Change Pngs In Flash Type Site

Change Pngs In Flash Type Site
I’m willing to pay $110-150 for this work. It must be done in less then 16 days.

Flash navigation and portfolio walls (or other display method) needed for content site.
Seller will take my html, Dreamweaver, or layout done in Fireworks pages, and provide “fly-in” style Nav bars, design thumbs which then can be expanded into “Gallery-Style” flash walls while moused-over, to approximately 7-8 main pages which then will have more of the same on the “child” pages, based on wireframe or flow chart I provide.

Seller also potentially will need to allow roll over on content that is b & w, and have it turn to color. Seller would agree to work collaboratively with Buyer to complete look of all Web Pages completed to the point that they are fully navigable and quick loading. Also Seller agrees that they will use “Best Practices” and are creating custom Flash Action Script, etc., to achieve a satisfactory result (or customized script previously created if fitting overall project)

Seller will also include meta tags provided from Buyer’s keywords on pages requested.

I will provide specs, content, Visio flow chart, sound for roll-overs and will get back navigable pages, .swf, and .fla files. Seller agrees to also integrate a CMS build so that content may be updated as needed by Buyer. I also wish a separate bid for a simple splash page incorporating my design elements.

You will need to modify the site anyway the client wants and install in the end.

Gpt Script Wanted 2

Gpt Script Wanted 2
Hi all,

I have $80 and i want a GPT script,?

It Needs to have a login for members with a members area,with a section to keep track of what they have earned,and a refferal system where members will earn a percentage of what there refferals earn etc,

With this script i will want other things adding at a later date and i guarentee i will also use the same person who makes this script for me,

so only has to be a simple GPT script where members can complete offers/trials/surveys to earn cash and points to cashout to paypal or exchange for gifts like a xbox games,xbox live codes etc..

i know i am asking alot for a little price,but i wont get if i dont ask 🙂
worth a try i guess


Thank you and happy bidding

Two Easy Scraper Projects

Two Easy Scraper Projects
No bids over $30. PHP only.

I’ve got two very easy scraper projects. We will be pulling in data from two membership websites. There are 12 fields that we will be pulling in. Each and every page looks exactly identical. The layout is the same.

The URLs that will be scraped are all in sequential order. (Each member is assigned a sequential number. Helps make this project easy.)
Such as:

So your list of URLs will be simply like this:
Such as:
Such as:
Such as:
Such as:

…and so on.

This way your script can just increment that url number and go to the next member’s page, until it gets its first error.

We want the output data to be able to go easily into an Excel file. We want to be able to download this to our hard drive (without having to go into FTP to download the output file).

We’d like a delay pause that we can change, in case we fill the script is running too fast and we don’t want any problems with that.

There is one graphic element, a picture of the member. We want that, as well. Not sure how you want to give us the picture. Maybe as a folder or zip file that contains all of the separate .gif or .jpg files. The name of each jpg file can be the User ID of each individual member.

We want several comment fields in your PHP script in case we have to revise it later (every now and then a webmaster will change the template, and we want to be able to adapt to that).

I’ve got a file attached to this project that shows you the layout of all of the membership pages that you will be scraping.

We want three things from each of the two projects. One will be a completed output file. Something we can import into Excel.

The other will be your PHP script that we can run on our own a few times a year to see if there are new members added. (We want to be able to have an input field into your script so that we can type in the starting number, so that it doesn’t go and scrape the data that we already have.)

We have two membership websites that I want to do this for. Does this mean we need a separate script for each website? Both websites have sequential numbers assigned to the member. Both websites have sequential URLs, making it easier to scrape the data. Both have member pages that are structured the same way on all pages for that website.

Thank you.

Simple Clone

Simple Clone
We need a simple Clone of e.g. Posterjack.

– Users must be able to upload Images for Print.

– Full Admin control inclusive.

– No Connection of the uploaded images to the print-routine needed – only storage.

– Payment Options (Paypal, Moneybookers, Sofortueberweisung, CreditCard, Bank Transfer).

– Simple Tool needed – not too complex/complicated

– CMS based with WYSIWYG-Editor

– Templatebased

Inventory Script Clone

Inventory Script Clone
we need a clone of an free existing inventory script which can be found here
with the same strucure but having the inventories displayed in a datagrid by using the software from here: (script already purchased and will be supplied by us). In addition to the existing script the cloned one needs to be able to search and show products images as per datagrid example.
Webforms must have proper html format(W3C validated) with an external CSS file and must be compatible with all major browsers.

A further development of the completed script is highly envisiaged after completion of the previous cloned script.

Server: LAMP

Including Account Subscription

Including Account Subscription

i need a account subscription feature for an existing video sharing site.

At the moment users can watch videos without registration and payment.

Subscription should work like this:

– User shouldn’t be able to watch and download videos without account subscription.

– If they click on a video they should be redirected to registration form

– It have to be added the payment option in actual registration form.
Payment Gateway should be FilePayment.
Choose boxes for the following subscription option:
Year (Price)
Month (Price)
(In admin area it should be possible to control the prices and to control which option is ON/OFF on the site)

Important: User should get only access to his account, if payment is done. The account should expire after the time for which he paid is over. But their should be an option for him to reactive his account with a subscription payment.

