Seo & One Way Backlinks

Seo & One Way Backlinks
Simple task here so be realistic when you bid. NO TEMPLATE BIDS will be accepted. Prove to me you know what I need and can get me results. Its a Gadget , Video Game and Electronics site. I know my competitors and I want to rank like they do. Serious inquiries only. PHP Ruby on rails is helpful.

If you accept job I want yo to start immediately NOT IN DAYS

WordPress Widget And Shortcode

WordPress Widget And Shortcode
I need a sidebar widget that will offer some simple search criteria with a find button. The results will appear on a give post or page using a shortcode.

The database setup, test data and search queries already exist.

Widget – The widget will have three drop downs- product category, country and location. (all read from the database). It needs to dynamically change the location list based on the country picked without a page refresh.

The widget setup should show have a title and a link to the search page/post permalink.

Once the search button is pressed it should pass the parameters to the page/post specified.

The Shortcode
The search page will contain a shortcode [PRODUCTSEARCH] which will generate the following results.

If no parameters are passed to the page then it should display the same search boxes as the side bar widget and work in the same way.

If parameters are passed the shortcode should display details that match the search from the database view. The given fields should be formatted in its own <p> tag. I will sort out the formatting properly later.

I will produce a database script to create the tables and test data. As well as the main queries you will need.

The plugin does not need to create the tables when it is installed. I can also supply a simple php database admin program to edit the test data if you wish.

Nice and easy to create.

WordPress As Website Tweaks

WordPress As Website Tweaks
I have a wordpress site that is setup as sales pages. I’m using a free blank sales page wordpress theme. This is what I need done and should be easy for an experienced wordpress person. Let me know if you can do part or all of the required work. Here’s what I need done:

1. Fix wordpress pages so titles do not appear on pages.
2. Fix aweber form that is not displaying correctly on page.
3. Determine how to securely put content on different pages for each weeks content so others can’t easily get into it that have not paid.
4. Sales page needs alignment tweaks.

This is the part you may not be able to do if you don’t have experience in this area.

1. I’m using 1 shopping cart with power pay merchant gateway. Need this set up on my sales page so I can process credit card payments or paypal payments.

2. I need add to cart button, I have example of how it needs to look.

3. I also need a cd graphic that uses the same graphic as my header on the top of my pages. You don’t have to come up with the graphic, just put in on a cd type of picture so I can show them what they will be getting. I can explain this further.

That’s it.

Create Landing Page

Create Landing Page
I need a designer to create a landing page template that will allow me to add unique content. I will supply the links to content and the designer must incorporate that content into the design.

Bidder must have experience with paid search landing pages. Bidder must write perfect US English.


Craigslist Html Advertisement

Craigslist Html Advertisement

I would like to create a nice glossy html ad that will specifically be run on craigslist under legal services. This should be a quick and simple job. I also wanted to know if it is possible to include my short youtube video as part of the html ad. Not sure if this can be done.

I will immediately provide text for headline and links back to my website (FloridaExpunge com). Please show examples of craigslist html ads done or graphic landing pages for example of work. This should take no more than a day at most to get a proof back.

I will defintiely need to know if video can be imbed in the ad or not.


Help For Quick Small Site

Help For Quick Small Site
I already have a template, but the graphics and links need to be updated. I need someone to “make it pop”. I also have an additional file that can be used for content, images, and such from one of my affiliate programs. I would need to do some rewording and moving around of information but everything here can be used without copyright infringement. There might be a need for more than just one page so a blank template for added pages later on would be nice. I know who to upload to the host server and to make basic changes. I just hate dealing with making it look professional with graphics, background etc.

I will actually have multiple websites based off the same template. (The First Attachment) If we work well together, there will be several projects coming.

I would like to use powerlinkgenerator to track my links and it requires a little coding. Instructions will be sent upon bid acceptance. I can also send some images and such from the other affiliate website information.

Also need auto responder code embedded.

I need this project done very quickly as it should be fairly simple for programmers. I have included much of the main text content which will be changed and moved around I am sure.

Website Clone Like Sl

Website Clone Like Sl

I need a clone of ScriptLance with payment module which have been used in ScriptLance, and also escrow option.
Payment module just for paypal for depositing in website account and withdrawal payment to buyer or programmer account like SL

Color and graphics as per FaceBook. home page like facebook (not all copy just similar).

