Install 1500 Mini Website

Install 1500 Mini Website
Coders, are you looking for an easy job that will keep you busy doing what you like doing?

Are you looking for a coding job that will pay you up to $1,500 or more?

Are you looking for a job where your fee will be in SL’s escrow, so you will have no concerns about it?

Can you easily do all of the simple tasks shown in these videos?

If you answered YES to these questions then THIS is the job you should try to win, and here’s why…

My name is Doctor Mason, and just like you I want to make money on the internet. You can see by my score that I’m not such a bad guy to work with. Here is how you will earn money AND help ME earn the money to pay you.

You see, my HDD has at least 1,500 resell rights products, softwares, etc that I bought to sell to others, especially newbies. They are just collecting digital dust but YOU will install each one of them for me, so they can go to work and be sold. I have too many projects and am also preparing to do advertising on Satellite TV. So now I have to run around finding JV partners to help me pay for all of that TV advertising, but that is MY problem! I’ll tell you more if you’re interested.

You can find many of products I bought by searching here:

You will install each one, and will draw payments from your escrow fee, as often as you like, depending on how many products have been installed. You can earn $$ each day working this project, all from your comfortable home, or Internet Cafe. Think about it!

At is where you will be listing what you have completed. Unless you have a better easier idea that looks great and it interests me, we will add more products here. New categories can be added as needed.

Most of the downloads will be put into various servers I have here and there. You will have FTP access to whatever you require. You will put Paypal “buy now” codes when necessary. You will have access to my Paypal accounts to complete your Mini Websites. After you have put up a few products using that Paypal account, I’ll just change the passwords and we’ll make another account. Then we’ll let visitors see your work so they can buy them! Simple, huh?

I require that you work 5 days per week, and show me some completed Mini Websites 5 days per week. You will list each completed Website into an Excel spreadsheet database.

All you need do is ask me whatever questions you have about this job, but because I’m so busy, I don’t want to spend more than 15 minutes a day on this. That’s YOUR JOB, to make my life easier with more time to do what I like doing.

So if you think you really want this excellent job working at home and getting paid almost every day, place your bids. I was thinking of paying less than a dollar for each Mini Website that is ready to go, because there are so many of them. What do YOU think?

Doctor Mason
Los Angeles

Repair Article Database

Repair Article Database
Fix ArticleDashboard almost installed, and add this flash player where a photo now is:
Remove the photo and add the video player.

You will make a sub-folder for the videos used by the .xml for the above flv_list_gallery/. The .xml file will be in the main folder, same as index.php

This component will have anoter CDATA line, so that clicking the video takes you to an external URL. You will find a tutorial at the above URL when you download the flv_list_gallery.

You can see here the code that was used to take the viewer to the external URL:

You will put into the .xml file 2-3 of the sample videos you find at the flv_list_gallery/ download site.

This player will appear on each article, instead of some adsense codes. You can modify the correct Article templates for it.

You will find some code already done, in the folder at the old article site, use it to modify your new Article script, and you will use as much as you can with the navigation bar, header & footer, in a SSI (server side includes) to make future updates easy.

Program Type: What kind of software should the seller create (and/or install)?

* An internet web-site: This software runs on a web server and users will access it using their internet browser.

Internet web-site info
Design and functionality: What does the programming of this project involve?

* Program Functionality: Making the website “work”.

Modeling another site: Do I wish to model another site?
Yes: You can see the flash working at:

Another line of code will be inserted into the coding by you, so that in the .xml file a link to an external URL will operate.

You can click onto “affiliate news” at to see this same flash player has a link to external URL.

And you can see the website you will repair, at: Instead of playing with that code, it may be easier to let you have a new directory and you install the script again.

You will use the current database, with the authors and articles and other data. I will provide to you FTP access so you can do your job.

========================= SUMMARY ==============================
Re-install the Article software
Add a flash video player
Use the database we already have.

Thank you for bidding on this project and good luck.

Change Paypal With Alertpay

Change Paypal With Alertpay
I currently accept PayPal on my site for my premier membership program. I would like to add AlertPay now and take out PayPal (I do NOT want to offer both options).

When a member wants to become premier member, they are brought to another site and then after the payment is done there they come back to the main site and their Premier Account is activated and they receive extra points.

Please be able to add AlertPay as a payment method and have their accounts activate back on the main site after payment is completed.

I do have FTP access for both sites.

Oscommerce Image Collage Maker

Oscommerce Image Collage Maker
I have a special module I would like created for my oscommerce store, which will do the similar functionality as some of the photo collage generators availability online. I sell t-shirts and would like the customer to be able to select multiple images that are available in my store and add them to a special “collage” cart. This will be seperate from the shopping cart. We can show it in an extra info box on the right side, under the shopping cart info box.

