the home page by site news

Signup Credit
I have the option of giving sellers a sign up credit to their account.

Customise registration process

Via the admin area you can customise the registration process by adding your own custom fields, for example you can use this feature to collect additional user data when registering such as their Business details or the kind of items they are looking for.

Seller verification
For additional user security you can enable

E-Mail or Admin activation
Users must activate their account via email before selling or bidding. You can also choose to approve all new users via the admin area before they are able to use the site.
Referred By
Select who/where referred you to the site.
Full Registration Form
In-depth registration form captures all the vital information on your new user..
Automatically generated pin
The automatically and random pin number ensures the registration page is being filled in by a live person and not a third party scrip

Auction listing features
Easy category selection
Sellers can easily select the right category for their item.
Where to list
Users with a store can select whether to list their new item in their store, auction only or both. Or buy it now, or buy it now and store(available if seller has an active store)
Item title
Sellers can enter their own item title
Subtitile sellers can enter in a subtitle in desired also for additional fee set in admin
Custom Fields
Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields. Custom fields can be setup via the admin area and allow you to customise the item listing process. If your auction site is being targeted towards a specific marketplace you can add fields relevant to that market. For example a car auction site would be able to easily add fields to request the seller to confirm the engine size, car age, colour and mileage etc
Sellers can select whether or not to have their item automatically re-listed, they can select whether the item is listed if sold, un-sold and also how many times the items should be re-listed.
Users with a voucher can redeem it during the listing process. Vouchers can be setup and managed via the admin area.
Item descriptions
Sellers can use HTML or plain text in their item description or enjoy the benefit of an editor.
Custom Start & End Time
Sellers can choose to list right away or choose a custom start time for their item. A custom end time can also be set.
HTML Editor
Create HTML listings
If not html is used seller can have the option of choosing a template.(different colors and design)
Picture upload or remote hosting
Sellers can upload pictures of their items to be displayed next to their listing. The admin user can edit the amount of allowed pictures(up to 10). Users can also choose to use remotely hosted images with their auction
Media upload
In addition to images users can upload one media file (.wmv/.avi)
Quick or Full Listing
Sellers in a hurry can select the “Quick Listing” option which removes all of the non-mandatory fields from the listing process.
Two types of Listing
Sellers can sell in standard auction format, Dutch format which is ideal when listing several of the same items in a single listing, or buy it now format
Reserve price
Sellers can add a reserve price to their auction.
Buy It Now
Sellers can enter a Buy It Now price.
Listing enhancements
Sellers can enhance their listing by:-

* Featuring on the home page
* Featuring on the category page
* Adding bold text
* Adding a highlighted colour band
* Adding a subtitle

The admin user can charge for these extras via the admin area.
Auction duration
The seller can select how long the auction should run for. 1day, 3days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days, 30 days
Private Auction
Sellers can choose to hide the ID of the bidders on their auction
Auction currency
Sellers can select which currency the item should be sold in
The seller can select who should pay for the postage costs and whether or not they will post worldwide. They can also enter specific postage costs and services.
After going through the listing process (similar to ebays) seller has the option of previewing the page before submiting
Listing Drafts
On completion of the listing process the seller can save the listing as a draft. Drafts are saved in the members area and the seller can retrieve these at any time and list or edit them.
Sell similar item
List a similar item to your other auctions easily via the members area
List item as an auction, buy it now, or to your store

Payment methods
Sellers can select which payment methods they accept. The corresponding methods are then displayed on the item details page.

Item page features
Current bid
The current highest bid is displayed prominently
Bidders Username
The current lead bidder(s) is displayed along with their feedback rating and link to their profile.
Sellers Details
Displays sellers username, feedback rating as well as location and registration date as well as a link to their profile.
Time left
Amount of time left to run on the auction is displayed.
Item Location
The location of the item is displayed.
Make an offer
If selected by the seller the buyer can use the available option to make an offer on the item.
Ask seller a question
Potential bidders can ask the seller a question directly from the item details page. All messages are managed via the members area.
View sellers store
View sellers other items
Browsers can easily lookup other items for sale from the same seller
Send Auction to a friend
Users can send details of any auction to their friends via the item details page.
Watch this item
Bidders can add any item to their “Watch List” which they can track from inside the members area.
Item Description
The item description is fully displayed along with any available pictures and media.
The sellers accepted payment methods are clearly displayed below the item description
Shipping instructions
Before bidding users can check the sellers postage instructions to see how much postage they will have to pay.
Auction counter
The number of hits each auction has received is displayed.
Proxy Bidding
Buyers can place a maximum bid on items, the software will then automatically re-bid for them should their bid be overtaken by a rival bidder.
Place a bid
At the top and bottom of each item details page a bidding box is displayed allowing buyers to place a bid quickly and easily., or buy it now

