Tshirt App Mods

Tshirt App Mods
I’m willing to pay $200 for this. It must be done by Monday. .

I have a flash app made. It needs some tweaking. Basically the categories it has need to just be hidden. They will no longer be applicable to the project.

Their need to be function to allow images to save on each side of the shirt. They don’t work right now.

XML needs to be added for easy use to add new products to be called to the application.

Here is how it will work and what you will need to do:

1) Visitor goes to http://project(REMOVE_THIS)server1.info/shorepromotions.com/

2) They can browse categories, subcategories, find the product they need.

3) They choose price, size, quantity, etc. all in the product page which is here: http://project(REMOVE_THIS)server1.info/shorepromotions.com/…

4) Product can be added to “Cart” and user is then shown the shopping cart page. User can update cart for each item or click on “Custom Design” for each product.

5) If they do click on custom design, then the appropriate black outline for that category is automatically shown and user can start to design the shirt. If they upload a picture in word or pdf, then message is shown and file is uploaded.

6) After design is done, user is then shown the cart again but it says “Designed. Click to Edit” for that product only. If they click on that button, then it will allow them to continue the design from where they last left it.

7) User can checkout and purchase.

8. The save function needs to work

9. The image of the shirt and what was uploaded (2 seperate files) must be saved for creating the shirt purposes.

So the client whose application this will be for will add the product’s image, title, etc to the xml file. It will then be called to the application. then we just need your designer to save the designed work and give it a unique ID.

Other small work will need to be done. Anyone who accepts this bid will agree to that.

Freelance Site Clone

Freelance Site Clone
I need a clone of scriptlance.com in functionality.

The functionality of the freelance site like scriptlance/freelancer . job posting, messaging service, rating system, service provider profiles, payment gateway …

Post your suggestions for the site design and all. I need a good admin admin panel and frontend.

Send the url of the freelance sites which you have done already.

PM for further discussion.

Need A Joomla Developer

Need A Joomla Developer
I have a customer who owns a fitness club. They have 4 locations with different class times each day. Im using joomla and virtue mart to sell the memberships. Im using categories as locations. The fitness club wants reports of the sales and customers from each location. Since I have the classes set up as simple products with attributes, there isnt a good way to get reports. A multi site application my also work but I want the website to be simple for the customer to use. Im looking for someone who will work with me to finish this website or create a new checkout process. It should be similar to the registration page of this company http://www.codepinkbootcamp.com/

Clone For Craigslist

Clone For Craigslist

I have been researching the last couple days for a new venture I wanted to get help rolling out. I am looking to clone craigslist but also include a few more features. I am hoping to establish a strong business relationship and use the developer ongoing for updating the site and making changes when needed. I will need it also installed on my host server. Since I am a newbie I am looking for admin to be user friendly.

Html To Joomla Template Needed

Html To Joomla Template Needed
I am re-designing a school’s website whose files got lost during a server account change. My customer wants to take the opportunity to change it because it looked too confusing and boring. Originally was designed using Joomla and the designer must have had just basic knowledge of Joomla because site was too boring and confusing.

I was thinking in creating a combination of HTML and Joomla site if that is an option with the belief that the HTML part will give it the more natural appealing of a common site while still having the Joomla benefits in its content pages. That way those pages that do not need constant update be HTML design and those that need daily updates and password access be Joomla with all the benefits it brings. But design between both need to look the same to barely notice the difference. I know html and I use Dreamweaver for editing, but have just basic knowledge of Joomla or php.

Need someone to help me put the website together by designing the Joomla template based in my html design, and putting it together with the html part. Some html design might be needed to ensure both look the same. After the project is completed, I would need advise on how to edit it in the future when needed.

Full real content not need to be included, just enough to show parts and areas. I will fill out the content information myself in both html and joomla areas provided you supply me all the corresponding files used or needed to do so. I will supply the needed images for Joomla or HTML areas that are needed for the design. I should be able to easily edit both html and joomla parts later on.

Site is divided into separate large group areas such as VISITORS, PARENTS, STUDENTS, FACULTY & STAFF. Some of these areas will have restricted access (password access).

Joomla areas will have slideshow header same as in html homepage, and iclude News Letters (PDF’s) with gallery , Current Events (Divided into event areas), School Calendar, Cafeteria Menu, Picture Galleries, Video Galleries, email access, download application or information update form for printout and a few other things. Also include dropdown menu if needed. It must include the SEARCH SITE option in the site for both the html and the Joomla part.

I started already the main template idea which I have attached an image view of the home page by which I would like the Joomla area look like.

Budget is low because school has a small budget too, so please keep your bidding as low as possible but with same good quality work.

To prevent from getting copy-paste bids from people who don’t even take the time to look at the project needs, please include the word “School Joomla Site” in your offer.

Bidder must have previous experience in HTML-Joomla Template design (show portfolio). Must design using latest version of Joomla.


Need 15 Hq Articles 250 Wrds 2

Need 15 Hq Articles 250 Wrds 2

This is a very easy job for a person who knows what he is doing,

We are looking for a quality writer to write 15 quality articles, 250-300 words each for article directories, for 5 different niche markets,

We will provide you with 15 keywords

You should research each article and build it based on what the keyword is about .

The articles should be keyword rich, and we mean rich with LSI keywords and not stuffed with one keyword .

We are not looking for normal articles with multi paragraphs,
We want articles with bullet points and and internal headlines and quotes and
small paragraphs to keep the reader reading till the end ( we will provide examples)

We don’t want you to provide us with titles, just the article body and we will make our own titles,

Please post reasonable bids and consider that we will work with you in bigger projects if we like your job .

