Coupon Script Help

Coupon Script Help

I need someone to help convert a flash java code to java code with jpg instead as it is blocked by pop up blockers and does not work on mobile or non-flash devices.

You can see an example at:

Click on the code in IE with popup blocker it is blocked. in firefox it is not. ipad or iphone links for coupon code/offer do not work at all 😉

I am trying to get the kinks out before I heavy build this. I also need a category initial value mod in the admin when importing.

Please help. It is a wordpress site.

The swf launcher makes the browser think it is malicous so it is blocked making the site frustrating for users. I want to help build something special. I have other mods for this for the chosen programmer. Nothing really fancy just tweaking.fixing and making it happen.

Javascript Obfuscator – Clone

Javascript Obfuscator – Clone

I need a Javascript Obfuscator, written in PHP.

I’m looking for a Javascript obfuscator written in PHP
Syntax should be:

$x = JavaScriptObfuscate("Script here");

No HTML interface needed

and it should allow unlimited number of characters


Much like the one above, it can be more basic, as long as when you enter JavaScript it Obfuscates it.

(If your able to provide me a script that decodes the obfuscated code, that will be great -but it’s not a must)

Vtiger Crm Instalation Php Pro

Vtiger Crm Instalation Php Pro
vtiger CRM
Hi I need someone to do the following:
1. to install Vtiger on my server
2. to configure all the features so it will work with my outlook, exel, word.
To make one more installation in a subdomain for a testing how will it work in Hebrew and do the following:
1. All the mentioned above
2. Make a theme that can work RTL ( you can find one)
3. Give me all the tables that should be translated , then I will translate this tables
4. Install the Hebrew version
5. Make sure that it works with all the features that I mention above.
6. Teach me how to install the Hebrew version with step by step video.
7. Make me a zip file to use it as many times that I want.

Worker From The Philippines

Worker From The Philippines
Intermediate technical skills (php,ftp,wordpress,cpanel)
Excellent English Writing Skills and

I’m looking for full time VA (from Philippines) that will work 5 hours per day on my support desk.
Support desk is for WordPress plugin, so you should know technical stuff like basic php,ftp,cpanel,html,wordpress

There rest of day you will work on:
– writing content for my blogs
– promoting my blogs (writing articles and submit to article dirs, social bookmarking, senuke,

This will be an on going job!

We as a company are looking for a talented individual, who is enthusiastic about working with us on a long term full time basis.

The successful candidate will perform a variety of tasks including:
– Link Building
– WordPress Creation and Modification
– C-Panel Tasks
– Article Writing and Submission
– Website Creation (WordPress)
– Any other assistance that will help us in the every day running of the company.

This, as mentioned above is a long term position with prospects to grow both personally and technically along the way.

If you are serious about finding a long term position in the areas mentioned, then please do apply.
We are flexible when it comes to methods of payments, as we are able to pay via both PayPal and Xoom.

Compulsory Skills/Knowledge:

– Excellent English proficiency (required)
– Experience in Search Engine Optimization – Optimized content articles.
– Experienced and Efficient Content Writer;
– We will require someone whom is passionate about writing.
– Articles will be of a unique nature and will cover a diverse range of topics.
– You must know the importance of KEYWORDS when writing articles (We will assign 1 /2 main keywords per article).

Desirable Skills/Knowledge:

– Knowledgeable in Web Design and Development using HTML, XHTML, CSS, and PHP.
– Knowledge of WordPress.
– Knowledge of Keyword Research and experience performing it.
– Ability to use and make changes in C-panel.
– WordPress Installation.
– WordPress plug-in/template installation and configuration

Personal Qualities:

– Dependable
– You come to work on time and consistently.
– We can count on you to work hard and finish tasks.
– Honest and Loyal
– We would not have to worry about you sharing information with you, and you then leaving after a short period of time and/or going on to compete against us.
– Flexible
– The area of internet marketing changes all the time, so as an employee of ours, we will need you to be willing to take on, and learn both new skills and tools/software.
– Accurate
– You should be the type of person who as a rule double check any work that you complete and that it is of the highest quality.
– Self Motivated
– You are a self starter.
– You can work without close supervision and look for ways to help us as a company be successful.
– Bonus Wages will be paid for excellent work.
– Well Equipped
– Due to this position being a home-based (work from home), you must have an up to date computer along with the following hardware and software:
– Broadband/High Speed Internet Access
– Microsoft Office
– Adobe Photoshop/GIMP/Similar
– Along with the above you should be able to understand English and be able to write fluent English and as such all punctuation, grammar and flow of work must be of the highest quality.

