Osc Project.

Osc Project.
I have a new OSC install I need some help tweaking….

1. I need the shipping setup (modules installed…)
I want to charge shipping like this:
7% of the cart total to ship UPS Ground,
10% of the cart total to ship Second Day Air,
15% of the cart total to ship next Day Air

so when the client gets to the shipping page they can choose the shipping method they want and are charged accordingly…

2. There are some page alignment issues, another developer made some tweaks and messed up the aligment of all the pages…I need this fixed… See photos…

3. I need this COMPLETE before 8:00 AM EST Monday morning… so if you do not have time now do not bid please….

WordPress Database Mysql Work

WordPress Database Mysql Work
I’m willing to pay $200-260 for this work. It must be done in 16 days or less.

My client (a wordpress designer) started a site in WordPress v2.9.1. He is responsible for the service pages, SEO, client communication, etc. He needs built a solution to integrate an ecommerce catalog for automotive parts and accessories using my client’s 12 to15 Excel spreadsheets containing vehicle applications and prices. Spreadsheets are provided by the manufacturers and vary in layout and content. My client will need the ability to adjust prices globally or by category by % increase/decrease and have a template to use (CSV or other – he will populate data himself) for uploading future catalog updates. Client will also need a way to link the catalog to a shopping cart for orders. A few of these manufacturer catalogs will remain on the manufacturer’s website in PDF format. I’d like to use it as view-only to find a part number then search the part number on the client’s catalog. Client will need a simplified Year-Make-Model search at minimum to be used throughout the WordPress sidebar (widget maybe). Client will not retain stock of these items but instead receive the orders to get them for his customers when they order through his website.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

I am thinking of using WP.osC http://www.wposc.com/ to integrate osCommerce for the cart and catalog solution but it’s only an idea at this point. Open to ideas but has to be non-website experience user-friendly. He currently used Miva but hates it. I will provide all spreadsheets to view before submitting proposal.

Work that needs to be completed:

1. To develop a fully functional ecommerce catalog within or attached to the Client’s WordPress website platform.
2. To create all database and related software modifications primarily using PHP language.
3. Advise Client on the best method, including suggested software and development methods or practices, to build an ecommerce/catalog solution to search for, store and render automotive parts and accessories.
4. Develop in such a way to allow the databases to be upgradeable by the website owner or Client as future catalog changes occur. Contractor will not be responsible for future catalog updates and any needed database modifications beyond the term of this agreement. Contractor warranty is only valid for the functionality of the software being developed at the time of development and within the term of this agreement and is not liable for compatibility and changes needed for future 3rd party software version updates. However Contractor will develop with intent of being as forward-compatible as possible.
5. Ensure the ecommerce admin has the ability to raise or lower catalog prices globally or by individual categories. Raising or lowering by percentage is preferred method.
6. Permit images, descriptions and specifications to be uploaded and accompany the store products if needed.
7. To be reasonably accessible to communicate project details as needed by Client via email, phone or other electronic methods during normal business hours and business days.
8. Create working electronic data template documents (CSV or other DB language) in order for website user to input future catalog data and/or changes to data capable of being upload to server. Excel CSV is preferred method.
9. Use Client’s Excel documents and PDF catalogs to create the ecommerce automotive parts and accessories database.
10. For catalogs being viewed as a PDF file, create a way to search for the product and provide a price within the website’s shopping cart to complete the transaction.
11. Provide a Year-Make-Model catalog search where possible.
12. Use existing template on the WordPress website created by Client.


I need a ROCKSTAR SuperNinja, for 4-6 hours NOW…. One of my guys out sick.

Customizine fome WordPress template pages including the php, and CSS, and one minor java Script for a popup on exit.

Do NOT apply if:
You cannot start NOW.
You have no Feedback
You are going to dump your resume in the PMB
You are not a 10 out of 10 in both expertise and SPEED.

It is difficult for me to describe the project ese, because it is a bunch of minor tweaks.

You will be working directly with My lead Developer.

I NEVER escrow. My History on SL over SEVERAL years give you all you need to know about me.

Open PMB for questions.

Oscommerce Project 2

Oscommerce Project 2
This is for my 2nd oscommerce website.

Already installed Easy populate and Extra Fields manager and tested, it working fine.

Task 1 – Need to Insert 3 new fields in excel sheet. (easy populate)

Task 2 – Need Ajax quick search (3 fields) on header. Ajax is important. Example website (www.autoanything.com / www.eautoworks.com) Just look at the section “Select Your Vehicle” Top Left hand side.

Current oscommerce website is working fine. Just need above 2 new option in my website.

Oscommerce Minor Customization

Oscommerce Minor Customization
I am looking for a programmer that can write some code for my oscommerce website. I have done most of the work myself 98% but I just need a few more things.

I need small adds-on in oscommerce website “Ducth TNT shipping” module, its available in osc contribution section.

My current osc website showing “00 items” on shopping bag panel. It must show “0 items”.

Installed Extra information pages module, Also connected with other language files, Its working good. But dont know how to make it display static on header and footer. ( i mean particular page name / title on header)

Installed Quantity discount module, But i don’t know how to operate it. All i need is < 10 quantity 100$ < 20 quantity 200$, something like this.