I Need 9 Articles Within 24 3

I Need 9 Articles Within 24 3
I want 9 articles to be completed within 24 hrs.

Articles on Student Loan
Word Count: 500 words article
Price: $1 each article
Total price: $9
Time Frame: within 24 hrs
Requirement: Quality articles & Free from Grammar & errors.

IF you are able to complete the work in time with quality,I would hire you permanently for numerous articles project.

I would pay $1 each article of 500 words.
So bid if you are ready to accept my offer.

I need all articles within 24 hrs.

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign
I need to have a programmer build a Facebook Fan page. This could turn into a long term contract for constant updates of the Facebook Fan Page and new Blog and Social media marketing campaigns in the future. I want the Facebook Fan page to be similar to this one:


This will be a Real Estate Fan page and I have an IDX feed to search properties that I want to include in the Fan Page. I want the Fan page fully SEO’d and want you to obtain a base of 2,500+ Facebook Fans added to my new Fan page, all Fans need to be based in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett WA USA area.

My Requirements:
– Proven history of creating rich content and images for Fan pages such as the example I’ve provided.
– Fluent English
– I want all content to be relevant Real Estate content, so experience with Real Estate content production is preferred. I need articles to be written for my site and would like fresh content updated daily with 2-3 posts for at least 30 days.
– I want a very professional Pacific NW design (IE: Space Needle Photo, Mountains and Puget Sound)
– 2,500+ Seattle, WA area Facebook Fans within 30 days after completion of the Fan page
– Keep SEO of the Fan Page in mind at all times. I need you to show me examples of Fan pages you’ve optimized and are getting great traffic and conversion.
– Link building both to my Fan page and to my actual website will be very important, from high PR 3+ sites.

Auction Template &store Design

Auction Template &store Design
I need 2 designs: 1) for my ebay store and 2) a listing template to match. My store design needs to be sports related (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.). You can see my website at http://1stdownshop.com to see how my site is designed with a sports theme. Here are some examples of other store designs and listing templates that I like:

STORE: http://stores.ebay.com/Toms-Foreign-Auto-Parts

LISTING TEMPLATE: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/02-03-04-05-ALTIMA-ALTERNATOR-3-5L-6-CYL-THRU-12-04_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem5d27ff1a11QQitemZ400102988305QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories

STORE: http://stores.ebay.com/St-Paul-Harley-Davidson

LISTING TEMPLATE: http://cgi.ebay.com/HARLEY-DAVIDSON-WOMENS-LONG-SLEEVE-SHIRT-99074-08VW-NEW_W0QQitemZ220472933818QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_CSA_WC_Shirts_Tops?var=&hash=item79126c6121

STORE: http://stores.ebay.com/Greyhound-Performance

LISTING TEMPLATE: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Putco-1995-GMC-Sierra-Stainless-Steel-Fender-Trim_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem5886343359QQitemZ380208690009QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories

STORE: http://stores.ebay.com/ShopSeating

LISTING TEMPLATE: http://cgi.ebay.com/Slicka-Chair-for-Dining-Lounge-etc-Modern-Seating_W0QQitemZ280378765809QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_Chairs?hash=item4147e071f1

Some other things:

— I need the ebay templates to have a store search feature which searches all the items in my ebay store only

— these should also have a drop-down menu for the teams that I sell and when an item is selected in the drop-down menu, it will perform a store search based on parameters which i can configure. These drop-down menus should be able to easily configure in HTML so that I can do this myself (add & delete things as needed).

Please include real examples of YOUR work…not someone else’s work.

Freebsd Upgrade

Freebsd Upgrade
FreeBSD 6.3 upgrade 32bit to FreeBSD 7.0 64bit on live web server. The upgrade is needed for security reasons, patches BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY performance since I’m only running i386. I’d like to also increase RAM which I can’t with a 32bit oprating system. Current processor is Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz (2793.02-MHz 686-class CPU

Plimus Cookie Stuffing

Plimus Cookie Stuffing
Dear programmers,

I sell multiple products on my website (all through Plimus). The problem is that my affiliates only get credited for the specific product they referred traffic to. For example, if I sell product A, B and C, and an affiliate drives traffic to my site using the affiliate link for product B, I think that he will not get commissions if his referrals buy product A or C.

So, I’d like to have a script created so my affiliates drive traffic to one single link, then the script cookie-stuffs on the visitor’s browser with ALL the affiliate links for ALL products, and then finally the script redirects the traffic to my index page.

That way, I make 100% sure that if a visitor purchases a product on my website, the affiliate referring that visitor does get credited for the commissions.

So, basically, I’d need some sort of script to stuff all Plimus cookies into the browser. For that, I reckon I’d need some sort of dashboard where I enter the Contract/Product ID for my all my Plimus products, and then upload that into my server so I could give each affiliate his own link, which would be something like this:

(where “XXXXXXXX” is the affiliate’s Plimus ID).

I look forward working with the winning project bidder.

Bridge Letterboard Integration

Bridge Letterboard Integration
I need to have the Mochi bridge/letterboard integrated in phpAS4

Want it to at least have the forrloing two features:
# Show top scores and gaming history in your player profiles.
# Show friend scores to players and let them invite others to compete.

You can view info about both below.

This would be to show high scores of my players. If you have an idea on how to do this and the best way to integrate it, then place your bid.