User control pannel

Members login

Registered members each receive access to their own “Members Area”. The members area looks and functions in the same way as “My eBay”.
Message Centre

Users can review all messages sent and received, this includes questions submitted on items for sale, end of auction messages and general site queries.
Bidding overview

A full bidding overview section is available to site users, this is split into the following sub-sections:-

* Current bids placed
* Won Items
* Invoices Received
* Items being watched
* Favourite stores

Selling overview

As with the bidding overview the selling section is also split up into the following sub-sections:-

* Sell
* Open auctions
* Items with bids
* Closed auctions
* Sold auctions, unsold auction
* Scheduled auctions
* Drafts
* Invoices sent
* Fees calculator
* Prefilled fields
* Block users

The reputation (aka feedback) of the members area allows users to send and review their reputation comments.
About Me
Users can enable and customise their own “About Me” page
My Store

A fully featured store option is available for users to use, store benefits include:-

* Custom store categories
* Sale terms and policies
* Store templates
* Store logo
* Store meta tags

My Account

The “My Account” section of the members area is the central base for users, from within this section users can:-

* Pay off their account balance (if not set as automatically set payments)
* Add funds to their account (if they wish to put credits on their account)
* Update their account details
* Set their mail receiving preferences
* Review account history and print invoices
* Report abuse
* Setup direct payment details

Admin login
The admin user can login to web-sites control panel. From inside I can control every aspect of the auction web-site.
Site Setup Menu

The site setup menu allows you to change the sites basic settings, including:-

* Site name
* Mail type
* Admin E-Mail address
* Site logo
* Default language
* Enable/disable maintenance mode

General Settings

* Set user registration settings
* Define how many days after an item closes it is removed from the database
* Set your home page featured item preferences
* Set your category featured item preferences
* Set how many recently listed items are displayed
* Set how many popular auctions are displayed
* Set how many ending soon auctions are displayed
* Control your image settings, including how many images can be uploaded per listing and the maximum file size per image
* Set your currency settings, including the sites default currency, display format and decimal digits
* Set your time settings, from here you can offset your sites time against the server time
* Enable SSL support on the user end
* Enter your general meta tags
* Define the minimum registration age
* Select your buy out methods, this allows you to enable “buy it now”, “make an offer” or both
* Invoice settings, add a header/footer notice to your fee invoices, or emails

Enable/Disable Menu

* Enable/Disable the user end news box
* Enable/Disable the registration and listing terms and conditions fields
* Enable/Disable user end stat counter
* Enable/Disable second category listing
* Enable/Disable the user end language engine
Enable/Disable preferred sellers discount. This feature allows you to offer a percentage reduction to selected users on all site fees.
* Enable/Disable E-Mail to admin or change email address
* Enable/Disable bid retraction
* Enable/Disable category counters. Categories on home page can show total number of items unless turned off
* Enable/Disable the display of sellers/buyers telephone numbers
* Enable/Disable auctions approval. This feature enables you to verify all items that are listed before they go live on your site.