I will be working along side you guiding you with the code.

Please let me know rough quotes and then we can go from there with project specifics.

P3p Policy – Cookies

P3p Policy – Cookies
We need someone who knows about p3p policies, and can implement it for us.

we’re in the process of making a URL cloaking site/ Short URL site, but IE seems to be blocking the target website’s cookies,

we need someone to implement p3p policy to prevent IE to block cookies,

a 10 minute job for someone who knows what he’s doing,

Happy bidding.

Live Stream Launch Page

Live Stream Launch Page
Need someone to setup a page where my customers can login and setup a live stream broadcast using my account info for streamapi.com

This is what their documentation says.

You need to use the API to create three different sessions, one for
each customer. Each host would need a page to start broadcasting from
and a page where the broadcast can be viewed.

This page describes how to set up the broadcasts:

You can take a look at our document for setting up the viewing pages

We have client libraries and sample code that you can use to get
started. PHP library can be found here:

Joomla Or Drupal Work

Joomla Or Drupal Work
I’m willing to pay $150-300 for. It must be done in 12 days or less.

You can use a drupal or joomla tempalte I can give you but really the client has made all the pages (or most of them, so the template may not be applicable for this) They made all the pages in as psds. So you won’t really have much design work to do at all. Just chop up their psd designs and put it in. You do have to make the signup page. They forgot to do that.

The company has teamed up with a fax to email company. So they program is there it just needs to be put on the site. Sort of like putting in a plug in.

Email Fax Website Project Scope:
This project is for the development of a new Email to Fax website that will allow customers to send and receive faxes through their email, similar to myCCCfax.com (remove the CCC). The ideal candidate for this project should have extensive experience in custom APIs, web development and merchant account integration.
We have partnered with a Fax company that will handle the faxing services on the backend, but we need an experienced web developer who can customize and integrate their Faxing API into our website. Detailed API documentation will be provided during developer interviews.
The API will need to be integrated into our site and the web developer for this project will need to be able to customize it with our website to include the following features:
1. Merchant Account Integration – When users sign up for a faxing subscription plan, the web developer must be able to integrate our Merchant Account to process the payments (we will probably be using PayPal or Authorize.net depending on the developer’s recommendations).
2. New User Sign Up – Once users successfully complete the payment process for the fax subscription plan, we need an automatic provisioning feature that allows new customers to have immediate access to their account to select a new fax number and begin faxing. The customer information from the sign up form / payment information, must be automatically moved over to their Faxing account login so that we do not have to manually create an account for new customers every time someone signs up… the process has to be automated.
3. Automatic Email Notifications – We need automatic email notifications to be sent out every time a customer signs up for the first time, makes certain changes to their account, monthly subscription payment is due, etc. In addition, when someone fills out the Contact Us form or a new user signs up, we need an automatic email notification sent to our administrator email account.
4. Fax Limits – We will be offering several different faxing plans based on the number of faxes (either incoming or outgoing) each customer is entitled to per month. If a customer goes over their allotted amount of monthly faxes, their account needs to be automatically billed .08 cents for each additional incoming / outgoing fax until the customer’s next billing cycle. The web developer must be able to customize the API / Faxing account up so that once the customer goes over their allotted monthly faxing limit, each additional fax will be automatically charged to their account.
5. Account Login – Users need to be able to login to their account and make changes to their account information, change their password, update e-mail addresses, etc.
In addition to integrating the Faxing API, features listed above and merchant account integration, we will need the web developer to build the front end of our website. Our website will consist of the following pages:
Sign Up
Contact Us
Account Login / Administration for customers
For the design of the homepage / inner pages, we will provide more detail, put it will be similar to the design / content of MyCCCFax.com (remove the CCC) (but we will not have an “Enterprise” section – only the pages mentioned above.
On the backend of the site, we as site administrators need to be able to do the following:
View Customers’ accounts / account activity
Suspend / Delete / Create customers’ accounts
We are also expecting the web developer to make recommendations about what type of hosting to use (dedicated server, Linux vs. Windows, etc.), and will be expecting the site to be built with security in mind.

Health Articles Needed (27)

Health Articles Needed (27)
I am starting a blog on sleep apnea and weight loss, and need 27 articles written. The articles will be written on these topics:

– Meal planning
– Nutrition 101
– Foods that help with sleeping
– Foods that boost energy
– Exercises for weight loss

I will provide the successful bidder with the specific topic for each article.

I am looking for a writer who has a background in health (nutrition, in particular). Experience in writing articles on the topic of sleep apnea would also be an asset.

When bidding on this project please provide links to published articles you have written that deal with nutrition.

Need Ebay Seller

Need Ebay Seller
Hi there. My name is Jack and I have a small business with electronics. I want to sell some HP laptops on ebay, but because I had an acount that was closed a few years ago, I need someone with an account to sell for me, and I will offer share. The share is 10% off final sale price (thats about 100-150usd / laptop) I have a total of ~30 laptops.
Users must not have hold on their funds.
I will pay all the fees for ebay and paypal.
Users must be able to post Buy it now auctions.
If interested, do not hesitate to bid.
Seller will deduct payment from amount, then send the remaining to a Liberty Reserve account.
Thank you.