Simple Website Redesign

Simple Website Redesign
I would like to revamp my website. Your job as a programmer is to give it a more professional and clean look.

-Increase the width of the page
-Change the background and other colors
-Create a new header image (a simple one)
-Make space for advertisement at the left navigation and bottom
-Find a way to “insert adsense” at the middle of content (for directory listings) instead of at the bottom

Changes needs to be made at the directory’s css as well as wordpress for the design.

Quick Oscommerce Tweak

Quick Oscommerce Tweak
Online bookshop using OSCommerce – we’re using the ‘manufacturer’ field to put the author of the book and have changed the relevant text for things like searches and drop-downs.

What I need someone to do is add the author name into the category listings – so where all books in a section/category are listed we need the author/manufacturer field added in. This could either be in the same column as ‘Product Name’ or as a new column.

Niche Social Network Site

Niche Social Network Site
Am looking for a seasoned developer who can develop for me asocial network which will have the following features.Pls I want site which has been developed from scratch and not phpfox,socialengine,drupal or joomla).Serious people who can send detailed SRD or proposal.Priority will be given to people who have made socialnetworks which have been able to monetize or sold.Include references

1.Good look and feel good front end (simple but nice,the front end should make people understand what the site is about)
2.The login and profile creation (ajax) (need to give u details)
3.Subscription (e.g u pay 50 dollars and you get “mystore on ur profile)
4.Basic social stuff (Add friends,share files video,word,pdf,music),polls,quiz,q&a,forums,blogs,video,music,wall,chat,Q&A,tags,classifieds,events,comments,status,notification,private message)
5.Gmap (mini map on profile) and a larger map
6.Places I have lived (performed)
7.Portfolio Management
8.Ecommerce module (Read section C) this is perhaps the most important because that is hw i can make money
9.Business Directory
10.Job listing
12.Users banner (because most users will have their personal websites so the banner )
13.Ability to place ads and manage ads
14.Corporate CRM
15.Video conferencing

I have attached some of the features am looking at but we will not put them all at once

Broken Scripts

Broken Scripts
Currently we have two php scripts that are not functioning properly.
1. Wetlands database script
2. Vermin script.

May have something to do with PHP Version incompatability.

They reside at and

Registration is via the OzHunting Bulletin Board
Members of the OzHunting Bulletin board are automatically registered.

Both scripts are dependent on input from members.

It appears that the admin and membership logon is not functioning correctly.

When logged in as member script should allow editing and input to database information.

As a non member you can only view data

That “appears” to be working fine

When viewing “Print View” it gives a choice of several sections from “ALL” to Electoral Information, Hunting Information etc.

If I select only a section, say Hunting information, it gives out the following error

Warning: [Variable passed to each() is not an array or object] in /home/dkspub/public_html/ozwetlands/source/print_view.php on line 18

Notice: [Undefined variable: fga_info1] in /home/dkspub/public_html/ozwetlands/source/print_view.php on line 22

Warning: [end() [function.end]: Passed variable is not an array or object] in /home/dkspub/public_html/ozwetlands/source/lib/wetland.php on line 61

Warning: [key() [function.key]: Passed variable is not an array or object] in /home/dkspub/public_html/ozwetlands/source/lib/wetland.php on line 62

User Error: [Not open query. Statement error: SELECT * FROM wet_man WHERE id=] in /home/dkspub/public_html/ozwetlands/source/class/class.xxObject.php on line 66

Advanced Form Js/php (joomla 3

Advanced Form Js/php (joomla 3
“The first part” of the following credit calculator form has to be programmed and put into our joomla project.

We don’t need a “User details form pages”
We don’t need a “Result page” with input data
We don’t need an “Email” send.

Only a few fields will be different.

Your result should be as comfortable for the user as in the example page (error messages on the fly & mouse over explanations at question marks ”?” ).

In the attached file you see the individual form steps we need.

First form page
Depending on the selected numbers at point 1) the number of input fields in point 2) varies.

First & second form page
On the first two form pages sums have to be calculated with javascript depending on the user input.

Featured Content Scroller 3

Featured Content Scroller 3
Need a scroller for homepage (490pixels x 180pixels) that will display an image, small paragraph of text and a link to featured sections of website. All content will be taken from mysql database and will loop dynamically through entries that are marked as featured on database. Should be applet, javascript or php based not flash..

Simple Website: Events + Newsl

Simple Website: Events + Newsl
Project: Re-Design / rebuild

Please provide details how you will do this project (e.g. CMS, php, etc), when you place your bid. Otherwise we won’t take your bid serious.

Project description is available as PDF, on request.