Edit Tables Menu:-

* Add/Edit/Delete countries
* Add/Edit/Delete auction durations
* Add/Edit/Delete bid increments
* Add/Edit/Delete off-line payment options
* Add/Edit/Delete shipping options

Site Content Menu

* Setup and control vouchers
* Add/Edit/Delete help topics
* Add/Edit/Delete news items
* Add/Edit/Delete F-A-Q topics
* Edit the about us page
* Edit the contact us page
* Edit the general terms and conditions page
* Edit the privacy policy page
* Add/Edit/Delete custom pages
* Edit system emails
* Edit user end language file
* Add/Edit/Delete user announcements
* Add/Edit/Delete ad banners
* Add/Edit/Delete comments in the forum section

User Management Menu

* Add/Edit/Delete new admin users
* View full details of all registered users, including:-
o Active/Suspend users
o Verify users as sellers
o Delete users
o Enable/Disable auction approval
o Enable/Disable selling privileges
o View items listed by user
o View bids placed by user
o E-Mail user
o View/edit user details
o Alter users balance (add credits/debits)
o View/edit users feedback

* Setup and edit registration custom fields
* Login as a site user
* Re-send activation E-Mail
* Send newsletter to registered users
* Ban/block users
* View abuse reports

Auction Management

* View and manage open auctions
* View all closed items
* View suspended auctions
* View auctions pending admin approval
* View sold items
* Setup custom listing fields
* Manage user-user messages

Stores Management

* Enable/Disable user stores
* Create and manage store subscription packages
* Manage live stores


* Add/Edit/Delete site categories


* Set main settings, including account type:-

If turned on in admin area. All sellers will have to automatically make there selling fee payments either on the 1st or 15th. I do not want to use this feature until the site builds up.


* Users can build up a account which is paid off once a month. The admin user can set the credit limit any user can go to. Once the credit limit is reached the users account is blocked until they make payment. The admin user can also send any invoice requesting payment. You can also give any user free credit or debit their account. This allows sellers to lists items without having to pay each time. Overall it works like eBay.


* Users pay fees on demand. For example when listing an auction the seller must pay their fees before the item is listed. If you enable Pay As You Go the system will forward the seller to the relevant payment page and prompt them to pay the listing fees. If the seller fails to pay the listing fee the auction isn’t listed. The end of auction fee works slightly differently. When a sellers successfully sells an item the buyers contact details are withheld until they login into the members area and pay the end of auction fee. Once it’s paid the buyers details are forwarded to the seller.

* Set signup credit incentive
* Set the maximum credit level
* Set your suspension preferences

* Setup your payment settings, with us you and sellers can choose to accept payments through any of the below merchants:-

1. PayPal
2. Nochex
3. WorldPay
4. Ikobo
5. Protx
6. 2Checkout
8. MoneyBookers
9. Alert pay
10. Google checkout
11. Amazonpayments

* Setup and edit your site fees, including-
o User signup fee
o Auction setup fee (set or percentage based)
o End of auction fee (set or percentage based)
o Home page featured item fee
o Category featured fee
o Highlighted banner fee
o Bold text fee
o Store fee
o Custom listing time fee
o Buy it now fee
o Reserve price fee
o “Make an offer” fee
o Re-listing fee reduction
o Second category fee
o Image/media upload fee
o Sub-title fee

Accounting & Taxation Menu

* Review your sites accountancy, by month/week/day or all
* Create your taxation codes and rules
* Set your exemption rules

Tools Menu

* Word filter
* Block free E-Mail addresses
* Currency converter

Automatically sends email to buyer when he/she bids, or is outbid on an item
Automatically sends email to seller when posting or selling an item, opeining up a store, fees due
Admin area I can set auction and store listings duration times
If seller or buyer sends an email through our system it shows up in their messages and also send to email address on file
Give buyer the option of a bid retraction
Forum section
Feedback similar to ebays. Also have a Lotseller next to the star like ebays power seller. Would have to set rules in admin area. Feedback similar to ebays in there feedback section. Buyers leave feedback similar to ebays. Positive, negative, and neutral, and criteria

This is ebays
Recent Feedback Ratings (last 12 months)
1 month 6 months 12 months
Positive feedback rating Positive 309 2311 3491
Neutral feedback rating Neutral 9 27 34
Negative feedback rating Negative 9 39 49

Detailed Seller Ratings (last 12 months)
Criteria Average rating Number of ratings
Item as described 2893
Communication 2887
Shipping time 2866
Shipping and handling charges 2874

Here is eBay stars chart. We would just need a different color
Here’s what the different stars mean:
Yellow star () = 10 to 49 ratings
Blue star () = 50 to 99 ratings
Turquoise star () = 100 to 499 ratings
Purple star () = 500 to 999 ratings
Red star () = 1,000 to 4,999 ratings
Green star () = 5,000 to 9,999 ratings
Yellow shooting star () = 10,000 to 24,999 ratings
Turquoise shooting star () = 25,000 to 49,999 ratings
Purple shooting star () = 50,000 to 99,999 ratings
Red shooting star () = 100,000 to 499,000 ratings
Green shooting star () = 500,000 to 999,999 ratings
Silver shooting star () = 1,000,000 ratings or more

Would like not only a username and password on the admin but also a generated pin code to be entered (does joomla have this?)

