Logo For Website

Logo For Website
I am looking for a high quality logo designed for a website. The name of the site is “Caribbean Top News” (domain name is one word .com). It is a news site that summaries the top news stories in the Caribbean for each week. The logo should be vibrant and reflect the Caribbean. It should have the option to use the initials (CTN) similar to how Yahoo uses Y. Any mock-up logo will be given priority (you can add a watermark to it)and considered for the project.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Thank you!

New-ish Jxpx Website

New-ish Jxpx Website
We are moving the journyx.com/execute pages to their own domain and all of the content about the projectxecute product.

Please use journyx.com/execute as your basis and adjust it to meet the following criteria:

Our server farm Runs on Red Hat

we want a real CMS that is Python friendly like Plone or Drupal for approval workflow

Remove PX Hardware Reqs link in the left sidebar

Remove the “Request More Information” link at the bottom of the
right sidebar

Figure out a way to make the yellow “New” box at the top right
corner stand out more or more exciting

Figure out a way to make the “Successful Customer” logos more

Suggest changes to the navigation and content to improve usability
and the look & feel of the site.

Do not change anything about our web to lead form integration
(keep code as is).

We need to have different areas of content on the new site managed by different people, PR/news by one, structure of the site by
another, content of inner pages by another. Navigation and look and feel should not be jarringly dissimilar to the main journyx.com site.

available backend DB is postgresql

Where: The URL will be projectxecute.com.

Website Template Design

Website Template Design
We are after someone who can work closely with us on site designs for our customers within our CMS system.

The ideal person would need to provide a sample portfolio of work and demonstrate a good over design experience.

The templates would be as follows:

static (no flashwork) – 1-2 days turnaround
static with flash header – 2-3days turnaround
flash header with menu option – 2-3 day trnaround

The timeframes are critical and apply mon-fri only.

Each site would be 900px wide

Once the intial design has been agreed with the client then the design along with the PSD file and information on where any stock images where got to be provided back to us so that we can build the site.

Please bid oer static design but also indicate in PMB your pricing for the other types of templates.

Bidder needs to be daily available via email and chat is required.

Please bid if you think you can work with us on this only.

Any questions please feel free to ask

Windows Media Services Plugin

Windows Media Services Plugin
I am in need of someone that is extremely competent with Windows Media Services, and C#, C++, php, mysqul, or the VB.net framework.
I’ll let competent developers give me quotes. I will choose the one that looks the best.

Description: I need a Windows media server 2003/2008 32and64bit authentication Plugin which works with php script and mysql.
I must can host that script on multiple server, so basically i need user based security on mms /rtsp and http links (sample. rtsp://server/publishingpoint?u=username&p=password)
of streaming so user cannot steam my links only registered user can watch live stream. I do need full control on script to add user (name lastname addr…, users

connection,start and expiration. The pluging-script have to protect multiple conection of the same user and automatically deactivate the user account after expiration (account

status 0/1).

I need also a http form to add, remvoe, edit and list connected users from data base with manually enable/disable button to change status in the data base for individual user

account status 1 or 0 (on/off)

How it works:

* A user requests live stream:
Note that when a user requests a livestream, username and password are passed in the URL.
* Authentication plugin will check the username (sample: bob) and password (sample: secret). This happens in the background on the server side so the user does not even

notice anything.
To authenticate the user, the plugin will go to mysql data base you define in the configuration file to check the user and his account status.( the mysql and webserver

does not run on the same sever )
If in the user and password exitst, the user not connected and account satus are active then, the plugin will start the stream and set the connect status to 1

(multi connect protection of the same user)
* if the userer leaves/close the stream the plugin have to change the connect status to 0

* Otherwise, the user will not be able to play the stream.

After finish the project you have to deliver the wms plug-in with all associated scripts, detailed-comprehensible installation guide and complete sorce code.

PAYMENT: We will deposit 25% of the job in escrow using the escrow account system provided on this site. Another 10% after receiving the WMS plugin with the capability to

protect live streams. The Remaining balance will be paid after the final approved project is delivered, installed, approved and in FULL operation

Modifications reserved.

