Craigslist + Website Needs

Hello, Please refere to me as Ashley
I am a young lady in the adult business
I am seeking 2 things from this site

1) A reliable person(s) to post ads daily for me
on Craigslist WILLING TO PAY WELL!!
Proof of posted ads … url link and time

2) A personal website
Unique domain none of those free sub-domain sites
Must be EASY to maintain as I am not very experienced withweb design/maintenance


I would also like to consider the possibility of webcam compatability
and/or a small section in which I would sell a few items


(All payments will be made after proof of work
I’m not into deceit or scams, thank you)

******************** WILLING TO PAY WELL *********************

Jomres / Joomla Expert Wanted

I´m looking for a Joomla and Jomres Reservation System in order to finish configuring and customizing an motor engine for a rural hotel.

We´ve begun doing the job, but we are having problems, that´s why we need a real expert on this application.

You must try to customize the booking system to do it the most similar to this web :

We want to see the list of rooms indicating which are available and wich not.
When the user chooses a room it must show the totals and extras in the right/ left column.

When clicking the room name must go to the room page.
When clicking on the photo it must be ampliated.

You can see our project jomres booking in〈=en (HABITACIONES section).

Escort Agency Website

I’m looking for assistance with the design of a website for a UK escort agency. The website just needs to a have a design, as the content and pictures etc. I will add myself. The website must be easy for me to update on a regular basis with new content etc.

I’m happy for a template to be used and do have examples of sites I like, so that the winning bidder can see the layout I’m trying to achieve.

Ideally when making your bid, please also provide links of other websites you have created, in particular any other escort agency sites you have completed.

8 Practical Pro Tools Shortcuts

A crucial part of knowing Pro Tools is being able to navigate a session quickly and efficiently. When time is expensive and tempers are short, the session needs to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Be it tracking, editing, mixing or mastering – learning keyboard shortcuts is key to succeeding in the Pro Tools digital recording/editing/mixing world. Let’s get started.


  • The less you use the mouse, the faster you will be able to navigate Pro Tools.

  • A list of the shortcuts covered in this tut can be found here.

1. Creating Tracks

OK. You’ve just opened a blank Pro Tools Session. You are about to record multiple tracks to Pro Tools. Let’s create our tracks. “Command + Shift + N” will bring up the New Tracks menu.

OK. Try not to use the mouse now! You can enter the amount of tracks you need using the keypad. You can cycle through mono/stereo/5.1 types using “Command + Left/Right ” (arrow keys). You can select the type of track (Audio/Aux/MIDIetc) using “Command Up/Down” and you can add/remove a row of tracks using “Command + Shift Up/Down”. As an example, let’s create 6 Mono Audio Tracks, 2 Stereo Aux Tracks and a MIDI track:

  • Enter “6″ in the number field (or simply use the Down/Up arrow keys to cycle through numbers) to allow for 6 audio tracks.
  • Then “Command + Shift + Down” to add a row.
  • “Up” to say 2 tracks, “Command + Right” to make them stereo, “Command + Down” to make it an Aux track.
  • “Command + Shift + Down” to add a row.
  • “Comand + Down” to cycle to MIDI track.
  • Then hit enter.
  • “TAB” will cycle through the track number fields.

    2. Assigning Inputs and Outputs

    Brilliant. Pro Tools has now created these tracks. The default view is the Edit Window. But we want to cycle to the Mix window. Use “Command and ‘+=’” Now, we’ll need to organize our I/O setup on the tracks. There are a few nifty shortcuts to learn here (as well as I/O settings, these shortcuts can be used on send and insert parameters).

    Change parameter on ALL: “Option” and click on, for example, output on Audio 1 Track and select outputs 1/2. All tracks now have 1/2 as their output.

    Cascade ALL: “Option + Command” and click parameter. Now for example, Audio 1 has input 1; Audio 2 has input 2, Audio 3 input 3 and so on.

    Note that Aux 1 and Aux 2 have input 1 and 2 again (and not the expected 7 and 8). This is because I only have 6 available inputs in my hardware. So Pro Tools will begin cascading again as soon as it reaches 6. You can apply the change ALL or CASCADE parameter shortcuts to SELECTED (as opposed to ALL) tracks if you add “Shift” to them.

    Change parameter on SELECTED tracks: “Option + Shift” and click.

    Cascade on SELECTED: “Option + Shift + Commnad

    To select multiple contiguous (next to each other) tracks, use “Shift” and click.

    To select multiple non-contiguous tracks, use “Command” and click.

    3. Naming Tracks

    It’s very important to name tracks as soon as possible because Pro Tools automatically names the file you record after that track. So if you have a big session, it may be difficult to remember what “Audio 1″ was in the Edit Window, Region Bin and in your Audio Files folder. So double click on the first track where it says “Audio 1″. You will get the following Naming window:

    Name the track. To cycle between next track and previous track use “Command + Left/Right”. To cycle between the comments and name fields, use “TAB”.

    4. Keyboard Focus: The Three Options

    You may have noticed a few “A-Z” icons in the Edit Window. Each of these is a “Keyboard Focus” mode and when enabled (yellow) it will allow you to use the Keyboard to control specific functions.

