Bigcartel Website Modification

Bigcartel Website Modification
My e-commerce website on currently looks like this ( I need a web designer to make it look like the screenshot I have provided. Some basic html is required and the project needs to be completed within 2 weeks.

I currently own 2 domains and they need to be linked to each other ( needs to be linked to after user has clicked on the logo).

The work will have to be done through using their CSS module on their design page. Below is a list of tasks to be completed:

– create intro page.
– link ( to (
– create “header bar” at the top containing page links.
– connect links to their proper pages.
– incorporate mailing list system.
– create “subscribe to mailing” list box.
– upload pictures.
– link social networking sites.

My main concern in this project is creating the navigation bar at the top of the page and linking the titles to their pages. The pages have already been created on big cartel and they simply need to be linked to each other. My other main concern is creating/implementing a “subscribe to mailing list system” located at the top right of the navigation bar. If possible, I would like visitors to input their email address and their address would just be logged into a text.file which I may access. I have already gone through 2 web designers and they weren’t able to complete the tasks. Please review and read the project carefully and make sure you would be able to complete the tasks. I will provide all the designs and pictures, so you simply would just need to put the pieces all together. I have indicated the areas of the site that need to be worked on in “red” in the attached screenshot.

Expert In Joomla And In Css

Expert In Joomla And In Css
This is a simple project that you can do in 1 or 2 days.

If you are an employee and you are free during the night for almost 3 hours, this job is for you. (please in bid, you write if you are an employee).

Specific Request :

– good knowledge of joomla and css.

My request are these :
(I wish to use this design of venicehotelsnear for a new domain

a) You shift the website (joomla) of venicehotelsnear on new domain.
b) You replace “Venice” with “Rome”.
c) To setup the hotel search box of for new website
d) This page is created from hotelscombined, you should do a similar thing ( on this address ).

My buget is about 70 $

Clone Site – 1000 Usd

Clone Site – 1000 Usd
I need 10 clones
I have all the scripts
a) I give you the scripts, one after another.
b) Give a standardised list of mods / addons that would be used across all scripts
c) You start integrating them from 1 Script and move on to another and so on.
d) I need them installed and few mods standardized so that each can be added to almost all the scripts
e) Debugging and Testing.
People with php mysql are must

The clones are of following :
Videosharing like Youtube
B2B like Alibaba
Auction like Ebay
Jobsite like Monster
Lancing like Elance
Social networking like MySpace
Image Sharing like Rapidshare
Classifieds like Craiglist
Searchengine like Google
Dating like Match

I will pay only via Scriptlance escrow and on successful live testing of 1 month on server
People with excellent track record respond

Survivor Pool Soccer

Survivor Pool Soccer
When a tournament is anounced members must register to the tournament first.When tournament starts members are asked to pick one result of a match each round ( home win-draw-away win).
If member’s pick wins, the member continues on to the next round. If the member’s chosen team loses, the member is eliminated.The last member left standing wins.

Should all active members be eliminated in a given round, they are automatically reinstated and continue on to the next round.

Support for buybacks , where only eliminated members can get back into the pool for a fee but no later than (ie 25 left).


Ability to Add Countries and teams for constant use
Tournament management
add tourneys . Add a prize for the tournament winner.
Free registrations allowed i.e 1000 per tournament after that with a fee (points)
Add matches for rounds (each match suspends after starting time of match)
Enter results
Show statistics
member management
E-mail all members
Archive page for the past tourneys, winners and prize is shown

Buy points (paypal,moneybookers) to use as entry fee or for buyback for tournament
Profile management
Invite friends
Encoding utf8 as i will translate it to another language- optimization to handle large visitors

There is an opensource script ( which does what i need and more but unfortunately it is in asp. I need a php/mysql one.
and only interested in with the survivor pool.

Cookie Website

Cookie Website
Need help creating a cookie website. Need to closely mimic the functionality (NOT DESIGN) of Need someone who is a competent designer who can take direction well. Must have portfolio of work to share. Also need logo creation as well. Already have site map/skeleton that you can use. Would like to have you design and then I can add all content using Joomla or similar program. Need complete delivery by March 25th, 2010, sooner would be even better. I prefer that you are in the US so we can have realtime conversations. Strong English speaker desired as I wish not to lose anything in translation which could stall the project timeline.

Company Blog

Company Blog
I am looking for a blogger expert. The person who originally designed ours via left and I was volunteered to complete it. I did, but then my supervisor wanted a 3rd column added as well as other things and I got lost. Things no longer work that worked in the original and there is a lot of extra code in it that needs to be taken out. I am not a programmer/scriptor, but I can handle basic html and javascript pre-made forms Websites. I am an analyst by trade and it is hard to pick up where someone else left off.

The To Do list, which is in a Post on the Blog, shows what has to be done. Can someone help get this blog up for me as soon as possible?

Drupal Skin

Drupal Skin
PSD to Drupal skin required.

– We will provide all the PSD & PDF’s as well as a brief.
– Need to create and install the skin onto a website. So the client can then go in and create content, giving the look and feel and design.
– 2 pages only – Landing page and secondary page (Secondary page will be used as the template for all other pages in the website.)
– Rollover/dropdown primary menu/navigation
– All copy is designed as text on images ie searchable by google.

