3.5k Angela profiles 3 links/profile260$/75/1k in 35 day max by w3bmaster

I need 3500 Angela Profiles (i provide a search on google that shows 160k results of sites to create profiles) I need this done untill max 5 june More work AND SERIOUS people ONLY IF You didn’t do… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Data Entry, Link Building, SEO, Web Search)

New Website Design Joomla

I am interested in getting a new site built like http://xbluenetworks.com
I am a dealer for xblue.

I have ALL images available to me as a dealer located here: http://xbluenetworks.com/downloads

There are a total of 3 phone systems that will be displayed, X16, 45P and XPlus100.

I already have my own business logo and would need it inserted onto the website.

You can copy as much as you need to from the xblue site but all pictures needs to be from the download link shown above.

Xblue has navigational buttons on the left and I would like those duplicated for my site. 1-for the X16, one for the 45P and one for the XPlus100 which would take them to the proper page. There would also be a link for about us, contact, Home. I am also a dealer for Ipitomy phone systems. I would also like a link for Ipitomy. Ipitomy has 4 different phones systems. I would need links to pages for the phones systems and phones, showing all features of them. This is pretty much a copy and paste type deal for the website.

Please make the site easy for me to edit, in order for me to change or add text. Joomla would be a good choice, but feel free to quote on something different.

This will be a COMPLETE site up and ready once you have completed everything for the site.

If you have any questions please ask them. The price you quote I will hold you to.

Happy bidding!

JOOMLA developer and PHOTOSHOP Editor for new WEBSITE by rushyyz

*** PLEASE READ ENTIRE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE BIDDING *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. New ecommerce (clickbank) beer and fitness ebook 10-page, pop-up website needs to be created by EXPERIENCED, JOOMLA, Web 2.0 Developer and Photoshop Graphic Design team… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Graphic Design, Joomla, Photo Editing, Photoshop, Website Design)

Clickable Background Ad

I am looking for a small script/code to be able to make the background outside of the framework of a site clickable.

Check out the included screenshot – the area marked in red is the framework of the site and should NOT be affected by the background clickable effect.

The blue area to each side is the background (Preferably static (not move up and down as you scroll the page); extra bonus if there is a choice in the script/css to scroll the background with the site).

When you click on the background (outside the red box), it would be like clicking on a regular link (_blank).

The necessity for the background to be a css background is so if someone with a lower res monitor views the site, there would not be a horizontal scroll bar.

Sample of what I want is found here:

Click on projection (third from the left) and then the blue rockconcert thumbnail.

I am just looking for that effect; simply, a clickable background on the sides of a webpage that does not affect the actual content of the site (background z-index of -9999 or whatever); please take this into consideration when bidding on this project and price your bid accordingly if you want me to accept your bid.

I will not go strictly for the lowest bidder, but cost is a factor; and if you can prove a working example of what I am looking for, please include it in your correspondence with your bid.

Gourmet Chocolate Articles

Hi Scriptlancers,

I am looking for a quality article writer on “Gourmet Chocolate” to write 15 SEO friendly and keyword rich articles. Each article must have a creative / attractive title as well.
All(15)articles must be between 500 – 600 words range.

All articles must be original and unique in content and must be compatible with the existing site’s content where I will provide the details to the winning bidder.

You should also be able to provide the proof that all the articles are copy scape passed.

Thank you for your interest for this project