    Group: allows you to select/unselect edit/mix groups you create (see “Creating Groups”).

    Edit Window: probably the most important. See “Keyboard Focus: Edit Window”.

    Region Window: allows you to control various regions with the keyboard.

    5. Creating Groups

    Let’s select the first 3 tracks (remember, that’s “Shift” and click) and create a group using “Command + G”. Name it as you wish. Create a group for the next 3 Audio tracks, and then the 2 Aux Tracks.

    As you can see, next to each group’s name is a letter. With the Group Keyboard Focus enabled, you can use the letters on your keyboard to select/deselect these groups. If you wish to change the letter assignments or group attributes, use “Command + G + Up”

    6. Keyboard Focus: Edit Window

    There are too many shortcuts in the Edit Window Keyboard Focus to go through in this tutorial alone. So I am going to provide what I believe are the most useful. (Remember, for these to work, you have to have the Edit Window Keyboard Focus selected. The “A-Z” should be yellow.)

    To move your cursor within the Edit window Up/Down/Left/Right use P ; L “ respectively. This is great when editing, moving regions around, and even tracking. Let’s say our cursor is in the first track

    We can move through tracks very quickly now, this is great in large sessions. We can also select contiguous tracks by using shift together with the shortcuts. Now, if the cursor is in a track we can use:

    • “Shift + R” to record arm the track (or groups of tracks!)
    • “Shift + S” to solo it
    • “Shift + M” to mute it
    • “Shift + I” for input monitoring (Pro Tools HD only).

    Here are other important edit window short

    “Command + Ctrl” and click: makes inactive (an inactive plugin will free up the processing power it previously used. It is grayed out when inactive)

    “Command + D” duplicates the selected region. It is automatically placed at the end of itself. Great if you need to loop something without using Loop Playback, for example a drum over and over.

    “Ctrl Up/Down” in edit window resizes the track.

    I hope this helps get your work flow in tense situations smooth and fast-moving. At the very least it should help with your confidence in Pro Tools. The only way to really learn these is to use them. I’ve attached a list of all the shortcuts covered in this tutorial. Feel free to print them out, put them on your wall and use them whenever you need! With time, they will become second-nature and soon you’ll be flying through your Pro Tools sessions!

Joomla Maintenance Long Term

We are a U.S. based IT Consulting\Web Dev company seeking a long term partner to maintain Joomla websites and eventually develop new ones. You will start by maintaining one current steady live website. This means keeping the site running smoothly – no down time, no viruses.

Your job will be to:
1) Keep the site secure
If a security fix is out for joomla or one of our other used extensions you need to install it immediately for security purposes and to prevent hacks.

2) Keep the site updated
If there are upgrades for joomla or one of our other used extensions you need to test them first before upgrading the live site. Template Modification and installing new extensions could be part of the job.

3) Content management
We will send you up to 3 articles including photos per week. You need to add the content to the site and update the front page slide show accordingly.

Skills needed:
Extensive Joomla, JCS, VM, SEO and JomSocial knowledge
Extensive CSS experience
Extensive experience with extensions
Good graphic design skills.

If this goes well you will be assigned more sites and eventually develop new sites.

Please tell us your strong skills and bid your monthly rate. Depending on your skills the maintenance should be between 2 to 5 hours a month.

Don’t bid if you don’t have extensive joomla experience.

Transcribe Video Slides.

You don’t have to listen to it. All text is on the video, typically 3 paragraphs per slide.

It’s about a 20 minute slide based video transcribed with formatting into HTML. Centered, bolded where appropriate. Each slide should be put into a separate <div></div>

Probably about 40 slides all together.

To transcribe download the video, use a video player to seek through the slides.

The video is will be put into the private message box.

Email Branding

We would like to install software on our server that will enable us to send company branded emails to others from each user of our company email address.

Something like that offered by or – only requirement is that we want to set up the software on our server and not their’s.

WordPress Additions

I currently have the Flexibility 2 Theme installed on my blog I need a some changes to be made to the theme by someone who is experienced in WordPress. If you lack experience in wordpress, please do not bid.

This project will be easy for one who knows what they are doing.

•I would like the page tabs at the top of the banner to be placed under the banner, like, I would like all subsequent pages to appear the same way.

•I would like the privacy tab to be invisible from the pages tab at the top somehow, but to be visible only by a link placed at the bottom of the page where the blog copyright information is at the bottom (link to appear to the right of the blogs title).

•I want a customized optin box to replace the current ebook collage image/optin form (the current video will remain). The new form will say blah, blah, blah (verbiage to be provided to you… I would like a video created to go on the optin box, I will provide you with the main video, but you will need to create a intro slide and exit slide to show before and after the main video. I will tell you what I would like once you are selected. Here are several domains you can checkout as an example of what I am looking for. …

•On my current blog the current video and optin box show at the top of all my pages when you click on any page tab. I want it like… If you click on any of her pages, her home page video and optin box disappears…

•All of the text on my blog is in bold font, please remove that and make it to where the font is normal, and I can bold, underline or italicize content without having every page text and post text being bold.