Make a mokup design of home page, and show me.


Upgrade Existing Blog

Upgrade Existing Blog
Update a existing blogg
The blog is Swedish and located here:
Transfer the files to another place so we don’t work directly on customers blog.
When this is done I will give you the login info.
You will see the site is in Swedish, but I will explain good and translate everything.
User section
On the .psd, there is a shadow missing under the bars in the right column.
I want it to be placed there.
Customer wants to add so that every post will separated to 2 parts.
There will be a “read more” link, so when a visitor clicks there, the rest of the article will just slide down without loading a new page.
I will write how this should be done in the adminsection under “Skriv artikel” (post article)
The text “Artikeln har blivit last ganger” means article has been read times, I want this function to work, so everytime a visitor clicks on “read more” it will count here.
I want to integrate Google translate to the blog, so there will be a dropdown list where the user can choose which language to translate to.

Admin section
When you are logged in you see the top menu, but it doesn’t work. And should not.
The links for the blog is those on the right column.
I will write which menus we need to work on and which will be new areas.
Just on the frontpage you can see a link “Se alla kommentarer”, here admin see´s all comments made. I want the newest to show first, now they show on last page.

Config: (Exists)

Here you see a field named “admin E-post”, I want that every time someone writes a comment or give a rate, there will be sent a mail to this mail with, and in this mail there will be sent a link with a anchored link where it shows to which item it was given.

These checkboxes is to different configuration:
1st Show popular articles module on userpage in right column.
2nd Shot most commented module articles on userpage in right colum
3rd has no function remove it
4th Autoapprove comments on userpage.
I want you to check that these functions work. På means ON and Av means OFF.
Make this possible to choose On and off for, if the client want to show the categories module on the userpage.
Also if the client want to on or off a calendar. If the client clicks yes I want somehow that there will come up a colourscheme so client can choose the color for the calendar.
I want this calendar and click view example and you will understand about color scheme.
Those days an artcle is posted they will be marked.

Below the “Save” button, I want you to add 2 fields so admin can change the password.
And let it have its own save button.

Design (New)

From my CMS system, there is a function to change background.
The link is already at the top but has no function now.
So click the same button “Design” when logging in here:
U: admin
P: 123

Here you see different steps to change the design of the cms.
But I just want to integrate the “Bakgrund” part, here is where you change the background.
All the images and same categories will also be integrated.

Post article: (exists)
Here I want you to remove the three checkboxes visa kommentar (show comments), show rating and published.
I want both show rating and show comment to be automatically show for every article.

Instead of the checkbox for published, I want to add an icon next to save. So when admin clicks on save the article will just be saved and not published on userpage. But when admin clicks on Published icon the article will be published on the userpage.

Update the editor to the new CKeditor.

I want you to place two editors, the 1st one is for the introtext that will show for all the visitors.
And the text that is written in the 2nd editor is the text that will slide down and show when visitors click on “read more”.

Statistic (new)
Here I want to make it possible to show in a list which articles that has been “read more” and which day.
So there will be a list with the most popular ones and can be sorted by day / week / month.

Form To Forum

Form To Forum
We created a form. The form stores it’s data in the same database as our SMF Forum. Your job is to allow forum users to fill in that form once. You must connect the form results to their forum ID.

You must also add an EDIT button on the form to allow forum users to EDIT their form data and store it again. (and overwrite earlier data)

When it works, then give the form same colours as forum.

Are you a great coder with Knowledge of PHP, MySQL and Fora?
Wanna look at that form:

Rss Parser Script

Rss Parser Script

i want to add to my wordpress website a page that display CINEMA’S and FILM information from this RSS feed:

The script must be easly configurated to retrive user’s specified nodes.

Additionally i need some css code to extend my theme and display datas extracted from the RSS in a user friendly way… the code must be cross browser compatible..

This is my website:

A nice idea could be display a matrix with all film posters ( under each poster only the name of the film ) and when the user click on top of the poster an overlay box appear on top of the screen with all the informations… and the player with the trailer…

Finally i need an extra function that can be called in home page of my website that i will use to disaply a list of titles of the last available films and also in this case when the user click on title the overlay box with all information appears on top.

You can use any existing library like Magpie RSS or others…