****PHILIPPINES Applicants ONLY**********

If you feel that you fit this position please email me with the following:

– Writing Samples.
– A Resume and/or a cover letter introducing yourself and the knowledge/experience you have.
– Why you are interested in the position.
– At least 2 references.
– Contact information:
– E-Mail
– Phone No.
– Skype

A telephone interview may be required for successful applicants who pass the first stage of the process.

If we feel you are serious and 100% dedicated, then should you be successful:
– We will offer you an initial 14 day trial:
– During this time you will be assigned various tasks.
– If you complete them on the deadline and to our satisfaction, the position will be yours.
– Please do not think we want you to work for free, we operate a trial period simply to see if you are up to the task and filter out those who are not.
– After the successful completion of the trial period:
– You will receive a compensation rate of $200-$300 for a month.
– This is dependent on the workload at the time and your experience and qualifications.
– We pay on time every month and we do not miss a payment
– As mentioned previously in this advert, payment of wages is made via:
– Paypal.
– Xoom.
– Please only apply if you want both a steady and secure income.

Working Hours:

– These are flexible upon discussion
– To start with will they will be Monday to saterday 9am to 6pm GMT+8 (your time).
– However you maybe required to work different hours to these, and where possible we will give you 24 hours notice should this be the case.
– We are flexible, so if you require different working hours, then please do still apply, but within your application clearly state these.

When applying, please:
1. State your minimum income.
2. Indicate which abilities and qualifications you from those listed.
– Training will be given to the right candidate.
– It would be helpful to us if, when replying to this advert please rate yourself in all the skills above from 1 to 5 (1 = None 5 = Expert).
– Please be honest, if you overrate yourself, we will know and you will not keep the job.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Html Landing Page Design

Html Landing Page Design
I need a very simple webpage (landing page+ thank you page + download page). the work is for design as well the programming.
Delivery should be when the page is done with all the text, buttons, bullets ext. work properly.
I’m looking for cheapest price. Contact me if you are interested.
It is about internet marketing
The theme should be in RTL (Hebrew) I need to get all the PSD files so I could change them after.
The page should be with all the usual extras like this example:

I need all the features and the buttons and the widgets that in this example in a fresh new desgin.

It has to be clear that you will put all the text and all the cods that needed until it will be a live.

if you can make in wordpress it is better

Magento Buttons For Preorder

Magento Buttons For Preorder
Buttons Project

We offer our customers the ability to place backorders, pre-order and order items on request. We also would like to be able to have an item listed called Discontinued. We have 4 buttons that were already created that are labeled

Place Backorder
Order On Request

We need to be able to have these buttons able to be selected for particular items, and these buttons need to be displayed to the customer on the front end. These buttons need to be clickable and the customer should be able to add these items to the cart and pay for them like an in stock item. For the discontinued item, the button would NOT be clickable. It would just show discontinued. We do this to generate traffic to the website.

My idea was to have check boxes under the inventory tab inside each item, with the ability to check one of these 4 boxes. If these boxes are checked, the normal “Add to cart” button would NOT be displayed, instead one of the 4 buttons that we choose would be.

We used to have this set up in OS Commerce when a qty was under -1000 the button displayed would be PreOrder. When the qty was -10001 the button would show Discontinued. This worked for Os commerce, but does not work for Magento.

If you have other idea on how this could work, we are open to suggestions, but for now the above idea is what we would like to shoot for.