Would like a table in the admin page that also shows kind of like php probids

Server load
Number of Auctions
Open Auctions
Closed Auctions
Suspended Auctions
Auctions Awaiting Approval
Marked Deleted Auctions
Number of Users 217
Active Users 184
Suspended Users 33
Online Users 8
Auctions Awaiting Approval 0
Abuse Reports 0
Suggested Categories 1

Need to add sponsored links and banner adds to certain pages.

Camtasia Studio/ WordPress Pro

Camtasia Studio/ WordPress Pro
I created a camtasia video in a MP4/FLV format. I used the template ExpressShow with TOC. When I preview the video it is fine and has the table of contents with it. My problem is getting it to show on my wordpress site.

I had a video embedder plug-in installed in my word press site. I put the MP4 video in my WP Media Library and it created the video URL. I used the code from the plug-in and the WP video URL and put this code on a page of my site in the HTML tab.

The video player shows on the page but when I try to play it, it won’t play the video. I’ve never tried to post a video on my site without using the video hosting service I use but when I use the video hosting it plays the video but it doesn’t show the TOC.

My question is can you show me how to solve this problem and play my MP4 camtasia video on my WP site and have the TOC show?

WordPress 75 Video Site Needed

WordPress 75 Video Site Needed
I need a basic starter video site to communicate some ideas to an investor group. Site should consist of (1) a Home page/squeeze page to communicate the purpose of the site. Home page to have video buttons down one side or across the top as per WordPress “elegant Themes eVid”

Registration buttons for Investors and inventors, payment options (possibly via shopping cart plug-in).

(2) Page for Inventors/Small Businesses seeking funding. There may be up to 5 sub-pages off this

(3) Page for Investors. There may be up to 5 sub-pages off this.

(4) FAQ Page

(5) Contact Page

The aim of the site is to bring investors and inventors together by using short video presentations or pitches. So inventors need to be able to upload a video that investors can watch and review.

Psd Files To WordPress

Psd Files To WordPress

Alright, I can’t find any coder, every coder that has tried to do this has vanished, trying again.

1. Optimize site to 1024 x 768
2. The Index page will feature a large promotional Flash area wherein announcements and promotions are featured. Visitors can easily navigate through the Flash “banners”. This area should be easily edited by Marketing via a control panel, allowing Flash components to be uploaded or deleted. The control panel needs to provide management for all markets.
3. Change primary navigation to expanding tabs along the top.
4. Nav above the “top nav”: Login link, a shopping cart link, a search field, and a market/language pull-down.
5. Clicking on the login link takes you to a page or pop-up wherein you input your ID (for PCs and Associates) or create a retail user account for shopping. From there users can continue on to shopping or access the virtual office.
6. Possible links include: Humanitarian Work, Direct Selling
7. Country selection: Once a visitor selects their country/language via a pull-down in the top nav, a cookie will record that preference for future visits.
8. New markets/languages need to be live upon launch, and easily added afterwards.
9. Improved activation process (details tbd)
10. Online shopping is moved from the Virtual Office to a shopping section that does not require a login until checkout.
11. New pages include:
a. Category pages
b. Product Testimonial
c. Product FAQs
d. Shopping section
e. Humanitarian Work
f. Associate Recognition (expanded)
g. Corporate FAQs
h. Sales Tools
i. Max Living
j. Max Solutions
k. Press Room
l. Max4u
12. Expanded, integrated events section (details tbd)
13. SEO enhancements
a. Meta Description: tbd
b. Meta Keywords: tbd
c. Leverage social media
d. Registration with appropriate SEM organizations such as, etc.
14. Website icon needs to be updated and added to the site
15. Feedback mechanism – Provide users a way to provide both corporate and website usability feedback.
16. Search functionality
17. Expanded Backoffice (details tbd)
18. Ability to easily swap out the main site logo for special holiday and event logos

I have 2 generic templates that I want to pick from when I make a new page.

