Joining Together

Joining Together
Well i am a website designer and i need somone to join with me to code in the templates the coder must be in UK, US or speak full english. I am willing to work with the coder in a pro way that means that they will get a fair cut in the designs i do. They dont have to be on the computer loads at all. Must see you work before i pay you.

Sports Site Redevelopment

Sports Site Redevelopment
I need an existing HTML sports website redesigned with Joomla as the backend, including migration of some content (text and photos) from existing to new site. The new site will include an online shop, the abilty to post videos (youtube) as well as a number of different types of news and fixtures pages. If you require more details before you bid, send me a scriptlance mail.

Really Simple Linux Questions

Really Simple Linux Questions
1 – • Write a script that takes a file of a list of words as input and orders them alphabetically.
• Amend your script so that it removes duplicate words.
• Extend your script so that it takes two files as input and merges them into
one ordered file of unique entries.
2 – Read about the ln command. Try the following:
• Use an editor to create a file with some arbitrary content. • Create a hard link to the file.
• Create a soft link to the file.
• Explain what happens when you cat the hard and soft links before, and
after, deleting the original file.
• Now replace the original file with a new file. What happens when you cat
the link files now?
3 – grep and awk, describe the use of these commands.
4 – Type in the following command: ps aux | grep “[p]s” | awk ‘{print $1}’
Describe what is happening and why.
5 – Achieve the following using awk and/or grep and xargs:
• Write a script to output the process ID of every instance of a named process you are running. You should be able to give the process name as input to the script. Make sure that only the processes named are listed, and not the script you are running.
• Now modify the script so that it kills each process in the list. You should use xargs to do this
• Create the directory tree /x/y/z using a single command.
• Create the directory /dumpGround, giving the directory read/write
permissions (only) to all when you do it. This should be done via a single
• With the aid of the tar command, copy the directory structure /x/y/z to the
new location of /usr/local.
• Describe a type of file that may not be deleted by the rm command.
• Compare two directories (you should do this using the tar command and
compare the tar files).

Logo Integration

Logo Integration
We have joined a trade organisation and need to show the logo on 10 Websites we own. This is straigtforward but the person integating tthem will need to make sure they sites we have are not damaged by bad coding or putting them in in the wrong size. Excellent communicatiion skills are required. WARNING TO ALL BIDDERS : if you send a Bid or PMB saying: I CAN DO THIS OR WILL BE DONE forget it!!!! Alos do not send me links of your work that fail it wastes everyones time.

Pop Up To Load Outside Iframe

Pop Up To Load Outside Iframe

I need a pop up to load outside an iframe.

let me give you an example..

a website , for example,

has an iframe for the url,

i need a pop up to load on the main site,


German Version Of Flippa

German Version Of Flippa

we want to set up a marketplace like in germany. We need similar funcionality, but different design and obviously a different language. If you can speak german – that would be perfect, but we can speak english if necessary. We have a PHP-programmer in our team, he will provide specifications for the code.
We will provide the design and the german text files via excel. The programming has to be done in PHP and MySQL.

We are looking for a very good programmer that can clone all the funcionality and will deliver reliable and stable code that can be modified by our own team.

1. frontend-coding – we will provide a Main template and a logo, you will have to modify the template and deliver the coded templates for homepage, lists, detail-site etc.

2. Registration process
– Member Registration
– Member login
– Forget password
– Sign-up

3. My Account
– Overview
– Bidding History
– Offer History
– My Listings
* Pending Bids
* Pending Offers
– Watch list
– Trust Manager
* Phone Number Verification
* Feedback Profile
– Credit History
– My Invoices
– Private Messages
* Inbox
* Sent message box
* Compose message
– Payment area
*Balance status
*Deposit money
*Open an escrow
*Withdraw money
– Settings
* Account Details
* Public Profile
* Email Preferences
* Change Password
– Affiliation
* Balance
* Withdraw

6. Buy
– Search website
– Categories
– Customer Filter

7. Sell (clone flippa functionalities)
– How it work
– Listing Fee
– Success Fee
– Maximum Success
– Minimum Success
– auction and private sale

8. Featured Listings

9. Latest Auctions

10. Latest Private Sales

11. Ending Soon

12. Just Sold

14. General
– About us
– Help
– Terms & Condition

15. WordPress-Blog

Admin interface:
The Administration panel constitutes;
– Buyer Management System
– Seller management System
– Payments Managements System (earning status, release escrows…)
– Content Management System (CMS)

– Administrator can send bulk email to members.

Server Platform (for PHP) Linux
Script and Database PHP & MySQL

WordPress Plugin Modification

WordPress Plugin Modification
I am using the plugin WP Robot from I have the full package with all modules including Flickr image module.

I am using a theme that uses TimThumb to display images. In order for the images to work properly with my theme, each post needs a custom field with Name/Key of “Thumbnail” and a Value of the image URL relative to my site root, for example “images/pic.jpg”.

What I need is for images to be added to each post that WP Robot makes in way of a custom field as described above. It needs to work every time WP Robot makes a post, so that it is completely automatic.

WP Robot plugin does not have a way to add this custom field to each post, but it does have the ability to collect images from flickr according to keywords.

You can either use the Flickr images from WP Robot, or randomly pick images from a directory on my server, or pull them randomly from the built in Media Library in wordpress. Any of these methods of getting the images are fine, I just need them added a a custom field that will work with TimThumb.

If you have any questions please ask.

Front End For Website

Front End For Website
I am looking for a web designer to create/design the front end for a website.

The website needs to look web 2.0 in nature, and like a sleek web application.

In total I see this being around 5 – 10 PSD’s that will need to be designed and coded into valid XHTML/CSS so please bid on the price for 10 PSD’s to be designed and coded (also please remember I will need logo design for the layouts, thanks)

Changes On Joomla Site

Changes On Joomla Site
I have had a joomla site created for my client. I want to make a few changes to the site (please see attachment)

1) In IE7 – the navigation tabs need to have more margin between them
2)A new module position that sits above content,
3) The site needs to be HTML valid – it currently contains some errors.
4) There is an anchor on the forms page so that when someone doesn’t submit all the details, it should go to the anchor so they can submit the form again. It works fine except in Firefox.