Cufon SEO Friendly vs SIFR & FLIR

SIFR FLIR CufonTypography is a very important element to design, and it’s quite a shame that for the past decade we’ve resorted to using images to display this element, without having the flexibility to define different fonts outside of the 13 or so web safe fonts. In the past few years, however, we’ve seen a growing trend towards forcing new typefaces on the web. CSS defines a property for browsers to support a property called @font-face which lets the developer define new typefaces and include the original font file for the browser to download and render the site with. Support for this feature has been implemented in Safari already and is due to release with the next versions of Firefox and Opera. Though this is definitely good news and progress in the right direction, a few issues stand in the way:

  • Copyright is an issue for downloading and sharing fonts via the font-face attribute
  • Internet Explorer 6-8 do not support font-face
  • Font-face could potentially pose a threat if malicious sites attach/spread viruses via the font files

Until font-face is fully adopted, web developers must resort to complimentary or supplementary solutions to make non-traditional typefaces work. There are few major flash and javascript solutions in existence that offer solutions with different approaches to displaying these typefaces. The three major typeface scripts that I am going to discuss are SIFR, FLIR, and Cufón. Before diving into details about each I’d like to point out that all of these solutions that I discuss are 100% SEO friendly, and all require JavaScript (and flash in the case of SIFR) but degrade to standard markup if JS is not enabled, also note that each of these play well with jQuery.

SIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement)

First I must address the acronym, thought not the most relevant seeming, “Inman” is referring to Shaun Inman who originally conceived the idea of using the DOM and Flash together to support non-traditional typefaces. SIFR uses a flash object to render to the font face, and then Javascript to identify the DOM and replace the text as specified.

Pros of SIFR

  • Text can be selected
  • Does not violate EULA or copyrights, since font is contained within the SWF object
  • You can easily add shadows, anti-aliasing, and other text effects in Flash

Cons of SIFR

  • Slightly slower load times
  • Requires both JavaScript and Flash to be enabled

My thoughts on SIFR

Some people complain that SIFR is harder to implement, but if you’re a front-end web developer it’s vital to learn and master new technologies including really basic flash. All you have to do is open the flash file included in the zip, change the font of the text to the font you want to use, and then publish it. Instructions are included on how to do this and if it is “too challenging” than you’re in the wrong field!

Many have also commented and argued that SIFR is no more secure to stealing a font file and using it on your website. While I do agree with that statement, the issue is a legal matter. Like it or not, and argue it as you may, Adobe Flash is legally allowed to embed and use fonts that the developer has purchased. This is not true for any of the others.

FLIR (Face Lift Image Replacement)

Using PHP (and the GD library) FLIR renders text into a font of your choice by reading the text in a DOM and sending a request to the server with that string and returning an image of that text rendered in the new font. It’s a very clever idea, and works behind the scenes, but it’s not without it’s quirks.

Pros of FLIR

  • Does not violate EULA or copyrights, since font is rendered as an image
  • Prints in the font rendered since it is an image

Cons of FLIR

  • Requires PHP with the GD enabled
  • Text cannot be selected

My thoughts on FLIR

While FLIR is fast and efficient with few flaws, one restriction I cannot overlook is the requirement for PHP and GD on the server. Many corporate websites (addressing the big guys, not the freelancers with this one) work exclusively with .NET on Windows/IIS servers without PHP installed at all. This eliminates FLIR from the mix for many websites unfortunately. In addition, FLIR disables the user to be able to select text. This is not a huge draw back if used on headings, but if used on a even body of text then you’re killing usability.


Cufon is basically a new and improved version of Typeface.js, with a focus on faster and easier implementation. Cufon uses the browser to draw vector objects using VML (Vector Markup Language) for Internet Explorer and the HTML 5 Canvas element for the more advanced browsers.

Pros of Cufon

  • Faster load times than SIFR and FLIR, since it is all JS and nothing more
  • Has all the strengths of Typeface.js with fewer weaknesses.