E-commerce Website Project

E-commerce Website Project
I require a TEAM to develop a eccomerce site. It will need to be custom and unique. Please do not bid if you do not have a team. More details will be provided.

Help navigate me through the whole SSL and payment processing bit in addition to setting up a shopping cart.

-Stock control management with Advanced password protected content

management system with the ability to update images, products and

categories, Show unlimited photos and descriptions of your products
-Discount coupons and voucher codes
-Automated email notifications when purchased
-Add/Remove/edit unlimited products/categories
-Search facility to help customers find items quickly within the website
-easy to use back end admin panel
-testimonial ( to be approved first)
-eccomerce online shop
-custom pages – about us, contact us,home etc.
– enquiry form
-automated newsletter functionality
– £ google adword advertising
-Search Engine Optimisation URL creation and registration
-stock control management
-easy to use shopping cart
-discount coupons/vouchers
-logo design
-search facility to find products
-accept all major credit/debit cards
-suuport for payment gateways – paypalpro,protx,worldpay,google

-customer account history (what was bought,when,how much etc.)
-multi currency support/shipping
-send to friend functionality
-view order status
-Option to checkout without creating account if desired
-option to checkout without creating account
-add personal messages to orders in checkouts
-ability to zoom into product images

Payment check :-,also ssl certificate secure

Red5 Ffmpeg Codeigniter Member

Red5 Ffmpeg Codeigniter Member
Provider is required to set up a streaming server on buyer’s website using RED5 and FFMPEG for encoding video files for dynamic delivery (creating 5 .flv files for different internet connection).

Provider must have Code Igniter because the site is in CodeIgniter, RED5 and FFMPEG experience. These modules are building on existing structure. Websites given as reference will be verified.

All modules are interconnected with each other and intensive ecommerce viewable on Window IE and Mozilla and Macintosh. Detailed document for each module and jpgs of page layouts will be shared with the provider chosen.

1. Install and configure FFMPEG and RED5 (streaming server) on a linux dedicated server for streaming on the website which includes live broadcasting and OnDemand movie/video streaming. Please see attached file.

2. Producer/Presenter Membership feeds all OnDemand content and this module is with heavy reporting and payment calculations (recurring billing for fees), content management, OnDemand uploads and live broadcasting scheduling and streaming. Admin payment to producers need to be setup, as well as, producer payment to buyer. Reporting of content payment, viewing statistics needs to be setup.

3. OnDemand – an interface has been built for approved members to upload 700M – 1.5G movie/video files, but upload needs to be activated. These files need to be encoded for dynamic delivery (5 formats which is automatically selected dependent on visitor’s internet connection.) H264 and VP6 quality. Member can pay for a movie with reward points, gift certificates, etc.

4. Live Broadcasting- save streaming content every 5 minutes so all of broadcast is not lost should there be interruption in connection. These saved live broadcasts in turn become OnDemand offerings for those who missed the live broadcast. The streaming files should also be done with dynamic delivery, H264 and VP6 quality. I need education here as to how the live broadcasting should be so it is efficient. There are 3 types of Live Broadcasting: 1 by Platinum Members, the other 2 are by Non-Platinum members and can be public or private which they can schedule and pay at time of booking.

If interested, please share websites relevant to this project. Any bid that does not show streaming experience will be automatically rejected. Thanks for your attention.

Site Scraping/create Mysql Db

Site Scraping/create Mysql Db
Very quick & simple project, we need the data from following link scraped and a db created:

for both links you will extract all business information, along with its hours/county/phone/features etc.

Completed MYSQL db must be uploaded on our server when finished.

If you know what you are doing, this quick project can be done in less than an hour.

Worker Needed For Students

Worker Needed For Students
This Job is strictly part-time and will only take 3 hrs of your daily time or 10 to 16 hours per week
This Job is Ideal for Students.Real job opportunities for you. Work from your home at your convenient time. Anyone can do this work like housewife, retired, students and working persons. No experience required. We give full step by step guide for your work. Get about 2 dollars . Get your payout weekly.

Contact me if intrested for more details:

Osc Modifications

Osc Modifications
I need someone to work with me on cre loaded to make some modifications.

i have alot of it already done. i need someone to help me modify my main store to update other stores. the other stores all are using the same database but will be a few minor changes in them. i have a file that pulls all the info into a xml file for the update but need help in making the main store write some additional info to a table so the other stores can read the update table and get the info.

this really isnt had at all just need someone a little more knowledgable them i am.

you must be able to work with me on this. i am not turning the job over and having nothing to do with it till its done.

payment will be paid via paypal once done. no exceptions.

this can be set up on yoru server or mine it doesnt matter to me.

must have phone (us only unless your calling), skype voice or yahoo voice.

i expect this to take less then 5 – 6 hours total time.

i can work on your schedule.

post any questions in pmb.

Online Store

Online Store
Hi, We need an easy to use Online store website
we will be selling clothing, electronics, toys we need simple clean layout. we want to collect emails and info for mailings.
I want to be able to add products, edit products easily. We need place for size, color etc. We will use google checkout for our shopping carts.
I want customers to have a wish list and a shopping cart.
Basically we need you to create the site and have it easy for us to add products, edit products etc. customers will have to sign up to check out thanks