We will add a tiny extra button next to all product images in the store and when the customer clicks on it, it will add that image to the collage cart. Once the customer adds all the images they want to the collage cart, and then selects ‘make collage shirt’ button, they are redirected to the module where they can have all the images that they have selected in the cart to be situated together on the front of the shirt.

Now, I already have a flash module in my store that allows the customers to customize their own shirt designs by uploading images, adding text, etc. You can add on to this module by making a new tab for ‘collage generator’ or you can make a new module on it’s own. However, I actually prefer it to be on it’s own module because their are still some bugs to be ironed out on the customizer.

Post By Email WordPress Plugin

Post By Email WordPress Plugin
I want to have the ability to make posts to my wordpress blog via email however I want to be able to add mutliple email accounts into wordpress and each email address that receives email will post to a different category i choose.

So i want the ability to add multiple email accounts and assign a category to each email account. And when mail gets sent to each account, it gets posted to its corresponding wordpress category.

I need this done ASAP when i choose you.

Urgen: Need Video Skins

Urgen: Need Video Skins

I have a couple of .FLV files that I want to put on my website.

It’s conflicting with some .JS file.

Flowplayer or JW player would do..

I need you to give me some options for the video skins and set everything up for me without causing any functional problems to the website such as loading issues.

And I need this quick as it is a fairly easy job for someone who knows what they are doing.

Online Cargo Tracking Database

Online Cargo Tracking Database
we’re an international shipping company and want to have an online cargo tracking option for our customers.

we will host the database with our web host (they provide MySQL).
need 2 interfaces: once for customers to access their shipment details (something similar to FedEx or UPS tracking system) and one for users from our company that will be entering the details into the database.

we will assign the number to each shipment and system must generate a unique random password. Customers will need to have both to be able to trace their shipment.
the customer access must be a very simple web page that allows them to see the current status of their shipment.

then we need to be able to create log-ins for the workers in our company to give them access to the database to enter updates.

this should be a very simple project to complete.

Socialengine Php Project –

Socialengine Php Project –
I’m looking for a web developer / web designer with extensive experience using various technologies including PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript/XML with various tools such as Zend framework, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc to add some functionality to my existing SocialEngine software. Basically, I want to add a few modules and fully integrate a smarty template.

Modifying the Social Engine Articles module for use as the basis for
editable guidebooks.

PHP based BBCode filter the input to make it easier for anyone to
create/edit pages. Make anyone logged in to the site able to edit Articles, with a reCAPTCHA spam filter.

Approval needed before edited content is approved, needs a page to
list this queue. Previously approved content should remain live on the

History of changes, edits, and who edited the article, along with a
comment field for details of what is being edited or why…

2. Promotional module.

Modify the content displayed to business accounts under “Promotions”
to show options for “Add Banners”, “Add Promotions”, “Manage
Promotions” The admin must be able to control everything. This includes adding Promotions, selecting a business and change its options for where it is displayed.

3. Business Directory Plugin.

Users must be able to submit a new business but only business accounts
can modify claimed business listings. This requires modifying how
accounts function and adding an option for business accounts. Business
account should have an extra “Promotions” link displayed on their
profile page and be able to own a business listing (with admin

I will provide more detailed specs for qualified and interested developer(s). I’m looking for an all around PHP / MySQL Developer/web designer (3 plus years of experience) to work with me. I used to do web programming myself, so I know exactly what I need and how it should be done. I’m looking to keep cost low (hence why I’m using existing software), so you should have experience with SocialEngine and work fast. All code should be clean, well documented and should follow security measures already in software, such as input string sensitization, cross-site scripting protection and numerous other safety nets. I’m looking for a long term relationship (if this idea takes off, I’m going to need a complete software rewrite). Someone with experience in high-traffic, production environment and most of all, quality work. I am looking for someone who is available to start immediately and doesn’t need a lot hand-holding.

If you are interested, do not respond with copy n paste (you’ll be blocked). Also, I’m looking to start ASAP. So if you have something else going on, don’t bother.

1) You should have experience with SocialEngine (PHP) software or a really fast learner. Experience with search engine optimization is an added plus.
2) Demonstrated track record of developing beautiful and functional websites.
3) HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Ajax.
4) Knowledge of W3C DOM methods and properties, cross-browser development techniques, and browser degradation strategies.
5) Good knowledge of English, speaking & writing.

Small Php Job With Java Script

Small Php Job With Java Script
I need somebody for a small job. It needs to be done by php, mysql and javascript (maybe ajax).