If interested reply to this and put “5days” or I will not take your bid.

Ezinearticle Writing

Ezinearticle Writing
We require someone to write a set of 50 articles for for Ezine Article (so you must be familiar with their requirements)
Titles and brief outline and guidance material will be provided to winning bidder, approx
500-600 words per article. Standard of written English must be excellent, winning bidder must also have experience of writing articles for the internet. All 10 articles must be finished to our acceptable standard with any changes made within 14 days of receiving brief outline.

Please only bid on this project if you have experience of copywriting and excellent written English skills.

I will give you details of article I have already written as a guideline for reference.

There is a possibility that I will expand on this project and commision more to make up an ebook.

thanks for looking at my project.

Data Entry Into Excel

Data Entry Into Excel
Data Entry Project.

We will provide you with 2 sets of records. First set has 140 records, and the second set has 90 records. Each set of records look similar but should be separated because they are different types of customers. Both of these sets will be entered into an excel spreadsheet. (one spreadsheet per set = 2 spreadsheets)

Here is the information that needs to be entered into the spreadsheet:

Company Name
Name (first and last name)
Address 1
Address 2
Zip code
phone number
email address

We will send you the individual records via email.

This project must be completed in less than 1 day. Accuracy is very important.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

New Article Writing

New Article Writing
We require somebody to write a set of 10 articles for our website and for Ezine Article (so you must be familiar with their requirements)
Titles and brief outline and guidance material will be provided to winning bidder, approx
500-600 words per article. Standard of written English must be excellent, winning bidder must also have experience of writing articles for the internet. All 10 articles must be finished to our acceptable standard with any changes made within 14 days of receiving brief outline.

Please only bid on this project if you have experience of copywriting and excellent written English skills.

I will give you details of article I have already written as a guideline for reference.

There is a possibility that I will expand on this project and commision more to make up an ebook.

thanks for looking at my project.

Logo For Website

Logo For Website
I am looking for a high quality logo designed for a website. The name of the site is “Caribbean Top News” (domain name is one word .com). It is a news site that summaries the top news stories in the Caribbean for each week. The logo should be vibrant and reflect the Caribbean. It should have the option to use the initials (CTN) similar to how Yahoo uses Y. Any mock-up logo will be given priority (you can add a watermark to it)and considered for the project.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Thank you!

New-ish Jxpx Website

New-ish Jxpx Website
We are moving the pages to their own domain and all of the content about the projectxecute product.

Please use as your basis and adjust it to meet the following criteria:

Our server farm Runs on Red Hat

we want a real CMS that is Python friendly like Plone or Drupal for approval workflow

Remove PX Hardware Reqs link in the left sidebar

Remove the “Request More Information” link at the bottom of the
right sidebar

Figure out a way to make the yellow “New” box at the top right
corner stand out more or more exciting

Figure out a way to make the “Successful Customer” logos more

Suggest changes to the navigation and content to improve usability
and the look & feel of the site.

Do not change anything about our web to lead form integration
(keep code as is).

We need to have different areas of content on the new site managed by different people, PR/news by one, structure of the site by
another, content of inner pages by another. Navigation and look and feel should not be jarringly dissimilar to the main site.

available backend DB is postgresql

Where: The URL will be

Website Template Design

Website Template Design
We are after someone who can work closely with us on site designs for our customers within our CMS system.

The ideal person would need to provide a sample portfolio of work and demonstrate a good over design experience.

The templates would be as follows:

static (no flashwork) – 1-2 days turnaround
static with flash header – 2-3days turnaround
flash header with menu option – 2-3 day trnaround

The timeframes are critical and apply mon-fri only.

Each site would be 900px wide

Once the intial design has been agreed with the client then the design along with the PSD file and information on where any stock images where got to be provided back to us so that we can build the site.

Please bid oer static design but also indicate in PMB your pricing for the other types of templates.

Bidder needs to be daily available via email and chat is required.

Please bid if you think you can work with us on this only.

Any questions please feel free to ask