Cons of Cufon

  • Violates EULA and copyrights due to fonts being embedded. Not many fonts are permitted to be rendered with this method
  • Text cannot be selected
  • You can’t apply a hover state to converted text

My thoughts on Cufon

For many, Cufon is the best solution to work with. It allows for rendering on the fly, and works well for a developer to match a design without having to replace each heading with an image. Cufon even works quickly with large bodies of text! One thing I remain disappointed about is text selection; if this library aims to provide a solution for larger bodies of text, then it seems that text selection is a must.

CUFON is Search Engine Friendly, as google wont not read <script> tags

As I have tested and worked with Cufon, I recommend it for the developer looking for a quick solution but only for personal or non-profit website. I’ve talked with a few professionals including a lawyer and confirmed that Cufon is not a legal solution for font-embedding on ANY website, but that unless you’re developing a large profile commercial site, you should be safe to use it freely.

Data Entry For Forum Site

Data Entry For Forum Site

hi, I need data entry person to populate my new website. create atleast 600 posts from different accounts. The accounts are already made. The posts MUST be fully understandable and intelligent. Every post should have atleast 10-30 one-line replies which must also be intelligent and related to the post. The maximum time frame for this project is 7 days.

Constant communication is necessary. I’ll establish milestones for each day which would be around 90 posts and replies.

I need data entry person FULL TIME per month basis. But I’ll decide after this project if the work is good enough to hire the person full time. You MUST have good english skills.

Data Entry Via Imdb (movies 2

Data Entry Via Imdb (movies 2

I will provide a list of 150 famous actors. What I need is a list of all the films/movies each one has been in. I think would be the best resource, but there may be others.

What I need is an excel CSV file created for each actor, where:
Column A lists out every movie the actor has been in. Column C lists the year the corresponding movie in column A was released.

That’s all. Please do not include television shows the actors have been in.

Add Merchant Facility.maybecms

Add Merchant Facility.maybecms
General needs of project:
• Shopping Cart which works with existing merchant facility to be added as a section of website offering services/short courses.
• Easy yet effective CMS for the information pages – can be fitted by final choice or can be fitted by our designer beforehand depending on how you work.
• Simple way for people to track payments if necessary, see what they have paid for etc.
• Needs a NICE looking calendar / short course timetable which can offer the viewer an overview. It will auto-populate as we add new short courses.

Look and feel of the overall website:
• Sleek and functional; making use of attractive yet functional Ajax & jQuery functions
• A modern feel. Web 2.0 – rounded corners etc.
• In should never look like a boring template site (such as something resembling the old php-nuke style box layout that many shopping carts still insist on looking like) – any additions must have some degree of flexibility to fit with our choice of design.

Site appearance will be designed by our graphics person. (This is non-negotiable, so please do not worry or include in offer to design site graphics aswell). Site needs to be able to be a super-functional management system for when we add and remove short-courses (ie: nothing too hard to use, must enable us to add categories, keywords, start and end times etc…)

A CMS is needed to work with our final design, however the actual web-design will be done after speaking with you about what is required of our designer (if you have specific needs & requirements). Also need a CMS that works seamlessly with the shopping cart. Can remain quite flexible, but do not want this site to look anything generic, unattractive or like it was designed in 1995.

Shopping cart must look nice and work in with our pages and style. Does not need to be overly complex, as it will be used as a method of taking payments for services and other merchandise items for sale from time to time. (it is not a massive retail site or anything. would like the option to create categories under which we can list various short courses)

Merchant account is already set up and in existence and the shopping facility will need to work with this. Security is a priority.

Am looking to add an ajax/jQ pop-up box on entering site that asks the user if they need help with search in finding the appropriate course/service. They choose yes or not. Below NO, they can also tick a box saying “No, thanks. Don’t ask again” to prevent it opening in the future.

Please provide links (with logins if live) to any examples of similar things created as necessary. Would like to see some samples. Hoping to get this work done relatively quickly, as people have been asking for it.


