Easy Website Design

Easy Website Design
I would like a simple website built to carry an affiliate link. The site will be similar to that of cashplus, the pre-paid Master Card company. I will also need to display 3-5 other cards at the side panels. Google the cashplus site to see how it looks. The site I require will have:
1. A very pleasant appearance preferably in blue and red.
2. A squeeze page to offer a free product and collect emails.
3. A CMS Admin area where collected email can be sent to selected or all contacts.

Comprehensive Tourism Site

Comprehensive Tourism Site
We need to solve some problems for our site. These functions already planned but not functioning, such as the function to retrieve the password for registration. Here are the points to be solved:
Important: The site is ready … these points are only correct, are thus to be understood as making
url: www.misterviaggi.it
If the programmer speaks the Italian language is appreciated but not necessary thing

1. Most of the email that the portal sends all come in the recipient’s spam folder
2. The site is present in 3 languages, but some parts are not yet translated. You should be able to translate all parts of the site in 3 languages
3. Be made a small change to the booking system. Currently, when the structure receives a reservation request by the customer are hidden fields email, phone number, and some others, and we would like them to be visible. This system was designed when the portal was to have a commission on the reservation and thus avoid the two sides could agree directly.
4. The main photo of the structure should not be random. There already exists a way to choose the main photo but this is changed as if it were random.
5. All text editor admin panel must be arranged, do not save correctly texts
6. The Policity or conditions must be in 3 languages
7. The format of the calendar must be in Italian and American
8. In the panel “request availability” the SEND button does not work if not click the box in the mail example
9. Users who register as a structure must be able to add 1 single structure.
10. Admin panel (customer) does not add Last Minutes
11. Admin panel (customer) does not work the counter “MANAGEMENT RESERVATIONS”
12. Admin panel (customer) on Search Book you see all the reservations, even those of the other structures
13. When the client receives the response of a structure and click on the link to join the panel, the address on page “yourbooking” in English even though his language should be such as Italian
14. Forgot your password does not work (Recover password)
15. When a person registers as a structure that receives the email must be present username and password you used to register
16. The reservation system verified to be amended: once the structure meets the availability, all data should be visible and will confirm the customer directly to the structure. Be eliminated so the confirmation by payment (see paragraph 4)
17. index the site for search engine google

Important: The site is ready … these points are only correct, are thus to be understood as making

Entertainer Directory Script

Entertainer Directory Script
Ok Just posting for quotes on this one to see if within our budget.

We need a script dedcated to listing professional entertainers with following specs.

1. Set master admin username and passwrd and add other admin users.

2. Ability to add/edit/delete/order site content pages from admin. Automatically added to site with option of hiding from main nav for hidden pages.

3. Header and footer to be editable from admin for skinning.

4. Ability to add member types EG Entertainer, Venue, Booker.

5. Ability to specify profile and registration fields for each member type including text fields, drop downs, radios, text areas and select what fields are compulsory and whether or not they are displayed on profile.

6. Ability to set pricing for lengths of membership with free trial option or free. Once any trail has expired gateway will add time to profile accordig to payment. Gateways Googlke checkout and paypal.

7. Ability to approve all new profiles or auto approve.

8. Ability to mail all users or individual groups with first name tags included and in batches of 50 emails with delay between batches

9. Ability to add or edit categories for profiles including 1 sub category level

10. Ability to add ad sense code to top left right or bottom of page.

11. Set site name and global meta tags and description.

12. Set admin email address with optional additional admins.


keyword Search function all words in string

Registration date to be recorded and expiry date to be entered to database if entertainer depending on pricing structure settings in admin.

On reaching expiry date profile is no longer shown on site user is emailed for renewal. After 20 days of expiry user emailed warning of deletion. After 30 days of expiry profile including mp3s and images are deleted.

Basic details to be specified in admin above.

