Video Presentation Needed

Video Presentation Needed
I need a video presentation for my site. It will need to be professional, yet exciting. I will also need a professional voice over. I WILL ONLY VIEW BIDS IF YOU PROVIDE PREVIOUS WORK/PORTFOLIO.

I can provide examples upon your request via private message.

I will need the following:

• Professionally written script – this is created in conjunction with me, though will need professional copywriting assistance.

• Professional presenter and/or voice over

• Storyboard – which will show the graphics/words that will accompany the video throughout the script

• Bespoke Video Player – in our company ‘look and feel’ designed to fit exactly into an agreed space on our site

• An Interactive Video player – so people can respond to the video with an email, maybe forward to a friend, tweet the video and so forth.

• Linkages from the video to the rest of our site – for example to our registration page

• Filming, Editing, and Post-Production – we will see the final version of the video prior to implementation and you will make any necessary changes to the words/graphics– as it sometimes only when we see the final production that you realise the words/graphics aren’t quite right.

• Implementation – prepare some HTML code that our webteam merely cuts & pastes into the pre-agreed space on your website. This task should take no more than a couple of minutes.

Triathlon Website

Triathlon Website
The website is a triathlon calendar website for people who want to search for triatholons,clubs and coaches in their area, get news, post pictures and videos and get resources on Triathlons. Here are some of the features the site must accomplish:

1) Backend for me to update events, clubs, coaches, links, ads, news events ect…
2) Place for people to add events, Coaches and clubs (Basically a form for me to approve and add)
3) Map of USA with the states popping out when mouse goes over it.
4) International map
5) Great Logo
6) submit email to receive updates and enter contest.
7) Forum for people to chat about triathlons

Here are a few sites to give you an idea of what I am looking for. None of these are totally correct: (I really like the map and how the events are posted with its own page with info) ( I like the home page layout with the news area) (I love the colors and fill of the site very smooth )

Pages: (Just an Idea. There would be many more pages)
Triathlon Events (each state)
Triathlon Clubs (each state)
Triathlon Coaches (each state)
Triathlon Resources (Each State)
News/Tips (List of past news or tips)
Shop (No cart Just links to sites)

Programmer should have the following:
1) Good reviews
2) Newbie’s, please don’t bid on this project and waste my time
3) Great portfolio
4) Willing to do more work in the future (Upgrades, Updates and referrals)

Please give me a total cost. I have also attached a drawing of an Idea of what the home page should look like.

Quick Small Web Site Design

Quick Small Web Site Design
I need 15 small web sites loaded and ready to go..

I already have a full template done. I just need to update a few images a few links and some text to it. This is a quick project.

There are 15 ready to go businessess with one year email contacts for all 15 sites. Must upload emails customize opt-in pages and
customize emails with my personal info. All instructions come with

I want sites to be operational and on the www ready to advertize.


WordPress Template Changes

WordPress Template Changes
I have some minor changes that need doing for my wordpress ecommerce site
(please note this is a site but for some reason it never links properly}

I need
new graphic/background – I would like 3 different options to work from
restyled navigation bar
colour changes to the headers in the sidebar
Reformating of the lowwer feature boxes and the footer

I want to keep the main theme and style of the site but clean it up and streamline it a bit

All work must be installed and working on the site

Please be able to show samples ogf your work

Electronic Cigarette (e-cig)

Electronic Cigarette (e-cig)

I was interested in a template website where I can have made. I was looking into Joomla/VirtueMart since I can easily add and change products and content.

I would need someone to create me something simple and working.
I was ready to purchase the template at for 140$ and do the necessary adjustments but not sure how to import in all to my server and would rather get that done.

If you can help, that would be great…


Get Two Casinos Working Online

Get Two Casinos Working Online
I need to get two casinos currently online TO WORK PROPERLY. These casinos are located at and They work on the server, but they DO NOT CONNECT when a player attempts to play a game. If you have no experience with these casino types, PLEASE DO NOT BID. I cannot afford to waste any more time or money on them than I have already.

Successful bidder will have REFERENCES regarding this type of casino repair/fix.

Iphone Update Needed

Iphone Update Needed
I am looking for a fix for my iPhone App. I am very busy and need the programmer to be independent. This is the link:

I want the app function to be on the phone itself. It’s currently on a server. I want a browser type feel app that basically displays 4-5 features from the source website

I want a look and feel like this but not a clone:

Another example of the FUNCTION is:

An example of this is:


I’ll escrow the money to scriptlance
I only want people with reviews.

Start .exe From Website Plugin

Start .exe From Website Plugin
I want the people from my website to be able to start a .exe program on their computer via my website.

For example they first select on my website the path to their .exe, then it gets saved.

Then they can click “Start” and it would open the .exe.

I think a plugin would be needed to interact with the people’s desktop as well as their applications etc.


Coder Help

Coder Help
Database driven website project.

We are seeking a skilled developer or team to help us finish our website project. Our website is done with PHP, Javascript/AJAX, and MySQL so the developer must have excellent understanding of above mentioned technologies. Also, developer needs to be capable to
produce required graphics for website layout. We use a javascript API called DOJO so you must know or willing to learn to use this API. The foundation of the website is currently complete, but improvements are needed. Our source files are organized in a clear concise
way but documentation and comments are limited. Therefore, the ability to read and
understand an existing system is beneficial. We have 4 main module pages. The main task is to conform the current layout to new design.
Only one of the pages needs to be constructed from scratch and the other 3 pages needs new features added. New features will mostly involve PHP and some Javascript. We’ll supply layout designs and a development document to highlights all the required tasks. Each page will have 1-5 tasks and the total number of tasks for this project is 30 or less. In addition, we’d like to integrate OpenID into our website. The estimated development time is 3-5 weeks. The current website is on Please quote for estimated work time and fee.

Cronjob + Mysql

Cronjob + Mysql
I need a cronjob script/php to be made.
It must do the following:

Every midnight, it connects to my SQL table.
It checks table Deposits. Searches for active deposits. When it finds an active deposit, it credits deposit amount/365 to user balance in another table.
It also checks deposit expiration date. If it’s today, then it moves the deposit data from the table to table Expireds. If it past today, then send admin a mail with warning and do not credit

The script must be done as a sample, and I’ll integrate it into my own table.
I’m not going to give sample DB or DB access because this is an already running site.

Bids under $20 please.

Simple Facebook App

Simple Facebook App
I need a facebook app called “Add me” or similar name.

required functionality is here :

who wants to be get new friends on facebook.

they need to be allowed our app.

then we have 4 step :

1 – add your name and email
2 – select country/language/age/gender (or we can get their data from their profile)
3 – select your category or add new one (mafiawars/farmville etc)
4 – invite your friends

we will store all data

and we send daily newsletter to people.(here is your daily friend list etc)

thank you.