# Generall agreement:
# Please read carefully full project/job description before placing a bid.
# Please provide details how you will do this project (e.g. cms, php, etc)
# Your bid (project duration calculation) is placed for calender days.
# We do NOT accept any delays.
# You will calculate a restricted timetable.
# If you do not deliver on time, we will cut the price for first day of delay by 20%.
# Every further day of delay will lead to a reduction of 5% of the agreed price.
# So please calculate wise and honest.
# We do not privilege the cheapest and fastest bid, more likely the one we can rely on.
# You will send invoice as PDF, XLS, DOC or HTML when work is finished.
# Payment will be made only after solution is completed, via SL/escrow.
# If you should have any questions, please send message before you place your bid!

Project: Re-Design / rebuild

What the website is about:
film events: an event planer for moviefestivals, where the organizers can list their events
users can search for events in their area
users can be informed via newsletter about upcoming events

What do we need:
complete redesign, new logo etc. (all film related),
all sites fully seo optimized!
All sites with a footer included (in footer put: Navigation in simple text-link form)
Keep it simple! The smaller the better! We are not looking for complex CMS, which has to be maintained. Small CMS is OK, just simple scripts/coding might be even better.

1. Home
2. Events (DE: Termine)
3. Newsletter
4. Organizer (DE: Veranstalter)
5. Insert event (DE: Termin anmelden)
6. Contact (DE: Kontakt)
7. Links

1.unique content / text (top) rated upcoming events (Top-5) (middle) rated past events (Top-3) (middle)
4.unique content / text (bottom)

1.Listing the events (overview),
1.each event with:
5.description / event info (Only short text version will be shown in event listing. All details available on event detail page.)
2.sortable, standard: next/upcoming event on top. Further in future below. On Top and bottom link to old/past events, newest on top. function for events e.g. by cities
4.Date will be linked to event detail page
2.event detail page: one page per event
1.Full information about event (full description + link to website)
2.list other events listed by this organizer (below event details) + user comments (below other events)
1.User can give leave short rating: from 1 to 5 stars
2.User can write reviews and comments to each event (must be spam secure, but should be possible without registration)
2.Meta-Keys/Tags, description: “filmboerse” + <city> + <hall> + <date> + <id>

1.Registration for users to subscribe to newsletter (Name + email)
2.Cronjob to send newsletter with upcoming events within the next x (e.g. 30) days
3.In Newsletter only date and city/hall + link to detail page.
4.Sorted by date, next upcoming first
5.Footer: text with our company / website date
6.Unsubscribe link

1.List of all organizers with:
1.Contact data + website
2.Link to a list of their events
2.Link on Top of page: “Register as Organizer?” (DE: Als Veranstalter anmelden?)
1.with: email, name, address, tel., website
2.organizers can chose which of these data should be published with their events (checkbox: publish in events)
3.After confirmed registration organizers can:
1.manage their events
2.list new event,
3.change event,
4.mark event as cancelled (This event will still be shown in the event-list, so that the users can see that this event is cancelled. Mark text as scratched out, with note in red “Termin abgesagt!”)
5.delete event

5)Insert event (only for registered organizers):
1.we need the following data:
2.time from / till (e.g. from hh:mm – till hh:mm) 24h format!
4.Hall / convention center
5.Entrance fee
6.description / event info (allow html and to insert pictures!)
7.organizer, contact data (will be coming from the data of the organizer)
8.organizers or events website: This detail will not be shown in the event listings, only on event detail pages!

1.static page, showing our contact data (NO contact form)

1.simple page with linkpartners (e.g.
2.Link to site with information how users can register their site: (e.g.

8)Other information
1.Ads (please each placeholder in one separate file, which will be included)
1.left side, below navigation: placeholder for text links or small buttons
2.right side of all pages, placeholder skyscraper
3.event listings, after every 5th event: placeholder for bannercode or Google AdSense.
4.event detail pages (somewhere below the event details): Placeholder for bannercode or Google AdSense

If you have any other ideas what to implement (e.g. Blog), please let me know!
Project description is available as PDF, on request.

Joomla Template Configuration

Joomla Template Configuration

I have installed Joomla 1.5 on my domain guestmonitor(dot)com along with the Afterburner template from Rocket Theme. Being new with Joomla and poor with time i need someone to configure the template to look like the demo on the rocket theme site along with the following:

1. Change the afterburner logo with our logo (ready with us) along with a tag line.

2. Change the colour theme to match with the logo (dark grey and orange).

3. Install wordpress blog and match its look to the rest of the site.

4. Install twitter and facebook buttons on the home page.

Serious Php Coder Needed 2

Serious Php Coder Needed 2

I need a serious and qualified php coder for my auction website.

If php is your strong point, if you are serious and not behave as a kid who tries to avoid work but you have a word as any real Man should have, then bid my project and you will have a lifetime partnership.

Thank you

Magento Extension Fix

Magento Extension Fix
Hello I need a magento extension fixed.

Here it is, but it doesnt appear on the front end.

Advanced Search sidebar box

and attributes should be added so that it works something like,;jsessionid=206849FA1466B6F6E4DFF58968603187.jvm1

the side advanced search.

let me know if it can be done.