Category listings with cat description to show brief synopsis of act and thumbnail of image and more info button. If entertainer has mp3 an mp3 icon, if they have video a video icon. (Same with search results)

To show info from enterttainer profile fields PLUS
An mp3 demo tag EG if act has uploaded an mp3 diplay player on the page if not display no mp3 demo message
A you tube video tag. If Entertainer has added a you tube url on their profile it will embed the video on the profile if not it will display a no video message.
Contact this act by email . (Links to site form that emails the act on their specified email address with subject “Booking Enquiry From {Site name}”
See this acts available dates link (pop up of calendar belonging to act)


Personal detail page name, address, phone, email, username, password, expiry of membership date shown with extend membership button connected to payment.
Close account link with DOUBLE warning of irriversability. This would delete profile and any associated images or mp3’s

Profile page with main fields specified in admin function above.

Demo page showing whether mp3 and video added to profile,
upload option for mp3s with 1 minute length restriction.
Videos via you tube URL

Ful gig calendar like google calendar where entertainer can add edit or delete gigs. Nice calndar date shoosing function with this.


Personal detail page name, address, phone, email, username, password, venue name,

Close account link with DOUBLE warning of irriversability.

These account details will be shown only to entertainers if the booker make an enquiry


SEO friendly URLs for all profiles and site pages

We would like the design to be modular just incase we decide to add more functions in the future.

I think thats it happy bidding.

Write 50 Short Articles

Write 50 Short Articles
I need you to write 50 completely original 250 word articles. I don’t want any spinning, scraping or other garbage that google might end up banning. I just want original written content. It needs to be written in clearly written english. If that’s not your strength then this project is not for you.

The subjects are all on a name of a city or province located in Canada, followed by the keyword “insurance”. So ie:

1) Vancouver insurance
2) Toronto insurance
3) Montreal insurance
…. would be same for all 50 subjects.

So you’d talk about how many people living in the city or province are looking for insurance quotes. Talk about how an insurance quote can save them money, talk about home, auto, life insurance. Talk about why insurance is important, why someone should have it, where to shop for the best insurance rates, and how it can help the person. To make it unique mention something unqiue in a sentence or two about that city or province. To find that info use wikipedia or just google the name of the city and you’ll find unique information on it to incorporate into your article. ie: population, climate, major industries, important landmarks, or whatever, you can find about that city or province.

Each of the articles need to be as unique as possible. (and not copies of each other) The keyword should be included in the article at least 4 times.

I have another 2 of these exact projects to do after this one. So if you can get me this project done this week I’ll give you the next one if you want it. Email me back on here or at my email to let me know if you want to proceed. Thanks.

This is from a similar project, only it was on debt consolidation. But basically the same rules apply.

—————————sample article——————–

Barrie Ontario residents are seeking debt consolidation more than ever before due to the challenging economic climate Canada is facing. Barrie is a nice sized city of almost 200,000 and in this quiet community on Kempenfelt Bay it would seem like debt problems would be the last thing on people’s minds. But for these southern Ontario residents unsecure loans and mounting personal debt is a serious concern. One of the biggest challenges is often not knowing where to turn or how to repair the problem. Between the various choices of proposals, consolidation, refinancing or even bankruptcy it can be very confusing road to financial recovery for people in Barrie ON. The first and easiest step is always speaking with a debt advisor who is an expert in this area. They can help you to evaluate your money situation and find the best possible solution to help you recover. Then they can help you get started in a debt recovery program that is right for you. Often these programs can help you to get back on your feet much faster, with much less stress, and for a fraction of the cost that you might pay otherwise. So if you live in the Simcoe County or Barrie and you’re feeling the pinch then maybe it’s time to get some help. Please don’t try and do this alone. Just talk to an expert. They can show you options that you never knew you even had. Start by filling out the form above to learn some options and begin the process to debt settlement and recovery now.

PS: PLEASE…I’ve posted this darn project like 5 times now. Don’t bid unless you’re 110% positive you can complete it within a week. Thank you.

