Urgent: Secure Form – Joomla

Urgent: Secure Form – Joomla
need a secure form created on my Joomla site – secure processing has to be set up and it has to integrate with my authorize.net account so that payment are automatically processed.

Current form is at:
has to be recreated on www.ClickConsultingServices.com.

Secure processing is not yet in place – would need programmer to set up.

URGENT: needed within 24 hours

Pizza Site 2

Pizza Site 2
pizza online order
Multishop with different opening times for every day of week
where customer cannot make order if shop is closed
with different products for each shop
With admin side when you can add categorys, products, products attributes, where you can add easy toppings for each pizza sepperatly and also in main side customer can add and remove toppings without changing the price.
it has to be exatly like this website. online.pizzataxi.fi enter 00980 aere code (use google translater to translate)
before you make a bid discust with me because i already payed before to programer ezone and he didnt do it the same way as i wanted , he took the money he gott good review and now he want answer anymore my emails. so i want pay nobody if the work is not done probebly.

Ecommerce Site On Joomla

Ecommerce Site On Joomla
Need to create an ecommerce system to sell designs my company creates. here are the requirements – ONLY Bid if you have the full ability to complete this project as stated:

1. People need to be able to add MULTIPLE designs to the cart and pay over a secure site.
2. I need this integrated with my existing company website on Joomla.
3. This will also serve as our design portfolio so that people can browse our work. thumbnail will be an area of the design and has to open to full, enlarged view of design
4. Needs to have sort options so that people can view items by category
5. items need a tagging system for proper search functionality
6. Security for payment processing
7. API integration so that payments automatically go into our authorize.net account

Need this set up within one week. Second week will be for testing, tweaking, adjusting, and launching.

When responding, send samples of similar projects you’ve worked on.

Adult Script And Hosting

Adult Script And Hosting
Hi, I am looking for a bunch of scripts i am looking for an adult script its very similar to the following link adultwork is there anyone who can clone? Also I am looking for a hosting script. I will need a lot of scripts but these to start with. Please contact me if you have scripts for sale I will also need help with installs probably, and some customization.the adult script should have a very powerful admin as should the hosting script.
Regards Nick

Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website
We need the development of a unique portfolio website that shows our uniqueness and ability to design and code.

What we need –

*Portfolio page that utilizes AJAX for displaying images. Users can browse through our “thumbnail gallery” to view our “skins” that we develop for Forums. When a user selects a thumbnail, the information would pop up. please visit this website – http://www.tdcollins.com/ for an idea of what we want.
*Ability to upload images quickly and implement them on our portfolio page.
*Database Driven
*Admin backend that allows the arranging of the portfolio pictures and the input of information for each thumbnail.
*Smoothness. When scrolling through the thumbnails i would like them to scroll smoothly.
*This is a full website development so we would also need the following pages – Index, About Us, Portfolio, Services, Contact us
*Need a working contact us page.

We also have other products that we would like to demonstrate and sell to users that are not skins. The ability to display the “modifications” similar to the skins method would be ideal.


For the skins i really like the sort of style shown here http://www.tdcollins.com/ under portfolios.

I feel it would be a great way to display the skins, and then let people flick through different images.

Obviously there would have to be a simple way to upload new images and have them appear in the flash layout.

As far as the product/features go, I’m open to suggestions. Probably be best if that wasn’t too flash heavy to be honest.

Essentially i need a clean, professional way to display multiple screenshots which can be easily flicked through, and also display quite a large amount of text on the same page.

Move Text From Html To Php

Move Text From Html To Php
I did a poker website you can see at http://nolimitpokerguide.com/

what i need is for you to remove the following text from the index page

“Making candles can be very exciting and a lot of fun. It is important to remember that candle making involves some basic concepts. Our how to make candles eBook covers everything from the basics to how to make Votive candles, Taper candles, Pillar candles, Container candles, Chunk candles, Gel candles and Soy candles.

If you are interested in making your own candles you need Our how to make candles eBook so grab your copy today for just $9.99 and you can download the entire book instantly after you pay. ”

I need you to replace the above text with the text and font sizes and colors exactly as shown at http://nolimitpokerguide.com/pokersales/

I do not need the header or blue backround… i just need the text and images inside the white area placed onto my index.php file at http://nolimitpokerguide.com replacing the text as mentioned above

Phpfox Update And Fixes 2

Phpfox Update And Fixes 2
1. Biz profile not loading – goes to error message “module not working.”
2. Fix videos on All Access Training page (not showing)
3. Change main video player on Home and All Access so it looks like YouTube/Longtail player allowing for coping of embedded video code.

4. Fix personal and biz profile “main background” transparency issue under “Main Background” in profile settings. Not working.
5. Use the 2 old 2009 POWER 50 nomination pages to create The Recruit reality show pages. We have a distributor ready to be our first “Recruit” as soon as this is ready.
6. Default polls on Home (2) and All Access (1) – this work began on dev. Never moved over.
7. Align “featured videos” in featured videos box on All Access Training page.
8. Integrate our branded/contest pages into DSL via admin with:
a. upload and editing content via admin integration
b. allows the brand owners to change promo video like profile pages.
c. give brand/contest owner the ability to have visitors leave comments on
brand/contest page using a button linking to the brand/contest DSL profile
d. allow members to upload video when a brand page/contest wants members to submit videos. Page must have thumbnails with showing name of video how many views, how many days since loaded, member name and rating.
This page must be separate from actual brand page like YouTube’s watch
more brand/contest videos page.
9. Add “Live” page (requires admin work)

Hyip Unique Design

Hyip Unique Design
Need a professional and unique hyipscript with great graphics, script(i also own GC pro 2009 and orohyip script) + web design. Not too similar to GC, maxhyip or neversay please no warez or decoded things.I need the full source code and a comfortable way to change templates and features (CMS). Must support all the features of GC pro. Apply with a list of projects you have done before and your price. thanks. Time max 5days
Preferible someone who has experience in this projects.

Zen Cart Project

Zen Cart Project
Im looking to have a website designed and programed for a custom shirt company. This project is for a client with a limited budget. The site he wants it to have functions is like kjbeckettbespokeshirts dot com This site must have all the same functions Please bid acordingly
There will be a total of 10 products(shirts) A customer will choice the shirt and be able to customize the way he wants, Can be musch simpler than the site i provided

Handshake Integration Pages 2

Handshake Integration Pages 2
I need 7 php pages that are external to the handshakes software but will interface with handshakes:

page 1: Home page with a flv player

page 2: Data entry page where we are capturing the user name, email, etc. This page should have a flv player also. This page should also allow the user to login to handshakes from this page.

page 3: User will be able to upload videos and text (this is out side of handshakes as we want users to upload with an handskahes account).

page 4: Users ahould be able to view the videos that was uploaded in page 3.

page 5: Users ahould be able to view the text that was uploaded in page 3.

page 6: A pages to display text information

page 7: This page is used to set the videos that will play on the pages above.

Also the videos that

Iphone App Builder

Iphone App Builder
I need a system similar to appmaker(dot)com that can create predefined app using a pre-set template. It uses primarily rss feeds.

I do not need all functions as app maker but I need system that allows me to enter rss feeds, add html pages, screens and graphic and then builds the app.

Should run on linux server.