Dating & Sexual Advice Artic 2

Dating & Sexual Advice Artic 2
Each Article that is written will be required for website content as well as for Article Directories, Blog entries and other basic website content. The Articles will be Search engine optimized for the keyword(s) that will be used for which the article has been written. Your Bid must detail how you will apply fundamental SEO tactics to the articles that you will write.

Articles can be rewrites or unique if you are an expert in the field. All articles must be original when your writing is complete on the follow subject topics:

Advice for women:
Oral sex tips/lessons
dirty talking tips/advice
sexual tips/advice
getting an ex back
how to flirt, approach a man, etc
Where to go on a date
how to tell if he is interested

Willing to negotiate based on writing skill. Please bid for 10 articles or price per 600 words for longer articles. Articles can be longer or shorter than 600 words.

Please send or let us see some of your work.

Requirements: Please be fluent in English, and use proper grammar.

1. articles MUST be completely original. articles WILL be checked for plagiarism!
2. SEO optimized articles
3. articles must have attractive titles
4. articles must have no spelling or grammatical errors.
5. Must be enjoyable to read.
6. I must own EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to these articles. They cannot be used anywhere else and you cannot use them as sample articles.
7. you must NOT use any sort of software for writing these articles – only notepad and microsoft word. These articles MUST pass copyscape.

If we find out that any part of any article has been plagiarized or is very similar to another article, you will not be paid for that article.

Florida Article 3 To 4 Pages

Florida Article 3 To 4 Pages

I would need a report or an article about Real Estate Investing in south Florida.
General info about Florida (weather, demographic, etc…)
Past and actual Market (Cycles) Trends and opportunities.

We need to give live information to potential investors interested in Florida Real Estate Market.

Looking for fast and quality work.

Best Regards,


Data Entry: Scrape Site

Data Entry: Scrape Site

I need a talented data entry specialist to go through
DailyCandy and retrieve these fields and enter them into an excel spreadsheet. I need the Business Name, Website URL, and Phone Number to be compiled into an Excel spreadsheet. There will be thousands of these businesses to go through. I do not know how many.

Requirements: it must be a merchant who sells a product.

Data Entry Data Transfer

Data Entry Data Transfer

I need all the addresses for all the Century 21 offices for each state in a excel file. Some of the states have multiple pages. I need one person listed by each for address for contact. example


8830 E. Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
POC (point of contact) Julie Adams

6630 West Cactus Road Suite B-113
Glendale, AZ 85304
POC: Jan Fredricks

Iphone App – Simple Translator

Iphone App – Simple Translator

I need an iPhone application made that translates another language into English and in reverse as well. I know there are many out there, but none with the language I need. So this would have a slot where the user would enter the English or the other language, and it would show the translated results.

In some cases there may be more than one results. Example – if they type in “ladies”, they may get 3 results – “kdaaa” “praddu” “erwwor”

No – you’ve probably never heard of this language. I would supply you with a list of the English and other language translated.

I know there are some open source iphone apps out there that have probably done most of the work for you, so I would hope that would lower the cost.

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy – simple graphics – maybe one image.

Money is placed in escrow and released upon seeing the working product.


Web Site Tweaks

Web Site Tweaks
1: I have just put up a new CSS template on the home page and while it works fine on IE apparently it is not viewable on Google Chrome, so I need the CSS validated on that page so that the Flash shows properly in all browsers.

2. I need the contact submission page to work.
I just put it up, but it needs to send the submissions to: my email adress and give the client a response note that says that the form was successfully submitted.

3. WordPress blog needs CSS template installed.

4.Simple Machines Forum needs CSS template installed;

5. I need a clone of the Simple Machines Forum with the new CSS template. (I need two forums and I have one.)

I need these completed ASAP!

Simple Website Fixes 2

Simple Website Fixes 2
This is a very easy job for someone that knows what they’re doing. All I need right are a few simple changes made to this website here:

Here are the changes:

1: I need you to fix the buttons so they say something else. I have the orignal PSD file with layers, so this should be simple if you know Photoshop. I want the buttons to say:


The buttons will also need mouseovers, but again… that’s already set up for you in the PSD file. You just need to change the text, and the dividing lines between the buttons. You’ll also need to update the pre-load code so that the mouseovers load up when the web page loads. The code is already on the page. You just need to update it with the new info from your graphic changes.

The header is on its own separate page, so you’ll only need to update one page on the site, not all of them.

2: Do you see the orange column on the right? I need a some kind of separator between the testimonials. Maybe a very thin line that matches the look of the page. That orange column is actually on this page here:

So if you just update that page, the other pages on the site will reflect that update.

Also, do you see those white lines in the orange column that go across? I need those spaces removed. There are two in the middle and one just under the “testimonials” graphic.

3: Look at the main page here:

I need you to fix the coding so that the words wrap around her picture, but with a 20 pixel barrier between the words and the picture.

**IMPORTANT** – I will only hire people who comment on my job either in their bid or in a PMB. I do not accept bids from service providers that merely copy and paste the same generic “check out my portfolio” message for every customer.

I want to get this done right away, so I will be monitoring this job for activity. I’m looking forward to working with you.


P.S. – Since this is such a simple job that should take no more than an hour, my budget for this is $25. If this first job works out, I will gladly use you for other projects in the future.

Ajax Search Information Pop- 2

Ajax Search Information Pop- 2
We have an existing website with a large amount of text data and an existing search system using the sphinx search. (

It is installed and working well. We want to add a window that pops up using javascript and ajax that displays a list of the available words in the database as one types the words, and displays a representation of the search terms, the number of hits for them, and the number of hits for the query as it is typed. Please see the attached .jpg file for what this will look like.

This will require a php server-side script that does the searches with the sphinx search and communicates the results via ajax to a javascript script in browser that displays the results.

This requires someone who is actually expert at writing javascript for ajax and display purposes and new php code. Please do not bid on this if you do not have these skills.

WordPress Theme Header Graphic

WordPress Theme Header Graphic
Need customization to a wordpress theme and graphic for logo and header:

The site is at Here are the specific details:

Want the white space below the top navigation bar and above the header graphic to be gone. Want one grey horizontal line, not both.
Want the header/head banner to be not as high, maybe about 2/3 the height right now.
Need a good graphic for logo/head banner to fit in that space. I like that orange gradient on the background, so something to match. Want tech/internet/startup type of theme for the design/logo. Please do 3 different color/design options so I can choose.
Want a nice favicon to match.
Want the post title to be in the same grey box as the Date and posted in category. Also want that box to be closed on the right hand side (with a grey vertical line).
For some reason, Firefox shows some scripts at the bottom of the page, but it is not a problem in IE or Chrome. Please fix this as well.