Facebook/twitter/ Myspace Fans

Facebook/twitter/ Myspace Fans
(Bid with peace of mind. Nobody will know who has bidded for this project because I’ve selected the “HIDE BIDDING DETAILS” feature here).

This is a simple job. It’s easy.

I need someone to increase fans/ followers on my Facebook, Twitter & Myspace accounts. These accounts don’t have any “Fan Page” yet.
*** Remember: I need Fans/ Followers who loves phone apps, NOT just friends*****

Good American English writing skills are required.

I want fans of iPhone, Blackberry & Android fans (12 – 50 years old) from worldwide to be converted into my iPhone, Blackberry, Android apps buyers

I’ll let you to sign in to my accounts. Then, find targeted audiences, do your magic gently and skillfully and convert them into my buyers.

Take Twitter as an example: Jack has 11,000 followers – you need to attract these people either by using the twitter ‘start following’ link or other methods. When it is done, I’ll have 11,000 plus people who have high possibility to buy my phone apps.

Then, search for more targeted audiences and do the same.

As every 20 follows takes approx 15 seconds to process so this is about a 3 hr job.

This job entails full management of the accounts, replying, posting, etc. I will answer questions via gmail.

You will respond to my fans/followers on a daily basis.

not to “spam” massively but to ethically build our network of friends and followers in these services.

Your chances of winning this project depends on the details you can provide
When replying, convince me with:
i) Suggest to me. Should this be a Project or a one-month Contract. And why? (5%)
ii) What you have actually achieved and your capability in this field (40%)
iii) let me know CLEARLY what you recommend to achieve and how you will achieve it… maybe with specific proposal. What are your guarantees? (55%).

If the project is fruitful, you can expect a bonus and 10 stars feedback from me! Plus, a long term relationship is expected if your idea works.

You need to be familiar with Facebook/ Twitter & Myspace, of course.

Shopping Cart Needed

Shopping Cart Needed
I need a shopping cart of three pdf items.

We are currently using PayPal Website Payments Pro and Authorize.net for our payment gateway. When a person purchases a practice test, we want it to email them the corresponding pdf. You will create the cart, create shopping cart page (can be used from current site template) and test it for functionality.

I do not want to give out my paypal or authorize.net credentials so if you can address that in your proposal it will help me understand how we can move forward without me taking risk of giving out that info.

I need this done ASAP. I will put money in escrow as soon as I get a bid that I can accept.

Programming Project 1264182748

Programming Project 1264182748
Hello the is Kevin Coles, you did the following video squeeze set for me about 2 or 3 months ago. But the PC that I had it stored on crashed. I was wondered if you could possibly resend it to my email. other than that all the work you did would be lost and my funds to have you do it for me wasted… Please let me know if you could do this for me…

I need the following 3 things done for on this project.

1) My current LOGO revised and added to the header and footer of #2

2) A Video Squeeze page (NO TEMPLATES) With the theme of a radio station. On this radio stations panel there should be a large lcd screen. This is where I’d like a slot to be place for me to easily insert and remove my video clips.

3) I need a basic branded confirmation page and Thank you page.

All programmer are welcome.

I prefer a programmer that is US based

Additional Info (Added 7/3/2009 at 9:10 EST)…
Attached file: SBRADIOSQUEEZPAGE62009.rtf
File info: Squeeze page , Thank you and confirmation Requirments

Additional Info (Added 7/3/2009 at 9:11 EST)…
Attached file: radiohost.jpg
File info: Radio host that I’de like the Super bee to be modeled on in the logo revision

Additional Info (Added 7/3/2009 at 9:12 EST)…
Attached file: radiostation console3.jpg
File info: example of the radio console that i’d like the theme of the squeeze to imulate.

Additional Info (Added 7/3/2009 at 9:30 EST)…
Attached file: honeybee.jpg
File info: This bee is an example of the one I would like in my LOGO. I could not pull up my existing LOGO b/c it was a swf file.