Vbulletin Hack. Must Know Php

Vbulletin Hack. Must Know Php
Build a simple vbulletin hack for me. Download the file attached. Very simple project. Please do not bid more than my budget or you will be ignored. Payment by Paypal after project is done and working as described or SL escrow.

0 feedback coders, bid realistically. Good opportunity to gain feedback.

Thank you for your time.

Social Network App For Iphone

Social Network App For Iphone
I’m looking for an iPhone App to be developed for the iPhone.

This project will require connecting to a mysql database from the iPhone to store and retrieve information including user and session management.

It also requires interfacing with the facebook api so knowledge of the facebook api is needed. It will also interface with the twitter api but that can come at a later stage.

Here are some prototype screenshots to give you an idea of what the app will be like:

More details and specs will be provided to candidates via private messages and to the winning bid.

Magento for Designers: Part I

Magento for Designers: Part I

Magento is a stunningly powerful e-commerce platform. In celebration of ThemeForest’s new Magento category, this mini-series will you teach how to get started with the platform, getting to know the terminologies, setting up a store and all related aspects of it, and finally how to customize it to make it our very own.

In this first part, we’ll get to know what Magento is, installing it, and importing some products. This is aimed expressly at the beginner; so you need not worry about lacking the requisite skills. We’ll walk you right through! Excited? Let’s get started!

What exactly is Magento?


Running an e-commerce site is a daunting task what with almost all of the current platforms being lumbering beasts ill-suited to current standards. Magento promises to fix this and a lot more.

Magento is an extremely powerful and feature filled e-commerce platform. And it’s open source to boot! It comes filled to the brim with all the features and tools you’d need to get your e-commerce web site up and running as quickly as possible.

What Features Do You Get?

Tutorial Image

Magento is replete with a number of features which are hard to find or maybe even unheard of in most of its competitors. Salient ones include:

Flexible Payments

Often used payment processors including Paypal, Google Checkout, USAePay and are supported along with support for traditional methods such as credit cards, money orders and checks. Plenty of modules are also available to make it works with a myriad other payment processors.

Robust Checkout Process

All the features you’d expect out of a mature product including 1-click checkout and full SSL support are present.

Full Fledged Analytics

Magento provides complete analytics and reports for your stores. No need to use a third party solution anymore!

Product Reviews and Ratings

Out of the box, you can setup the store so that a customer can rate an item up or down and leave a review.

Search Engine Optimized

Magento is 100% Google friendly and supports Google Site maps to boot.

Marketing Promotions

A number of different promotional options including coupons and discounts can be made use of right off the bat.

And many, many more

There are truly too many features to cover in a single article. To be frank, you’d need an entire book to cover what Magento can do. Magento almost has every facet covered.

Which Version to Choose?

Tutorial Image

Now that you’re excited about Magento, you probably can’t wait to get started. But before that, we need to choose which version to pick.

Magento comes in two flavors:

The Enterprise edition is for organizations running mission critical stores. It comes with 24/7 support and numerous features you’d expect out of an en enterprise level platform including a more robust CMS system, support for gift certificates and more. But on the flip side it weighs in at $11,125 per year.

The Community version meanwhile is completely free to download and use and you’re at complete liberty to modify it to suit your needs. The only thing you’d be giving up will be the robust support but the active community more than makes up for it.

We’ll be taking a look at the community edition today.

Server Requirements

Magento has modest server requirements but it doesn’t hurt to make sure we have everything in order. Here are the official requirements:

  • Apache 1.3+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • mySQl 4.1.2+

There are ways to make it work with PHP 4 but honestly, it’ll be easier in the long run to just upgrade your PHP installation.

Prepping for the Installation

First, you need to obtain a copy of Magento. If you’re a SVN person, checkout a copy from Else, you can just it get it from here.

Tutorial Image

We also need a database for Magento so we’ll set it up as it downloads. I’m assuming you already have a LAMP setup in place.

Tutorial Image

On successful database creation:

Tutorial ImageI’m making a note here. Huge success!

Importing the Sample Data

We’ll need to import some sample data to our newly created database before we install Magento.