Chrome Fix And Contact Form

Chrome Fix And Contact Form
We have a wordpress website which we have designed from a theme, for some reason the scrolling image have stopped working in Goggle chrome but works in other browsers.

1. We need someone to fix this first of all.

2. We then need someone to design and insatll a contact form with anti spam/captcha, the form must allow for files to be uploaded but it must be safe. The form must be modern looking inline with the website. We dont mind if you use and edit a wordpress pugin to get it working. I would only like to see examples of similar work not lists and lists of website you have completed.

Fix 3 Things On Current Site.

Fix 3 Things On Current Site.
I have a current site up and operational, but it needs a few simple things to make it more appealing to viewers.

It is

The 3 things to fix are…

#1 Delete the log in box on the left side bar, dont need it as there is also a log in box on the top horizontal bar members can use.

#2 Delete the Statistics box entirely under the log in box on the left side bar, the site doesn’t need it as it is discouraging new members to join as they see the current low member count.

Just get rid of those two on the left side and allow the news box to move up.

#3 Fix the coding on sign up process so when members make payment, as their payment is finalized by they from paypal or alert pay, they are automatically activated in the site and have all the emails and can log in asap. Right now, when a member makes payment, I have to go into back office, and see pending members, then go to paypal or alertpay to verify they paid, then come back and move them from pending to active, but must still manually activate their account. No one can join the site unless payment is made, so when they finalize payment from paypal or alertpay I want the site to automatically activate their account. Paypal and Alertpay will not work unless they have money in the account or have a checking account or credit card added. So when they click the final pay button on either of them, they are prompted on my site to automatically activated without any more input on my end.

Those 3 things please. Nothing else, Need them done asap please.

$200, Escrow only. No money upfront, dont ask.

More work could be possible in the near future by someone who is dependable and trustworthy and knowledgeable. If you read the FAQ and System pages you will see there is indeed much more work to be done.

Whmcs Provisioning Module 2

Whmcs Provisioning Module 2
I’m looking for someone who had worked with WHMCS provisioning modules before.

The job is to create a provisioning module to integrate our custom control panel with WHMCS (baisc functionality such as: create, terminate, suspend, unsuspend, update).

The API is a ASP.NET soap webservice.
Attached is a detailed documentation of your API.
If hired, you will be provided with the real API url and an API password for test purpose.

So, keep it in mind when providing your time frame.

Extract Data – Commerce

Extract Data – Commerce
I’m looking for someone who can extract email addresses from the following websites. You’ll notice that when you click the link and then click Send Email, you are taken to a form. The email address is not in the source code. I’m sure this can be done.

Here are the two sites:


I would like to have the Company, contact, and email address. I am ready to start ASAP. Thank you.

Modify Classifieds Script

Modify Classifieds Script
I own this script: http://www.xzeroscripts.com/demos/xzero_classifieds/

and want to make it look and work like this script: http://www.classifieds.cubrosoft.com/demo/

Some other modifications would also need to be done like a zipcode radius search feature and making display ads run down the side of a page vs. at the bottom. Must resemble cubro version in look and ajax functionality. A couple of other tweaks may be needed but are minor and I will provide a complete written description of what I want done along with a proposed layout. I think that cubrosoft is based around xzero, though xzero has a much better backend.

I will not accept any bid over my posted maximum so don’t bother.

Writer Needed

Writer Needed
I need a responsible writer who can write 5 articles. Each article will be written in 1000 words

* Unique and Pass Copyscape
* Your articles must meet Ezine’s standard.
* Excellent written English with a good knowledge of Grammar.
* You should be able to write compelling and high-value articles with absolutely No Grammatical, Spelling & Structural Mistakes.
* SEO optimized, so you should have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization.
* Keyword Density 1 – 2% (use product name as keyword) to check keyword density visit : http://www.live-keyword-analysis.com/

max $50

Please provide me with a sample of your work