Also we have to activate this settings for the existing users.

Hope someone can help!

Payment after job is completely finished.

Lamp And Php Payment Work

Lamp And Php Payment Work
I’m willing to pay $110-170 for this work. It must be done in 15 days or less.

The work is an integration to CardVault secure PCI compliant storage service using EC-Linx payment gateway. This will involve integrating 3rd party tokenization secure payment solution (3 Delta’s CardVault) with client’s new site (built using LAMP technologies). FYI, client’s merchant provider is First Data.

To help bridge CardVault (based on Microsoft technologies; but should be able to integrate with other solutions per 3Delta) with client’s PHP based custom e-commerce, we believe 3 Delta’s EC-Linx product may be an option to support the integration.

Need Virtual Assistance

Need Virtual Assistance
I need virtual assistance to help me with my wordpress and other stuff.
You must be familiar with :

1) wordpress posting and theme setup and little bit mods in theme.
2) internet research
3) basic writing skills
4) basic photoshop knowledge
5) Most imp… Smartness

I am willing to pay in $150-200 for 30 days, and your work will be around 4-5 hours per day. (you need to place bid for 30 days.)
show me your related experience or references.

Write 50 Articles

Write 50 Articles
Hello, I’m needing to create some original content for a series 50 similar websites. And I need this done with in 5 days.

I need you to write 50 completely original 250 word articles. I don’t want any spinning, scraping or other garbage that google might end up banning. I just want original written content. It needs to be written in clearly written english. If that’s not your strength then this project is not for you.

The subjects will be all very similar in nature: ie: a name of a city or province followed by the subject on “insurance”

Hello, I need you to write an article at least 250 words in length, completely original, on 50 similar subjects listed below.

The subjects are all on a name of a city or province located in Canada, followed by the keyword “insurance”. So ie:

1) Vancouver insurance
2) Toronto insurance
3) Montreal insurance
…. would be same for all 50 subjects.

So you’d talk about how many people living in the city or province are looking for insurance quotes. Talk about how an insurance quote can save them money, talk about home, auto, life insurance. Talk about why insurance is important, why someone should have it, where to shop for the best insurance rates, and how it can help the person. To make it unique mention something unqiue in a sentence or two about that city or province. To find that info use wikipedia or just google the name of the city and you’ll find unique information on it to incorporate into your article. ie: population, climate, major industries, important landmarks, or whatever, you can find about that city or province.

Each of the articles need to be as unique as possible. (and not copies of each other) The keyword should be included in the article at least 4 times.

I have another 2 of these exact projects to do after this one. So if you can get me this project done this week I’ll give you the next one if you want it. Email me back on here or at my email to let me know if you want to proceed. Thanks.

This is from a similar project, only it was on debt consolidation. But basically the same rules apply. Only for this project you’d be talking about insurance rather than debt.
—————————sample article——————–

Barrie Ontario residents are seeking debt consolidation more than ever before due to the challenging economic climate Canada is facing. Barrie is a nice sized city of almost 200,000 and in this quiet community on Kempenfelt Bay it would seem like debt problems would be the last thing on people’s minds. But for these southern Ontario residents unsecure loans and mounting personal debt is a serious concern. One of the biggest challenges is often not knowing where to turn or how to repair the problem. Between the various choices of proposals, consolidation, refinancing or even bankruptcy it can be very confusing road to financial recovery for people in Barrie ON. The first and easiest step is always speaking with a debt advisor who is an expert in this area. They can help you to evaluate your money situation and find the best possible solution to help you recover. Then they can help you get started in a debt recovery program that is right for you. Often these programs can help you to get back on your feet much faster, with much less stress, and for a fraction of the cost that you might pay otherwise. So if you live in the Simcoe County or Barrie and you’re feeling the pinch then maybe it’s time to get some help. Please don’t try and do this alone. Just talk to an expert. They can show you options that you never knew you even had. Start by filling out the form above to learn some options and begin the process to debt settlement and recovery now.

I Need 13 Articles On 8 Topi 2

I Need 13 Articles On 8 Topi 2
I Need 13 Articles on 8 Topics. I Prefer Medical student and Girl. Because Topic is Birth Control.
I will pay bonus if i like your articles.
Please see attachment for topics and other description. I need original and unique articles. Please don’t bid if you using spinner type software. I will not accept that kind of articles.
Once again I am Telling you! I need original and unique articles. Spell mistake also not accepted.

Happy Biding.

Affiliate Store Creator

Affiliate Store Creator
Need for now a simple Affiliate Store Creator that can create multiple online shopping stores, using data feeds from CJ, Linkshare, Google, and Ppepperjamnetwork. Need to have a CMS so that I can play around with the site and make changes on the fly. Sites/CMS CMS will need to check data and update data nightly automatically and automatically when controlled by backend to approve merchants and merchant’s products
Please provide sample work. We will own all rights to the code. Must be search engine friendly.

Goals are

1. Need to create specialty online stores. (toys, electronics, furniture, etc)
2. Need a Comparison Shopping site (separate website)
3. Need single page creator to create pages for google to promote a single item/idea (Wii, boys bedroom, blueray)