Tutorial Image

First up, download the SQL for the data.

Tutorial Image

Import it through phpMyAdmin and let it do all the rest.

Tutorial Image


Now we can move on to the actual installation. Magento, being a mature platform, has a relatively simple installation process. All you need to do is input a few values, click on the continue button and you’ll be on your way to a working Magento installation.

Tutorial Image

First, up we need to accept the license agreement. It’s mostly boilerplate but give it a quick read. Finally accept the terms and click on the continue button.

Tutorial Image

Set up your location, preferred currency and time zone in the next screen. You can, of course, change all these later through the administration screens.

Tutorial Image

Like me, if you’re daft, you might have forgotten to enable some of the PHP extensions Magento needs. In that case, enable the extension Magento needs and then retry.

Tutorial Image

You can now input the database credentials Magento needs to set it all up. You can also adjust the base URL of the store and the path to the administrative panel.

You can also set up clean SEO URLs right off the bat here.

Tutorial Image

Finally, you need to setup your admin account so you can manage everything. Magento needs an encryption key for encrypting sensitive data. If you have one at hand, type it in. Else let Magento generate one for you.

Tutorial Image

And we’re done. Magento has been successfully been installed.

Fix for Local Test Servers

If you’ve tried logging on to your fresh installation, you’ll get errors asking you to enable your cookies. This is because browsers generally tend to not store cookies for URIs without a period in it. localhost thus fails to store a cookie which leads to problems logging in.

Solutions to this problem range from using instead of localhost to modifying Windows’ host file to manually redirect it. Nonetheless, since this is only going to be the test setup, we can just bypass said cookie-check.

Open up Varien.php at magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract and find the following snippet starting at line 77:

// session cookie params
        $cookieParams = array(
            'lifetime' => $cookie->getLifetime(),
            'path'     => $cookie->getPath(),
            'domain'   => $cookie->getConfigDomain(),
            'secure'   => $cookie->isSecure(),
            'httponly' => $cookie->getHttponly()

        if (!$cookieParams['httponly']) {
            if (!$cookieParams['secure']) {
                if (!$cookieParams['domain']) {

        if (isset($cookieParams['domain'])) {
            $cookieParams['domain'] = $cookie->getDomain();

Now comment out the relevant parts like so:

// session cookie params
        $cookieParams = array(
            'lifetime' => $cookie->getLifetime(),
            'path'     => $cookie->getPath(),
            'domain'   => $cookie->getConfigDomain(),
            'secure'   => $cookie->isSecure(),
            'httponly' => $cookie->getHttponly()

       /* if (!$cookieParams['httponly']) {
            if (!$cookieParams['secure']) {
                if (!$cookieParams['domain']) {

        if (isset($cookieParams['domain'])) {
            $cookieParams['domain'] = $cookie->getDomain();

Importing Custom Products

We’re all but done here. We’ve installed Magento and added some sample data to get a taste of the platform. But it’d be more useful if we could import some of our own products before leaving. For a few, manually importing them shouldn’t be a problem. But when they move into the tens, this should be a problem.

To that end, this simple technique should come in handy. There are, of course, more sophisticated ways to import data but they require a tad more Magento expertise so we’ll be tackling it later on in the series.

Step 1: Export the Sample Products

Tutorial Image
Tutorial Image

Step 2: Understand the way the CSV is Structured

Study the structure of the CSV. Once you’re understood it, you can easily just add products directly to the CSV file. Feed it into a spreadsheet program to make this part even more easier.

Step 3: Import the Updated CSV into Magento

Tutorial Image
Tutorial Image

The Last Word

And we are done! We looked at what Magento is, the features it offers, how to install it, how to get some sample data in and finally how to get our own product data in. If you think it was a little too beginner level, fret not. This first entry is aimed primarily at the designer who wants to get his/her feet wet with Magento. We’ll be ramping up the difficulty as the series moves forward.

Questions? Nice things to say? Criticisms? Hit the comments section and leave me a comment. Happy coding!

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