Site Clone / Edit Or Mini Site

Site Clone / Edit Or Mini Site
Website look a like: without shopcart!

We need a simple version for our EUROPEAN wholesale B2B contacts. We have full permission and are related to the main compnay.

The new website is for B2B only and so basically we only need product infromation pages and contact pages. The contact page should lead to an email address i will provide you lateron.

You are FREE to make your own design as long as you use the same logo’s and images and product details! So a MINI SITE is fine as long as it is: in html valid cross browser,seo optimized,w3c valid,css only.

Here are the basic details to show you want we DO NOT NEED:

1) You can use the logo’s, products images and product texts.

2) NO shopcart! So remove all add to cart buttons, prices and shopscript!

3) Remove these products and related links: Liquid FX AntiPAIN, Liquid FX AntiSTRESS, Unzipped

4) Remove the big Liquid FX banner from the scroller at the top.

5) Remove ALL Login and signup, new client sections for RETAIL.

5) Remove from top: order tracking, shipping, feedbank, shipping, CALL, payment links.

6) Remove the Free shipping banner on the right site:

7) Remove the Affiliate section and links.

8) Create a distributors signup form like: (i will provide you with the email address) the form shoukld be SPAM safe!

9) Create a retailers signup form like: (i will provide you with the email address) the form shoukld be SPAM safe!

10) Remove from the lowest footer section there links:

News, Feedback, Affiliates, Order Tracking.Also remove secure seal code.

11) This is an easy job because almost all technical shop cart things are NOT needed. You can use your own design as long as the colors are the same. Make sure you use this text in your bid / reply: i did read the full project description.

12) I will provide the winner bidder with the domain we will use.

13) project must be done good and fast.

Looking forward to your bids, succes!

Banner And Ad Page

Banner And Ad Page
We are looking for a very simple banner (468*60)and ad page (opens when banner is clicked)

This is for support groups for women. Our concept is:
for banner: graphic of a woman drinking coffee, next to her small table with a piece of cake

for ad page: graphic of a group of women (10 or so) in a pleasant looking room speaking and smiling and laughing, some eating cake and drinking coffee. There should be a table with cake, cookies, coffee and tea.

The banner and the ad page should be slightly animated. (women drinking coffee, women smiling and talking, eating cake and so on)

From the ad page there is one simple link only to a website (this is not a squeeze page)

If you have good ideas about the concept we’ll be glad to hear them

The text for both the banner and ad page will not be in english, we will give you the texts but you must be able to work with non-latin fonts.

We need this done within 3 days MAX from chosen bid. Less is better

Component For Joomla 2 In One

Component For Joomla 2 In One
I need a module or component with JomSocial 1.5 the members of my online time in a small module with a progress bar showing the front of the home and the time spent online with the Alphauserpoints System, user offset point

my English is very bad, unfortunately, everything must be translated as Googel hope that they would help

Horse Profile Project

Horse Profile Project
This project involves finishing an online “Horse Stable”. It is a facility for an online horse community where they can upload details of their horse/s. The page created will contain such info as the horses name, gender, abilities and a system to input the horse pedigree etc. A link for the members to cut and paste their horses profile page all over the web should also be created for them. For an indication of the information etc required please look at http://www.yardandgroom dot com. If you go through the classified listing process (which is free) you will see basically all of the info required, including the pedigree system. This site is for classifieds and sales so some of the sections will not be required, ie the sales price and conditions etc. The main part of the system is already completed and is based on the popular C&D Garage for VBulletin. It has been converted to C&D Stable, so to speak. For the right skilled person this job should be pretty straight forward. The stable as it stands so far is located here if you are able to assist well, there will be more work on this section later on for you also if you are interested. This stage is just to build the forms, drop downs and mandatory info, image upload etc (some of which is already done. The next project will be to have it display nicely on the front page of the stable and the individual horse pages themselves etc. As with all of our projects it is important to us that you have fun, and there is no rush with this project 🙂

Three Mock Ups

Three Mock Ups
Take a look at, it’s currently using a standard theme that is minimalist.

I have attached the logos here (full color, black only, white only) for your use. The primary color should be #9b5c27 (as seen in the header area), the rest is up to your creativity.

Based on the logo, you can pretty much see that we like jeans. But of course, we don’t sell jeans. You may get the full info on what we do from the website.

Idea: Since they doing CMS for $299, bring across the message that everyone can afford jeans. Cheap and afforable and yet durable.

Do sent me 3 mock up asap. Will talk from there

The person with the best designs will be selected….the mockup can be in picture form….please make sure u use the logo and pictures that i attached. You will only be paid if ur mock up has been selected..

Customer Matching Script

Customer Matching Script
We need a buyer-seller matching system:

Buyers & sellers input specs of products/services wanted/offered, and the system matches them. Think of it as a dating service, altho’ it isn’t. Lots more details which we cannot share here.

We need a prototype demo system to interest investors.

Joomla is our platform. Almond classifieds and adsmanager don’t do the job.

IF you were to do Craigslist the ‘right’ way, how would you do it?

Software Development

Software Development
In need of software developed for a unique retail idea. Understand that the project is huge in scope but completion is required in a timely fashion. Looking for suggestions before the start of the project. Project is of a very sensitive nature – legal measures will be taken. Compensation will be very fair, just and lucrative. Will lead to future large scale work upon successful completion. Serious software developers only please.

Redesign This Website

Redesign This Website
Currently we have a website that needs to be redesign to a more professional look.

This project will hire a team that shows a portfolio with the best professional websites designs.

We will not be looking for the cheapest or the shortest duration but someone who has a good portfolio and is willing to do mock-ups of the website for me.

So if you are confident of your redesign skills and your portfolio is impressive enough, PMB me and I will send you the revelent details that you need to redesign and the directions to do the mock-up. If your mock-up fits, we will have this and many projects to cooperation together.

Chess Program

Chess Program

I have old source code in pascal, I am looking for a chess program written in Delphi 2007 that takes the source code and makes a gui instead of command line. It must be made into a class so that later we can create a multi threaeded program. I needs to

1) be a gui
2) read pgn formats
3) read fen formats
4) support database
5) suport UCI chess engines.

I require source code so it can be modfied later.

Thank you

Script To Extract Name And Url

Script To Extract Name And Url
Please visit
You are required to be logged into facebook.
I require a script to extract both user name and profile link in a txt file..
so for the first couple examples it would be:
Mike Nisbet;
Rosie Kew;

On the initial page of the script I should be able to enter the url which I wish to extract these details.

Magento Onepage Checkout 2

Magento Onepage Checkout 2

I need someone reliable to change my current magento one page checkout with 5 steps to a REAL on page checkout like these ones:

I would prefer this layout:

My webstore is working, it’s not in english, but the project can be created in english, I will translate all files by myself later.