No design needed, I just need the coding. Alltogether I need 5 pages. index, category, edit-category, edit-sub-category and delete-category.

Category page:

I need to have 2 level nested categories created by using php and mysql. I do not want you use php class. I need to have 2 tables for categories in mysql.

1- maincategory
2- subcategory

Index page:

No database table needed for index. You are not going to submit anything from index page. (I am going to do this)

You just need to populate fields from database. What ever populated from database automatically displayed on the text area (this is where you need to use javascript or ajax).

You need to do the job exactly how it is on the demo. I am going to pay after i have seen finished demo. For demo Please check


Online Store And Auction Websi

Online Store And Auction Websi
I am starting an online auctioning website with the following:


View list of auctions

Every time a bid is placed, the auction extends its time by a set amount. When it hits zero, you win!

User Section

* User registration and account verification (Captcha).

* Buying bids in bulk through packages.

* Bidding in the Swoopo-style format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount.

* The time increasing by x number of seconds (you can change this time in the CMS) every time a bid is placed.

* Add pages using the inbuilt CMS which you can edit. Add your own pages at free will.

* The ability for members to login, update their account, purchase more bids and pay for their won auctions.

* Pay pal as the payment gateway by default, as well as 7 others – ideal,, Google Checkout and more.

* Free / charity auctions and rookie auctions are also available.

* Ability to give users free bids.

* Let your users receive free bids for registering, winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.

* Add, edit and delete articles for the latest news page.

Admin Section

* Add, edit, delete and clone auctions.

* Full product inventory

* WYSIWYG Editor – no ugly code!

* View the winning bidder and update the status of the auction – e.g. pending, running, ended and completed.

* View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.

* View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.

* Manage the entire website content anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

* View referrals from users.

* SEO options to boost search engine rankings

* Update the latest news articles and add new articles.

* Manage the website categories, add, edit and delete new categories, which can be unlimited levels deep.

* Edit general website settings including turning on and off various features at a click of a button.

Advanced Features

* Powerful Bid Buddy (automated bidding system) – the ability for users to ‘book their bids’ in advance.

* Refer a friend section. Members get free bids by referring a friend.

* Newsletter system

* Buy it now so that customers can purchase the product at retails price.

Twitter Mass Follow Problem

Twitter Mass Follow Problem
As you know twitter doesn’t allow mass follow/unfollow. It uses a lot of rate limiting scheme to avoid it.
I have one tool for this. But the problem is twitter recently banned some of my users for using this tool.
Now I just need to know how should I setup my cron or how frequently I should call friendships/create?
I need some idea so that I dont get banned.
If it works, you’ll get paid.

I dont need experienced hand. I need the proper idea.

Megento/cms Integration & Dev

Megento/cms Integration & Dev
We are a Washington DC based company that provides on-line professional training courses and resources for the Digital Media profession, specifically the fields of 3D Design, Web Development, Graphics & Web Design, Multimedia, Digital Filmmaking and Digital Photography. Our courses are available as long-form formal ‘certificate’ courses, short-form informal workshops and mentor seminar groups. All course types make extensive use of ‘live’ instructor and group delivered presentations.

In a nutshell this is a two phase integration project; phase 1 using Magento combined with a suitable CMS plugin or application (such as wordpress) to deliver the public and student admissions site, and phase 2, the Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of Moodle, extended by Elgg, the social networking platform.

For phase 1 of the development, we need a contractor familiar with Magento and a suitable CMS solution of these platforms to convert our existing website models into a production ready, e-learning centric Web2.0 e-commerce site. It is envisioned that the public site uses Magento + CMS (such as wordpress) to provide a campus ‘e-commerce portal’ supporting the delivery of dynamic course information content, company and course based blogs, including integration with mySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for sharing content, and the facility for developing email marketing strategies such as regular email blasts and newsletters; integrated with full e-commerce resources that enable users to pay for and enrol on a course or courses of their choice. For phase 1, we expect to use the community version of Magento and would prefer the task to be completed with minimal (preferably no) code changes to the open source components.

Articles & Links

Articles & Links
I am looking for an expert article writer and someone that is very familiar with getting results in increasing traffic to an E-commerce website. I have worked with local and national SEO companies with no results. Looking for someone with proven results.
I need numerous articles written that will pass copyscape.
I also need someone that is an expert in SEO to help with doing whatever it takes to optimize my site.
I want backlinks to my site. So far, the company I have been using has not achieved many backlinks through e-mail link exchange requests, nor do they achieve backlinks from high page rank sites. If you can accomplish these tasks, please post your response. Budget can be determined based on what you can deliver.