Ebay Template Required

Ebay Template Required
Pretty straight forward project.
Looking to update ebay template to mirror the look of the non ebay site. The design is not set in stone so if you need to or want to make minor alterations to the design thats not a problem. Please see attached image for more info on the proposed design. There is also a PSD of the proposed design if this assists. Ebay is weird with HTML, somethings work and some simply do not, so the new template will be tested in ebay to ensure it displays properly. As with all our projects it is important to us that you remember to relax and have fun 🙂

Website Graphics And Flash

Website Graphics And Flash
I am looking for the graphics for the home page and a couple of secondary pages including some buttons and details. The main background will have the look and feel like the bigironclassic.com site including the runoff on the sides. I want the masculine feel but not exactly copied and for the colors to different. The flash that I am looking for we will actually be able to purchase from flashvortex.com for a button and a menu option. The meuns that we are interested in only comes with 6 buttons and we will need about twice that many. (12) Each page will have to accommodate banner and side adds as well as photos, video and archives.

Swoopo Penny Auction Clone

Swoopo Penny Auction Clone
Need a ready to run Swoopo clone, must include Paypal integration, social networking links, bonus for any SEO optimization.

Standard fare needed, free bids upon signup, auctions for bids, custom logos and colors, winning limits.

Getting it running properly is more important than fast turnaround time. Fully working site needed before payment.

Please send your portfolio of completed auction sites.

Magento Shipping Cost Rules

Magento Shipping Cost Rules
I have a magento store. I am having a problem setting up shipping. I have 4 large ticket items that have a different shipping price then the rest of the website. I don’t know how to set this up.

For instance.
Item 1 has a $50 shipping. But most other items on my website have a sliding scale shipping of $8, $14 or $22

I need to make it so if anyone purchases the Item 1 with the $50 shipping and no other products then the customer will be charged $50 s hipping. But if a customer also purchases the other products on the website then they have to also be charged the scaled price shipping.

That needs to be done above for 4 high ticket products.

Free Web Mail Service Project

Free Web Mail Service Project
I’m looking to hire a coder to work on a new project ” Web Mail ” where a person can sign up for free with limited options and or a paid subscription service where the member has full access.

I have NO problem with it being an open source software. We want to do something similar to mail.com but of course on a small budget.

It must have nice features for the members, web base – mobile- It must also have an administrative control panel to control members and advertising space.

It MUST have a nice interface. Example : http://gmx.com/

It MUST have a method to allow us to advertise google adsense (banners and text)

I have a Linux OS system running 64 bit, Mysql.

I can do escrow in stages! I can also pay via paypal.com in stages! I’m looking for a serious individual(s) that can start working on this project A.S.A.P!

Flash/php Animated Map

Flash/php Animated Map
I am looking for a map of the 50 states of the US and for each state to be animated so that when you click a state it will activate a drop down menu that will have several city names on it. Those names themselves will each be a link to another page on our website. This will be intergrated into another site that is still under construction. We will need to have the ability to add or delete city names via windows pc capability and not in code.
See these similar maps http://www.fla-shop.com/us_states/usa_locator.phphttp://www.fla-shop.com/us_states/fix_active/

Fix Bugs In Facebook Clone

Fix Bugs In Facebook Clone
** This is only for highly experienced php/mysql developer who has built/cloned facebook before **

The bugs are related to
1) News Feed and Wall
2) Photo tagging
3) Inbox
4) Friend For Sale Application
5) Yahoo Importer, AOL Importer
and others..

** If you’re a highly experienced php / mysql developer, please pmb me **

I will PMB you the list of bugs in specific

** Only highly experienced php/mysql developer **

Fix A Critical Bug

Fix A Critical Bug
I am taking out a PHP project for experienced PHP coders
only. There is a bug in this script I need fixed which basically
causes a feature to not load correctly. This is in maybe 2 files
but probably 1 file, but it is important you are an experienced
PHP programmer because it is a key part of the script that
affects other parts of the whole script.

I also need someone who will be available to IM between 6pm and
11pm Eastern Standard time because I need to recreate this bug

Need A Designer/coder

Need A Designer/coder
i have a thesis theme and my site is going to be about mobile phones.
i need someone who can redesign it..
the site will need major design tweak and minor code tweak..
if you can do it, pls reply in the thread with your examples/portfolio.
if it suits me, i’ll give you a pencil layout of what i have in mind and examples of some sites that i like (probably it’ll be on the shades of engadget, blogussion and few others)

all other details regarding the design will be proceeded further after i hire the designer. timeframe will be 2-3 days.

Converting From Pdf To Ms Word

Converting From Pdf To Ms Word
I need to some with very good proof reading skills to convert a pdf file into a Microsoft Word document. Its a very simple project, that needs to reproduce the word equivalent of the pdf, but needs someone who can pay particular attention to detail.

I have attached a sample pdf of what I might give you.

In addition, there is the following criteria:

– You will need to finish the articles by the deadline you state in your bid.

– The final product needs to be accurate, and I will not accept articles with several grammar mistakes or punctuation errors. I do not want to spend my time revising your articles due to improper grammar, word usage, etc.

– You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these documents in any way. I will check also in the future that these articles are not sold again, otherwise I will contact the Scriptlance.com Staff (sorry but I have to do that).

– Please be able to communicate 1-2 times per day by email or messenger.

If you cannot comply with the criteria above, please DO NOT BID on this project.

In your response please send a sample of your work e.g. attached file, only if you are serious about this project.

Instead of the generic reply, please type “I fully understand” in your bid. This way, I know you have read and understand the terms.

Web Content ( 3

Web Content ( 3
Within the next two weeks or so, we will be launching a new, comprehensive news site featuring articles on all topics. Right now I am looking to find a writer or more who might like to write for us.

For this project I need 60 articles on various topics

Articles will cover all topics, especially hot topics in the news right now. We will also focus on narrower, niche topics, and regional news.

I am looking to establish a long term business relationship with a writer/s who will be who will be able to deliver quality, ORIGINAL articles on short notice. Standard length will be roughly one page in Word, 12 point Arial.

I do not have lots of specific assignments yet, but once the site is ready you can expect steady, consistent work. You must be easy to contact and have a quick turnaround time.

The better your quality and the faster you can produce your articles, the more I will contact you with assignments. I am looking for writers whose work will not require much/none editing.

All written articles must be in your own words and follow the guidelines I specify. Each article will be ran through Copyscape in order to check for duplicate content. Should you submit any plagiarized content without citing your sources, we will end the agreement and you will be fired.

= = Pay rate: = =

The articles must be high quality, ERROR FREE, that\’s way the native writers will be preferred. I know that quality comes with a price and I\’m willing to pay even 4$-5$ or even more, per article, BUT ONLY if you can deliver high quality articles respecting all my indications. Tell me the price for 500-550 words article.

– I can escrow the money

– This is serious job. It must be 100% unique and original, if not, you risk legal action!

I\’m looking to receive 2-3 per day, but I\’m more quality concerned and isn\’t a big deal if you write slowly, all I care is that the articles to be high quality work.

If you are interested, place your bid, I will analyze all the applications, more information via private message board. Please include samples of previous work.