•Remove the few out of place characters- 1 is currently beside the eBook image, under the opt in box, and at the very bottom near the super affiliate eBook

•Increase the size of the eBook images, at the bottom

•add rss feed icon to site

•add a digg icon (image and link info to be provided) to where I hang out

•add favicon- image to be provided

•Continue reading link for posts tab, make only about 5 -7 lines show for each post. The continue reading tab will allow the readers to click the ink for the full post.

•Merge the Recent Posts, and Comments tab to one box that is a 3 in one box that has Recent Posts, Comments and Tags to go under Where I hang out box

•add facebook Connect and fan page together & and google friend page… both to go under recent posts, comments, & tags box (example can be given)

•Blog pulls up slow? Can you tell me why? Is it fixable?

•Add these plugins… All in One SEO Pack, Ultimate Google Analytics, Sociable, Vipers Video, exclude pages, comment luv, facebook share, FBConnect and any that you can think of that are of importance

Again, If you don’t have experience in WordPress, do not bid. You must use the code word tictoc in your message to me in order to be considered. I need to see samples of wordpress work only, please do not submit any sample other than wordpress work that you have previously done.

If I reply to a message you send me or ask you a question and you do not reply within 24 hours, you will not be accepted for this job, and you and your bid will be removed. Communication is very important in all my projects, and you must keep me updated. I have had the lack in responses happen quite a bit. This is not acceptable. I need this project completed ASAP.

Include a accurate time frame in your bid. And be sure to ask any questions before bidding if you have any.

Happy Bidding.

Migrate Website To New Server

I need a programmer that is expert in
-cron jobs
-plesk control panel 9.3.0
-linux server
-ssl certs

…to migrate my website from old server to new server.

the servers are both from godaddy and I am just moving to a newer server with less ram and harddisk space as my website is not using much of the resources so i want to save money by downgrading the ram. I was told that i cannot just downgrade the ram but have to move to a new virtual dedicated server.

website is and it has extensive backend capabilitys for user control panels and admin control panel, it also has cron jobs with automatic email alerts to customers and admins.

-it currently uses 4 databases to process different aspects of the website, i think one database is used for a testing site which is in a folder for testing the scripts.

I need a reliable programmer to perform the migration, after complete I will check to see that all functionaltiy is working and then I will shut down the old server.

I had another programmer build the website and I cannot contact him so i do not have the passwords for the 4 databases, so you will need to create the passwords yourself and figure out how the connection strings in the scripts will need to be updated with the new passwords.

You will have access to the old server plesk control panel to compare how it is setup, remember that i do not have the passwords to the databases. You will need to set up the new server plesk control panel and its databases along with ssl certs that i already own.

you will also have ftp access to both servers to transfer all the files.

If you are not successful in completing the migration and getting the website working how it is currently working now on the live site then I feel that I need to hire someone else and I cannot pay you for unsuccessful work.

Travel Social Network

You must have successful experiences in

– building websites with framework in a very systematic and modular way
– building website which is optimised for SEO traffic
– facebook API, facebook application, facebook connect, facebook social plugin
– twitter API, twitter connect, myspace connect
– email contacts importers, e.g yahoo, gmail, hotmail/msn, aol
– real time news feed
– mobile web
– seats / room booking system

If you’ve all the above experiences, PMB me your RELATED portfolios/demo with user login and admin login
If you’re qualified, I will provide you with the exact project details

Payment term :
Escrow based on milestone
Only release when the project is 100% completed with no bugs and uploaded to my server

Deadline term :
Will not accept any reason for delaying the projects
e.g sick, accidents, no electricity, internet connection problem, wedding, funeral, project manager runs away…etc

Please type this code “Iqualify” in your first PMB post

Freelancer who has no review need not apply
Only for highly qualified and experienced developers

Update Magento Newsletter Mod

Hi –

I have a Magento newsletter module that was extended from the core module in order to allow users to insert a postcode and several other fields. The module works fine for Magento 1.3.x but it’s not working with Magento 1.4 – as apparently they made some changes to the core Newsletter module.

Your first task it’d be to fix this small issue. It shouldn’t take you long if you know Magento. I need someone who knows what they’re doing.

– The second task you need to complete is to make sure a dropdown list we just added to the module also inserts properly in the database. My previous programmer made it work with text fields but I don’t know how to make the selected option insert in the database.

This is an urgent project and should be completed by the end of day. If you can’t complete it today please don’t waste my/your time.

I can provide the module to the shortlisted candidates.

Aleela Bridal Secrets

i am looking for a professional to write, create and design a website for freelance makeup/hair stylist specialising in bridal makeup and design
About 8 pages.
titles would be : Home,services ,bridal portfolio, model gallery, bridal beauty tips , testimonials, reccomendations , contact

The main focus will be the gallery and presenting the photos in an attractive way and promoting the bridal mobile business.
ANyone with photoshop and flash skills would be a bonus.

im new to scriptlance and i have no idea how a website works, so i may need your guidance.